If you want to see her live reaction to the game last night with me and david walton just go on the channel and you can see, we spoke for about 15 20 minutes on that game. We spoke for a long time, but i still feel like there’s. So much more that i want to say from last night’s game. So i thought i’d do another video now just with myself, giving some thoughts on what went wrong last night and what we need to do from now on to to get things right, because i really fear um that we may be witnessing a bit of an unraveling At celtic, just with how the game went, the performance, the team selection and, probably even more so, the comments made after the game so i’m going to touch on all of that on today’s video on the 67 hill hill channel, if you’ve not yet subscribed to the Channel we would really appreciate you doing that same, as i always say just take a couple of seconds out of your day and do that you are coming in your droves at the moment, we’re flying up in subscriptions every single day. So if you don’t want to miss out on all our brilliant videos at the moment, just do that right now, right onto the serious act of looking back at celtic’s, 2 1 defeat to the hungarian champions ferenchavaros last night. For me, the most calling part of it is that i’m, not massively shocked, hugely disappointed, frustrated, angry and embarrassed in many ways that we’ve shown ourselves to the rest of scotland, the rest of european football, the british media that were clearly not a good site because we’ve Gone out at the second qualifying round to pharyngevaros a team i commented on last night.

They were big in the 60s and 70s. I got a good honest reply from someone saying to be honest. You can see the same about us. We were a big team in the 60s and 70s and have fallen down big time lately, but we should be so much better than a team like ferencevaros, given the the finances that we have in our play and the players we have, they don’t have a 5 Million pound striker they’ve just bought last week in their team or a 5 million pound goalkeeper, so completely um, it’s, just it’s, completely indescribable um and unfathomable. The fact that we we went out to a team like that, but, as i say, just the the way that the afternoon progressed, we heard the early rumors that new learning wasn’t going to start with a striker and proved to be the case. And from that moment onwards i was already nervous about the match, but with a minute i saw that we were starting without odds and eduard without a yeti without clamala. I knew were him for a tough night and i really was not surprised with how the game panned out for the life of me. I cannot get my head around why neil lennon didn’t start with a striker. Now i know he he’s quoted as saying that both the yeti and clamala weren’t much fat. To be honest, i i just don’t. I don’t believe that i don’t believe that patrick clamala isn’t much fat.

He came on at tanadice at the weekend. He looked absolutely fine. He actually looked good. He looked lively against tired legs and this is a guy. We we bought in january and he was healed as a big signing at the time and neil leonard hasn’t started them and a champions league qualifier when everyone was crying out for him to do it, edward wasn’t around and yet he wasn’t fit griffith isn’t around, and He still didn’t start clemala now. What does that do to klamal’s confidence um? I struggle to see how he comes back from it. I genuinely do because it’s all well in good scene he’s only just in the door, but klamal has now been at the club for eight or nine months now. I know a lot of that was during lockdown and not playing any games, but it’s still a long time to beat the club and lennon has a habit of doing this with players. We’Ve seen it with schwed a player we paid a couple of million pounds for, albeit under brendan rodgers bombed out finished at the club, bio same again, bombed out finished at the club. The next one is going to be his melosauro now where’s. He again leonard’s comments, saying we’re going to take it slow, introducing him into the team. Why? If we’ve signed him to be a first team player, why can he not play some matches, but obviously the big one last night, klamala just completely disheartened for him.

I actually feel quite sorry for him, because he’s been praised by laying in all preseason he’s hearing great things, and then he gets that kicking um kick from his manager, so so massively disappointed for him. Just learning’s comments overall after the game at tana, dyson saturday praise the team’s effort, their desire and getting the result. He was really really um appreciative of what they’ve done and then, after the game last night, he’s coming out criticizing players saying they don’t want to be there and it just doesn’t add up for me: it’s, not a happy camp at the club, and i am genuinely A bit concerned for what’s to come this season. I could honestly see a bit of unravelling, as i said, lyran’s got prior history with it with the likes of hibernians, how things ended up from there and um. You know with players. Turning on them and stuff like that, so i’ve got that fear. I’M. Not gon na lie to you. I talked about the pie of blame last night and thanks to everyone who commented on that, david gave virtually all of it to neil lennon and i totally agree. Leon’S improved his squad, but he’s just not learning the lessons from last year, that’s one of the most calling things for me, the fact that it was the same as against cluj losing daft counter attack goals. It was the same against copenhagen. Losing daft counter attack goes through lacks defending both goals were pretty unforgivable.

I know the first goal was a really good strike from the guy, but the defending christopher iron particular is absolutely awful, and that comes down to coaching. For me, these guys have shown that they’re, not bad players. They’Ve got results in europe, the vast majority of them they showed that last year. But why, when it comes to knockout games, do they struggle so badly? I just i can’t get my head around it. They don’t even have the excuse of feeling nervous because the celtic park support were nervous. There was no fans there last night and they still looked remarkably nervous and again i knew it was coming when it went one all and everyone’s thinking we’ll kick on. I absolutely knew we’d get stung in the break because they had pace and then you would do something. Daft and mohammed doesn’t cover himself in glory. Far from it, barca shouldn’t be beaten through his legs. It was a really disappointing goal and you knew the minute they scored that we weren’t going to score again. We huffed and puffed, but there was no. There was no end product there and sadly, that’s been lacking virtually all season other than against reykjavik and hamilton ackees. Who are two teams? We should be absolutely demolishing. So i struggle to see where we go from here. The team needs fresh impetus from somewhere. Now that can come in two ways: it can either come from a new manager or it can come from new signings.

I think it’s more likely to be the latter there’s. A lot of people saying neil lenin should go don’t know if i would quite go that far, but i actually for the first time i’ve, i think i’ve turned in new lenin. I think he’s really um put his pressure on himself with with his team selection and the fact he only made a substitution first one in 78 minutes now. I know he could only make three subs last night and a lot of people think it’s. Five we’ve looked at the rules. It’S actually only three, however, still making your first one 78 minutes after we’ve gone two on behind is pretty unforgivable, but going forward. He needs to get these players out. That don’t want to be there because we’re going to throw away 10 in a row if he doesn’t and if he feels he can’t, do it. He needs to go himself and we need to get a new manager, and i know people may think that’s, drastic and we’re. Only in august and we’ve only dropped two points in the league. But this is a huge huge season and last night was bad and it was. It was career, ending, bad or celtic career, ending bad for for some people. I think players or manager. I think it’s more likely to be the players, as i say, but something’s got to change going forward. Um i’ll give a shout out to john mcginley of the channel.

He made a really good point last night and it got me nodding if we were going to play against rangers this sunday and not mother. Well, would anyone out there watching this actually believe that would beat rangers i’m? Being honest, i think, would struggle, i think rangers. Would be the favorites against us and that is unforgivable as well. This is a team who are really really struggling to play big matches. You look around the team there’s, so many players who have the position assured no matter what happens with them. James forrest has absolutely no competition. He has nobody pushing him for a place. Greg taylor now has absolutely nobody. It doesn’t matter. If those two play absolutely awful, get set off score on goals they’re still playing the next week, because they’ve got absolutely no competition. You can say the same for scott brown and midfield, although many will argue that in cham should be playing ahead of him. It doesn’t seem, like leonard, wants to drop brown who’s been off form all season. So far you look at centre back where’s the options there. If christopher julian decides to have a bad game, it’s just we’ve gone from having a pretty strong squad to to having very little in reserve for me and we’ve got some good players, players that are struggling at the moment and um it’s just massively concerning. But if we need to get things right and then to be honest, i’m, a bit stumped with how we do that we’re going to the europa league, now we’ll play in the third qualifying round.

Unless we get by to the fourth qualifying round, i hear there’s a one in five chance of that happening. To be honest, i hope it does, because i’d have no faith at all and is getting through a couple of rounds even one round, maybe in the europa league but yeah getting to the europa league. It may be at the back of a lot of people watching this mind, but it’s very important for the players. We have the elephant in the room right now, austin edward. Imagine him sitting at home watching that game last night. Does he still walk about the club when we’re going out to fernando varos he’s much bigger than that, and if we’re honest, we all admit that he has so? Would you really hold it against him if he wanted to move on? Would you really hold that against olivia and charm? If you want to move on, if celtic aren’t in europe at all this season, it’s a it’s, a dire state to be in moving forward, we must qualify for the europa league. I think it’s massively important. I know people will say it’s all about the 10. In a row, but in terms of keeping players but also attracting new players, we need to have european football of some sort at the club on that subject, we need a centre back, maybe two. We need a left back, we need a right winger and we need another center mid.

We need all that and i’ve just not got any faith. Now the club will be able to bring in quality players, they might go down the road again or bring in a clamala or a sorrow or a bio players who just won’t get a chance underneath. And what is the point in doing that? But on top of all that, on top of needing all the new players and needing to qualify for the europa league, i genuinely feel that we may need a new manager. Uh i’m, more tactically, astute manager. And it genuinely pains me to say that, but we’ve got to be honest about this it’s, a tough place to be in, but we’ve got to go forward in terms of any small positives, i’ve been trying to think of anything racking, my brains, i suppose the fact That celtic fans didn’t actually have to go to the ground last night and get stuck in traffic on the way home and pay their money to to actually travel to the game. I know they’ve already paid money for season tickets in the past the paradise, but at least that’s a a small bit of comfort there and also possibly we’ve now got a few more free midweeks over the next three or four weeks. I think our next europa league game will be in about a month, so hopefully we could squeeze in a couple of our rearranged league games in that time and and get them played and get ourselves back in the hunt for 10 in a row.

It’S going to be tough to win 10 in a row, but um here’s, hoping we’re still good at anna’s, but big changes needed at the club.