I don’t know what it is uh there must be something in there. It doesn’t matter if we’re home away, whatever you know, we just can’t, do it uh tonight as a fine example of why you know what sometimes i think we should sit down and be grateful. We can’t make the champions league, because, if that’s what’s, fair and far also doing this, what would barcelona do? What would real madrid do is what would buy a minute from the last time we were in the competition. You know the last time we played the competition. You know, biomedic beat is free. Now they beat us at park head psg bar this. We managed to get a win against anderlecht from them. We’Ve been playing europa league football, but football has changed that much we’ve probably got worse as well. Uh in terms of european stages anyway, uh it makes me wonder what would actually happen. The game was nothing short of abysmal for the majority ever which started the game is so incredibly nervous and it’s, probably down to the fact that they attacked us a lot more than what i think the players and ourselves would have ever expected. I didn’t expect him to come out and play his attack as he did now. I did say in my match preview yesterday that i had no idea what to expect from them, but when you’re, looking at the consequences of a one time game, you know you usually get a home in a way like, but you’ve got one and you’re away from Home and you are not the favorites you’re.

Apparently the underdog said that you’d expect it to be a lot more defensive, but no, they came out and right from the start. They made it incredibly difficult for celtic and it took us about 40 minutes to get going until we got. You know some form of pressure on to them and we started playing well towards the end end of the half, and then we carried that into the second half. We finally got our goal, we looked good, then we just took our foot off the gas. The thing that really annoys me about it is the game: was there for the taking, we had so many chances and we were unlucky. We were um, crested had a good shot, saved and charm hot the bar. We had plenty of our chances but it’s the same story: it’s done the united it’s, the same story as kilmarnock. If you’re not burying those chances, then that’s it because one break, and there were two one up. I said on twitter. Look. The game was there for the taking, they were knackered. They were absolutely done in me and my dad were both watching the game affect ourselves. God’S sake, then you know, but the blonde boy up front for them as well, absolutely gobbed, but one break was all it took and abdul ahmed on that that break as well should have been doing a lot better. I said yesterday i thought from pong would have started the game and when abdullah started today i was speaking to myself.

You know what i’m happy with that. I actually prefer it and he shows glimpses of being a good player all the time, but he should be in there. He should be sliding into that. I don’t you know of course, there’s a risk of going away. Apparently you’ve got to be more physical, he’s bullied. He’S meant to be a center half it was. He was a natural center, half a full back for us, but a natural set of half and it was absolutely bullied by the forward and it gives away the second goal, um so very weak from him, and then frampong comes in the park. 10 minutes late. I’Ll makes one of the best tackles of the night makes you think what if it was having a situation, but there’s no point in thinking like that, because the team will just utterly garbage um it’s hard to point out any good performances. I think aliens looked great and charm looked great. Those two in particular were the ones for me that i went feel sorry for them tonight because they gave it their all. They looked fantastic, i’ve, never really fancied and charm in that 10 roll. But tonight i thought i’d done a superb job until i was asked not to do it um, and that was that, for me the two players were the only ones i can really give pass marks to the rest of the team. Well, it makes you look back and makes you look at it and go apart from maybe in charmin edward, when i play bang average side and we need to back up our ideas and it should be a wake up call for goal in the board.

We’Ve just missed out and the chance of 30 million pounds, 40 million pounds you get for qualifying for the champions league i’m of gobba, so we’re headed to the europa league qualifiers. Now perhaps you know what a lot of people will ask. This is where this is where i don’t get celtic fans, sometimes right, there’s plenty of celtic fans on my side here when i say this and there’ll probably be a lot of these in the comments who oppose me as well a lot of celtic fans last year. After that, or the europa league group stayed running were given at the whole or that this is why the europa league’s better, we should your publisher come bless us out blah blah blah. Given a lot of your point, we don’t care about champions league and then tonight they’ll be fuming tonight, they’ll be saying like, but you’ve got your wish we’re in the europa league, whereas you know we should be aiming for the highest. We should be aiming to be the best we can be uh and you know the more times we make the champions league, the more names we’re going to attract. You know for all we know: we’ve just got the chances of shane duffy coming here, or there was champions league, but now just come play for west prom and that’s not going to happen it’s just you know it’s, essentially, as you find yourself in, because if you Get champions league football a lot more players are going to come through those doors, uh a lot more money to spend and it’s gone, but we won’t look at the bigger picture from now say: we’ll look at tonight, three things with well i’ve, already rambled.

For five minutes about a shocker of a performance, but here we go try and pinpoint the three things that uh really annoyed me about tonight’s game. What does kamala have to do? That’S what that’s the first thing: i’ve learned, why is ryan christie’s style up front tonight? Why was that ever the the on the team sheet? I don’t get it now. Yes, i understand new lenin has came out and said both him and the yeti are not fit to start games. They’Ll not match up. You know, they’ll have time but come on. I didn’t even get about you know you see five minutes out of the dawn at the end of the game. You think that’s all right, but a pace in the bench. Somebody who can probably finish he’s a striker get him on the part. No, what does kamala? Actually have to do i i i don’t get it because you know we had this conversation on my channel a few weeks ago when, when kamala came in for the friendly matches and the first game of the season got a goal against hamilton. There’S no conversation is that him taking griffith’s place to the side as he went up in the pecking order. His griffiths fell, but it looks like griffith is going to walk back into estimate of kamala for whatever reason that may be, and i don’t think it’s purely dirty fitness. I guess only time will tell we’ll see if kamala has offered more of a chance, but there’s.

So much time left in that game for him to come on when we’re two one down well, not so much. It was 12 minutes left when we went down uh, you know, but just get them on. I just it blows my mind, which brings me to my second point, because that’s a very quick one, the second one has got about another big ramble. Why is the number two right? Why? Why is lenin i’ll, not lesson number two it’s, not even a lesson. The thing island or i’ve seen the last few games anyway. Definitely why you just let him not make substitutions to 77 we’ve got five new we’ve got we’ve got five five whole substitutes uh to make, and you wait to the 77th minute to make ones that will potentially change. Well, we should make changes – probably very early in the second half of mars and we’re, still waiting to, of course see that the the three five two whenever that will come into play i’m, not even going to touch on this video. I know i said the last three things that we learned. I would be saying that every single time until we start it tonight, i can understand maybe why it wasn’t the case uh europe’s a different story from league football, but why does he wait 77 minutes? You’Ve got a yeah: you’ve got 8 million pounds worth of strikers 37 million pounds worth of strikers on the bench you don’t use them to 77 minutes into the game, and once again i know there might not be much sharp it’s, not just that from punk.

Can i keep more of what you’ve seen the difference flingpong had in that right hand, side when they came on the park, we looked a lot more energetic. It made a fantastic chance that just no one got it. It was the one where the ball came, and you know what i’m talking about. No one got an end to the cross with big space. Ball goes through no one’s there right, fling pong creates that it created a lot more as well from the camera. If you’re, bringing fun pong, say 55, 60 minutes or end of the game on right, you bring them on at that point, you’re allowing yourself half an hour of news, new chances, new creativity, a new mind, just something fresh and you wait till the 77th minute bring Them on when, at that point the game had completely died, because we had the pressure on them for so long, and it was just that long stagnant period in which they got their goal and then, after that, just starting again and friendpong is just left to come On to that, a yeti could have came on easily 10 minutes before he did may have had a bigger impact in the game. Uh it’s, just it’s it’s, just so annoying – is really annoying. 77 minutes now. Wake up man. I i know that this is it takes me back to when you knew when it was first applied. Sorry for the squeaky chair.

It takes me back to when you win and was first appointed to the celtic manager, and i said the biggest problem that we’re going to face with neil wynn and his manager of the club is the tactical awareness, because i never feel like neil lennon’s had much Time to call me on this, i feel he’s, a very stubble manager. I thought for the best sort of stuff. That was what exactly i said. Neil went on to prove me wrong. I love neil. I adore neil, i think neil is the man for the job. I’M, not switching to that side. We’Ll talk about yesterday, there’s plenty of people saying get new ones, no i’m, not saying that, but you know we just need to. He needs to stop this. We need to get players on earlier. We need to make changes to the game whatever that is in the formation or just in the personnel. Do something. Can i very quickly add on how rotten christopher julian was tonight one of the worst performances i have seen over the past. You know year in a celtic shot for any player, not just him. What a terrible performance, shocking and i’ve always been want to come on here and back julian. I love julian, i think, he’s, the best of the center half we have at the club i’m standing down myself with that over the last three or four games. I don’t know why he’s been as bad as he has been since the start of this season, but today it was just another level.

It was. He was scandalously bad and, if we’re dropping anybody from for the next game to bring baton back and it shouldn’t be higher, it should be him. I feel like there’s a lot of about the backside forest and all night, my god why’d ever get back in the team. We talked about needing a backup right, winger signing an actual right winger, because forrest has done man, but it looks, hangs um, but diesel. You know not two players that tonight just to hire an absolute mail and they need they need a bit of the back side. They need to be dropped and they need to realize that it’s not going to be good enough to carry on a full season where you’re looking for 10 in the row and you’re. Looking for more trophies and you’re wanting champions league football that’s, not the level. We need – and the third lesson that i think i learned today and the third thing that i i picked up on is just keep starting and charm. Just keep it go, don’t drop them. Don’T, don’t, you just don’t. If you have to drop brown, do i know i’ve said for a long time, brown’s just going to not be dropped by you and i still don’t think brown would drop by you, but just don’t. Do it just don’t drop and champ. If you drop and charm the whole thing’s knackered, his class is genuinely just such a good footballer, and it was the only sort of hope i had today about him and moy i spoke over earlier, but and charm is just don’t, just don’t drop them.

Please and that’s it because what else have i got to say very disappointing. We miss out on the big time of the champions league once more and back to europa league. I suppose we’ve got a better chance of memorable uh wins in the europa league group stages. Rather than champions league pumpings every week, but uh it’s still not where i want to see the club, i want you to club in the champions league every week, um or every year. Sorry, because that is the stature of the club. We are celtic. You know. First, british team ever left that trophy, never mind anything else. You know, we all know what we should be there, but oh well. What can you do if you have enjoyed make sure that, like and subscribe it’s much appreciated, i’ll see you when i’m, i don’t know i’m hanging for three.