How much do you know about glenn and we’ll? Do some about the managers, obviously having the staff, have worked at analysis and gave us instructions what to do and get a result? A minute just make sure we put that in place. It hasn’t been a great start to the season for motherwell. How much would a result do tomorrow, night with regards to confidence, the boys are still confident, i know there’s no confidence, that’s went down and but playing good football. We just need to be more ruthless on both ends of the box and now we’ve got a game plan tomorrow. We’Ll just do that right and i’m sure we’ll get the result and give the fans something to cheat about different. These games be in europe it’s, something that’ll be a bit different. It cannot open away and so i’m going to take you away from the disappointment in the league, which is your sort of bread and butter and i’ve not played the european game. So i don’t know the aspect of the actual game, but the training that’s just not the same it’s, the same preparation and everything’s just the same. Obviously when it gets to the game day, maybe i’ll be a bit different, but shouldn’t i’ll give my football. We just need to and put the tactics on the players and get a result for the fans back at home. Is it? Has it been frustrating to get your the start to the season, given the way you’re performing last season you’re on such a high? You know eventually thought in the league and then to make this all that you have.

Has it been difficult to get your hair dry? Listen it’s not been a great start for us, but it’s football and there’s, always ups and downs. You just need to be a big character and pick out the points you need to work on and keep the things you’re doing well and just keep improving every week and trying to get just baby margins better and you get results and we just need to keep Our heads up keep playing well and the results will come. Andrew’S obviously been disappointed with results and he’s, basically giving a warning that players aren’t going to do the job he’s going to go and find ones that well, does that sort of wake up call for you for you guys my son’s football’s competition everywhere. If you’re loading, your jobs and yeah and all the boys going to come in and take your place, so everybody everybody knows that that’s for day one if you’re not playing well, then you know getting the stand, doesn’t matter, um strifer, then you’re also going to get Replaced with other competitions, you just need to make sure you get 110 on that park and get results for the fans and and that’s what you can do for your first european game. I definitely that’s, probably the most disappointing thing after the season we had last year and getting the chance to point to europe. It would be amazing if the fans would at least experience it, but we’ve got a duty as players to make sure we put our performance in the murder and for the fans at home.

So they can get something to cheer up. In fact, that one of the sort of sudden deaths that’s going to make an interesting time as well isn’t it, i definitely it’s just an i’ll, give my football and we just need to make sure we impose or stay our play on in them and get a Result again for the fans at home, so they can um have something to cheat about at the end of the day, because also they can’t be there considering how hard you guys work and how well you did last season to get here. I definitely it’s a massive occasion and for everybody in the club, um it’s europe, european games. Everybody strives for that when you’re younger it’s at the top of the level. So we need to make sure we performance on and and do ourselves justice and and get a good good one there’s. No unleaded ties allow you to dream at all, because you know you think if you get your game plan right on the night and you maybe get a look along, the way that you can progress, will you be in this competition just need to focus on your Opponent coming up, and if you do the job there, then you can start loading to the next one. There’S no point in thinking about three four rounds ahead. Just just make sure that your performance in tomorrow and then you can start thinking where’s next after that, obviously you’re the full time team control part time.

I suppose last year’s result would come on look and what happened to them doing the whales. So everything came up here is a sign of what could happen if you take your eyes off the ball against these teams. Is that sort of something you think about is a result? You look back and know that that’s a warrant safety guys if you don’t perform then they’re going to get punished and you need to make sure that we get 10 percent. Do the manager ask us with that desire and that commitment and then our talent will show through after that and i’m sure, if we go on the altar, then we’ll get a buffering tomorrow, guys at the club, like keith, haslam and steven hamill have played in europe. Have they been giving you a lot of encouragement this week, um they’re just gon na, be there just uh, not really not too much, but lazar’s always there to help you when you need him. So if any questions any doubt last is always there and now just having that experience with the place is always always good. So you know you’ve got something to talk to if you need them, but um lizzy’s been brilliant and he’s had that experience. So i just need hope that i can jump out performance and get even more experience in europe. He must be a big one for you. Just giving you someone support, i definitely also had a great career and and he’s been great with me.

Coming through he’s always helped me helped me a lot in training. Helped me trying to improve so now. I’Ve been he’s been brought in um also disappointing, because from the winning games there’s a football club, you want to be winning games. I just need to make sure i keep trying to dig and dig away gearhead on 10 percent on that park and get my role back to winning ways, and you say it’s your first game in europe, obviously it’s under the first round. But where will this rank? Is the biggest ones in your career? I don’t know not really football. To be honest first time i have a photo and that will be right up there. Obviously it’s just disappointing the fans want to get that extra buzz about it. But listen. I just need to make sure i put a performance and it’s an all game for me and i just need to do what i do best and try and give them all. And hopefully we get a result for the fans at home.