After tonight is over, we’ve got that two games obviously featuring those clubs, glen torren will be taking on hb torch shaving, the winner of that will meet motherwell, and then we have a rooneyfish taken on barytown from wales, so potentially we’re going to have uh two battles Of britain, if both barry town and glen torrent can get through now, barry turner, playing um, nsik, roon effect, who are from the pharaohs and i believe they got aberdeen last year. I think in the first round they got aberdeen. I could be wrong, but i’m pretty sure they didn’t like aberdeen disposed of them, but uh let’s be honest, there’s, a big gap between aberdeen and barry towne. So whether barry turn will be able to do that or not is a totally different story, but anyway the game i want to feature on is the glen torin uh felsi’s hb tour shaving happening at the oval about a 20 minute drive away from me um. If i wanted to watch this game, i could start walking now and i’d be at the stadium in about 90 minutes, so um, unfortunately, ned is allowed in and i don’t think i’m desperate enough to go and watch this game. But the option is there: if you wanted it new glenn to a grand touring dead, won the uh known irish cup at the end of last month, so at least they have been playing games well. At least they’ve played two games, but apart from that, the last time they played in a league match was in the seventh in march.

So, albeit they did play a semi final and a final at the at the end of july there, but still not a lot of game time for um, glen torin and, unfortunately, the pharaoh islands league has been up and running. I believe it starts in i’m, not too, i think it starts in may it’s been up and running, though um throughout the months of july and june and hb torshaven are actually on a nine game. Undefeated streak um they’ve won in the last nine games and actually beat ab aggie gear, harry princess team, 11, now and uh on the 12th of a august. So last week, they’re just after meeting a team 11 nil in the pharaoh islands league, so hb tour shaving. Obviously know how to win and uh they’ll probably be turning up to try and beat glen torin tonight i think they’ll be looking for the one obviously, but um i don’t know, will they be able to get it hopefully not because i think it wouldn’t be good To see uh, glen, torre and phil sees mollywell, a lot of people are always saying the scottish league is, you know: it’s it’s, a diddy league it’s, a it’s, a 10 pot league, especially a lot of people in northern ireland, seem to think that there’s no difference Between the non iris league and the scottish league so it’d be really interesting to see. Glen torin take on mollywell and um to see the gap and quality, even though let’s be real with mullabell are a bit shy.

This week could go through the lineups, but i don’t think there’s any notable players. I don’t think there’s anybody you would know, but uh glen torin up front with mcdade donnelly and o’neal, probably close to a full strength team. I think, apart from that i’m having to be looking at the rest of the team, i don’t there’s need they really of a no there’s need the relevance. I could tell you in the team. I mean it wasn’t that long ago, natural novel played for glen torin, but uh. Unfortunately, they don’t have. They don’t have big natural way playing the night, but i mean who knows who knows but uh, while glen touring one, i think they could um. I think they probably should their favorite with the bookmakers, but what does home advantage really mean when the when there’s no crowd when there’s name often you may as well just be playing an empty pitch? You know i mean a field somewhere. I don’t think the home advantage is going to make a massive difference and um to be fair. I’D say torshaven have got the advantage because they’ve been playing regular football for the past. You know two three months and the glen torn have only played what two games at the end of the last month, a short span of four days. So i think grand touring are probably the underdogs but i’m a bit optimistic though when uh linfield delaney did really well against lego.

Warsaw only lost one now and let’s be honest, lego, warsaw. You know they might not be a big team in europe, but they’re. Normally a champions league team they’re normally qualifying for at least if not the champions league group stages are qualifying for europa league group stages. So i think um i think glen torin will beat torshaven, but i definitely don’t think the home advantage means much and i think tor shavon’s um, you know playing regular football – will help them more but i’m going to go away. Glen torin when i’ll say 2 1. Interesting, i don’t know i’ll just go to one give them the benefit of doubt and in the other match it is nsky. Runific fails, he’s, barry town, the winner of that will get up or dean. So aberdeen have a chance to get a repeat from last year or it could be a win for barry town. I was checking the form here of ruslinic and um by town. Both teams well barry town haven’t played anything but like since march, but when they were playing football, they weren’t getting good results. They were, they were getting beat nearly every other game and nisk runific aren’t doing too well either they’re also pharaoh islands, a fair, irish or whoever you would pronounce. However, you would describe solomon from the pharaoh islands pharaoh is it? Is it feral icelandic? I think that might be the correct word, but anyway i think it’s pharaoh icelandic i’m, not too sure and um they’re, also from the same league as a hb tour champion, but obviously nowhere near as good they’ve got the home advantage.

But again, what does home advantage mean to be fair? I think it’s going to be the regular football that is the um. The main point and i’ve got a funny feeling that nisk run effect will beat barry town – hopefully i’d i’d, like i’d, like to see by 10, go through, hopefully i’m wrong, but hang by town. I just don’t think they’ll have what it takes to get through i’m. Going to go uh 2 0 to nisk at runafiq, so there you go guys that’s. My predictions for tonight. Also, an on ice team and uh in competition you’ve got colerain taking on la ferrita of uh san marino. It should be an easy one for corrine, but i mean you never know i’d. Be surprised if i’ve seen any san bernardino team get a win but um stranger things have happened guys last video but anyway my predictions are i’m, going to go. Glen touring to win i’m going to go run effect to beat barry town and i’m going to go ahead, call him to beat laura fitita. Let me know what you think down below. Let me go with your comments. Let me see your predictions and uh.