They just do it a little bit differently. Um. As i said, there’s been a lot of investment into it. They’Ve bought players back from england um, i think players. Now you see it as a pathway to get back into england or scotland again. So let them wait. Listen. We will not underestimate glenn turn in any shape or form. We will give them the utmost respect and, as i say, if we play to the capabilities, i know we’re well capable of, then you know i’m confident, but i certainly won’t be on there. Estimating anybody. I think it’s done very well, as i say: it’s um it’s, a club on the up, glenn sworn and linfield used to be the the big two and then you know, you’ve had the emergency crusaders and colerain and you know there’s a lot of good young managers Over there – and i think, clinton’s, just an added bonus it’s, you know a good glenn to earn and linfield is his master for northern ireland. Football so i’m i’m pleased that the level of football is improving over there and the investment’s improving, but certainly we we hope to prepare to that tomorrow night with this one off tie, there’s no room found here: it’s a real switched on job from the first one. Until last, yeah you’ll get punished, you know in the games, we’ve had five games, i mean we’ve had an incredible amount of possession. We’Ve got into the final third at will and what we’re finding is? Teams are given us the utmost respect, and unfortunately, we don’t have an edward or morella’s just to finish things off at the moment.

So so we have other ways of doing it: put more bodies into the box certain little tweaks um when we do deliver stuff um and you know that’s how we’ll we’ll get around that but i’m confident we will just been a tough start to the season. Obviously, how is morale in terms of the players going into this match? It’S, obviously, a huge match in terms of in terms of what mother will want to achieve this season. Contrary to what you probably want me to say, morale, superb, we are i’ll, take things very very personally when we lose games. I it hurts me i’ve, been here a long time. I care about the club um, but i have to say the morale is very, very good and then around the dress, room and and around the centenary room where all the boys are based now it’s, it’s, excellent. The attitude and training are very, very good um. You know they work great. If you look at all their stats or in terms of our work rate, is excellent things aren’t dropping there’s ways we can make it drop a little bit better in the box. We can get more numbers into the box and make that end product better. As i say, we don’t have an individual like the boys i’ve mentioned and and that’s what’s missing. So, if you’re playing, really poorly i’ve sat here, four and five times in my time here on a couple of times, have genuinely been worried and thought.

Where are we going to win from where we’re going to score goals from that’s? Not the case here we’ve got a talented squad, um, where there’s players out of form at the moment that aren’t quite hitting the heights that they can do, but we won’t lose faithful. We haven’t got a magic wand. What we do is we’ll, keep encouraging we’ll keep coaching and we will we’ll turn that corner, hopefully starting tomorrow night, and he said you recommended you’ll be hoping that doesn’t come back to me. I did yeah um it’s, not working as football club. We try to bring good people in and biggie’s one of the nicest young men i’ve ever worked with genuinely most unselfish footballer. I’Ve ever worked with, and you know goes to anybody if i work with somebody and they conduct themselves properly, whether we play them, whether they get game time, whether the captain of the football club like peter i’ll, try and help people throughout their careers and we’ve done. That with biggie it was a the fact he wasn’t playing football. It wasn’t a football club. I found incredible um so i’m, just delighted, he’s back playing. It would have been a loss to the game and and hopefully yeah it. Doesn’T come back to came here. Hunters fighting allegations now three years on debt, free and bad european football. Is it good? I know it’s not being the start of the season you wanted, but it’s good for you to look at the overall picture.

I think, because real progress in the last few years – i’m glad you said that ben, because i think some people have forgot that um, where we were and where we’ve come from. I think we’ve brought very close to you know of all things go. You know we could be bringing in seven million pounds worth of players in that three and a half years and and spending a minimal amount to bring them in um yeah and that needs to continue we’re a club. As i said, we’re developing football club, we develop players, we move them on, we recycle it and we’re at the start of the next cycle. You know: we’ve got assets in the team. We’Ve got assets below the boys in the team and we’ll continue to do that. So, as i say, that’s where myself and the staff get our kicks from and where we get our pride from, is that to see players move on to see them do very well and on their journey help us along the way – and you know we’ve we’ve – probably Booked a trend a little but we’ve actually been relatively successful in terms of finishing third and getting into europe and and finals, as well as development players, so that’s that’s hard to achieve together. Um you have to play a certain style of football.