We are in this super stadium for a super club, truly one of the iconic buildings of 21st century sport, the alliance arena, Music, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, yeah, it’s, a magical occasion. Peter and i’ve been fortunate enough to experience it on many an occasion as a player and mostly as a co commentator the talking’s done. The scene is now set here’s to something even more memorable Applause. Bastoni goes looking gets away from his opponents. He’S there to receive martinez hits it at another time, marvelous goal it’s, hardly a surprise. Is it that’s what we’re here for a player? Applause: Music Applause to get themselves in such great coaching positions; Applause that has certainly tested the keeper, the young and it’s young out to the right and helps available out wide he’s gone for it. Carlos gets it away. Applause Applause gets the better of his man, alexis it’s alexis sanchez. The idea was right: the delivery wasn’t they can revisit that further on he’s had that sozo he’s pulled off a fine, save souza really must have felt he had the measure of the keeper then, but how wrong? He was martinez with a really impressive run, which nearly went the whole way. Well, he was thinking about headlining. Well, you know thinking about that. I think they perfected that on the training ground, because it took them seconds to get the ball from back to front, they really commit forward in numbers too. It was all very well thrilled, well that wasn’t too dissimilar to the previous attempt.

Sevilla really putting a few chances together here. Taking one can only add to such good momentum now and here’s, lucas or campos or campos looking for goal and the follow up goal. Sevilla and the comeback is complete and danovich did well the first time nothing he could do about the follow up. I might sound a little harsh here, but the keeper i felt could have done better than ensuring that ball didn’t go back out into the danger areas. Banega tries to get it forward quickly, Music, martinez now, it’s ashley young goes for goal, there’s a goal. Well, this is a terrific show of resilience and spirit. I love to see your team roll up their sleeves and force their way back Applause. The fry gets it away, look to young it’s, look too young wonderful! Well, whatever was said in the dressing room at half time has worked, and so often it’s the big name players who respond, what a great great goal to reclaim the advantage super stuff Applause, the purest possible Applause, good ball, it’s felt its target. Jordan goes for. It sticks it away two up now and they are cruising. The keeper deserves some sympathy there. He may not have seen that until too late Applause and here’s martinez and he’s on his martinez good, stop that wasn’t easy martin erickson with the short one ashley young Applause. Yes, it’s there, the second half off to a spectacular he didn’t let himself get bullied and got his effort away.

Maintain control, Music Applause hoist it forward. Ashley young plays it for it’s lukaku. Oh, what a wonderful stop the keeper really dug out his defense, then a magnificent effort. Applause gomez, it’s got through in comes the cross, shut, a goal; Applause, it’s, bounced out Applause, very good battle there, terrific to watch forward. It goes defending of the desperate variety peter and here’s alexis sanchez, ericsson, gorgeous control there and the through ball is intercepted the final whistle and the end. There was to be no perfect ending, they were brave, but they fell short, and so it ends in pain. As the glory goes elsewhere, so much endeavor, so much simply, the big day was their day a day for them and their fans a truly proud line in their history. What a moment this is for all connected, it is a day for pride a day of glory.