We are in this super stadium for a super club, truly one of the iconic buildings of 21st century sport, the alias arena, Music, Music Applause, yeah it’s, a magical occasion. Peter and i’ve been fortunate enough to experience it on many an occasion as a player and mostly as a co commentator the talking’s done. The scene is now set here’s to something even more memorable Applause, Applause now, it’s luke de jong. Surely a shot real chance. He’S done very well, together. Applause and it’s paid forward shapes the suits there. It is it’s, hardly a surprise. Is it that’s? What we’re here for a player with this wonderful show Applause, and that is about as cool as they come. He picks his spot expertly. Well, you know, sometimes it pays off don’t! Think too much about things. Just put your foot through them that was into milan, scored early of course, and it’s, one nil and here’s suso it’s, look to young, oh! That was no routine save here’s the chance to counter it’s got through to him. He’S in it’s, lukaku he’s pulled off a fine, save Applause. Oh that’s, a terrific save from the keeper souza simply didn’t do anything wrong. He was thwarted by brilliance. Chance we’ve got a goal: severe back on level terms and it’s suso alexis sanchez, lukaku martina is going for goal it’s off targeted by quite a way. Applause, suso Applause, they’ve done it. It was coming. They have their reward.

Oh high quality goal. Lovely first touch sumptuous. Second ashley young Applause – oh and the shots, go Applause, Music, internal Applause and he’s, going along and it’s the goalkeepers to claim Applause. Suso he’s had a shot goal. Sevilla and they’ve got their lead back Applause, perfect placement, the one place the keeper couldn’t reach. Well, i think two keepers would have had a hard time, keeping that one out never mind one. It was real, clear composure from the place Music and it’s susan luke to y’all, and this is has a hit, no messing about just bludgeoned away. Now, it’s, all campos, lucas or campos Applause well being able to generate that amount of activity in the box means it’s hard not to pick someone out. Erickson Applause are definitely going about this the right way. Well, this lead is tight, but it does look as though it may see them through just a few moments from glory chance and martinez. It’S a goal: they’ve done it again: it’s easy it’s, a terrific brand of football to watch; and importantly, it has a strong end. Product Applause and the balls come out Music Applause rodriguez fernando final seconds. This has to be it towering header Applause, eriksson, nothing to separate them. We have extra time yeah. This has been a hardcore game, there’s been a healthy base of driving mission, and sometimes that is rewarded with goals. Just like this and here’s suso goes for goal. Oh just lacked a decent finish: great leap: that’s, a real chance missed a reprieve, albeit perhaps momentary Applause and it’s lukaku he’s got away he’s one of lukaku and no, he couldn’t find the finish.

Erickson plays it short and driver up to meet it. Oh. What about that? And that has raised the roof – Music Applause, Applause and it’s rodriguez, towering header, who will be livid with himself the ball in the penalty box, and if it means a long punt, then still be it. They’Ve got to give themselves a chance. It’S young! Oh real danger here: Applause and he heaves it forward. Sevilla have a simple task to find something sustained now and keep the pressure on ken drover caliartini driving on. He could shoot here and that will be the final act. Simply the big day was their day a day for them and their fans a truly proud line in their history. What a moment this is for all connected, it is a day for pride, a day of glory, another grand chapter to be added to their glittering history.