Now i mentioned this in my champions league video, but for any of you who missed it, i will be doing a reaction to my predictions video, but it will be all in one video instead of round by round. I thought of scrapping those videos for a second, but apparently you guys love them, so they shall live on so far so good with my europa league predictions, i only started them at the quarterfinals, though so take from that what you will but hey my best prediction Showing yet can i get the final right? Will i choke at the last hurdle we’ll soon see alright, guys let’s get into it. Music let’s talk pedigree in this competition, because we’re dealing with two teams that have a ton of it sevilla achieving theirs. Most recently, as you already know, they have really made the europa league their own in the last 14 years, winning it five times. That means that they have made and won the final 35 of the time in the last 14 years, that’s crazy. Their first title came back in 2006, then they retained it in 2007, before taking a seven year break upon which unai emery led them to three consecutive europa league final victories defeating benfica de nipro and liverpool, and breaking away from the chasing pack as far as europa League titles one are concerned, inter milan are actually one of the clubs that is part of that chasing pack, as they themselves had a dominant spell in the europa league during the 90s, of course, for the sticklers out there.

Who will call me out on it? It was called the uefa cup at that time. I know someone would have said something. Their first victory came in 1991 beating roma in the two legged final two to one. Then they did it again in 94 lost the 97 final to schalke on penalties, but got the job done in 1998 for their third title in seven years. How close they were to four in the 90s, so it’s been over 20 years since, inter have been to a europa league final. Of course, they only went and won a champions league title in between then and now. That’S, not bad so it’s not like they’ve, been completely bereft of european finals, but back to sevilla, as i think that they surprised many in beating manchester united, but their victory wasn’t simply down to their strange affinity to the europa league. You don’t extend your 20 match. Unbeaten run or your record of winning six of six europa league semi finals simply threw some magical affinity to a competition it’s not like that. It’S got ta be one on the pitch. This was a classic severe performance as of late as, while they weren’t exactly at their best by any means, they showed off the characteristics that has brought them success under yulin lopetegui this season, their defense is quite solid and with bono and goal, who is their second Choice, keeper, might i remind you – or at least he was for most of the season.

Second choice to thomas vaclick in bono: they have a great shot. Stopper they’ve had a clean sheet in seven of the last 10 matches, a testament to their ability to defend and a testament to the job that fernando has done to protect that back line. The only goal united scored was from a penalty. They couldn’t get it done from open play, but that has been a problem that has plagued united in the past going back over a year. Luckily, for them they have rapid players that draw fouls in the box, so penalties are nowhere near in short supply for united, but still they required a penalty to get past copenhagen as well. No goals from open play in their last two matches. That’S got to be a concern back to sevilla as their full backs. Jesus navas and sergio region not only defend quite well, but go forward extremely well as exhibited against united region. Has the ability to beat his man on one on ones, as does navas for that matter, and their vision and delivery from wide areas is impressive. Just ask united again, who saw both sevilla fullbacks, provide assists in their 2 1 victory. Major questions to be asked of united’s back line, though, as william seems to struggle on the left as a right footed player, not to mention he’s still young and in need of experience, and neither lindelof or juan basaka picked up on dion’s run for the winner.

One of the easiest goals – the dutchman – will have scored completely unchallenged at the edge of the six yard box, as alluded to sevilla’s midfield looks quite decent as fernando cleans up nicely in the midfield. Jean jordan combines well with navas and suso on sevilla’s, right flank and ever banega, despite looking out of shape, is playing some great football he’s combative when he needs to be, and his passing and vision is as good as ever and he would love to wrap up His european career with another europa league title, as you may know, he’ll be heading to saudi arabia after this season, via al shabab, to get some cash before he retires by the way he spent his season at, inter so he’ll be playing against his former side. In the final sevilla’s attack is perhaps where they have struggled the most lately. They’Ve never been one to rack up the goals and drive their opponents into the dirt, but lately their best attacker ocampos has looked a bit tired. While enda city has failed to capture my imagination. I thought he was gon na bust out in this tournament. He hasn’t suso he’s suso flashes of real quality, but a bit underwhelming most of the time, it’s funny with sevilla. You feel like their best attackers are their fullbacks these days, which is too bad because ocampos had been fantastic for them throughout the majority of the season. No doubt their best attacker, Music, inter, have been a strange team to watch.

At times. I found their football extremely unenjoyable, sorry to the inter fans out there, but they really do smack up a team that is still finding themselves a team that is still transitioning and adapting antonio conte’s ideas, a team that, when they finally get to that level, will be A very strong squad they’ll definitely give yuvey a run for their money. Next season, inter’s journey in europa league has been impressive, as they have won every single match they have played and they have conceded just twice in their five matches played. In fact, their defense deserves a lot of plaudits as across all competitions, interest conceded one goal in their last seven matches as six clean sheets leverkusen was the only team to score against them, so we’re. Finally, seeing some strong performances out of diego godin, as well as he devry and bastogne, have all locked down their places in conte’s back three devree continues to be one of the most impressive centre backs in europe. In my opinion and alessandro bastoni he’s just a great story: man he’s been with, inter since 2017, joining from atlanta, yet another product of atlanta’s, incredible academy. They provide more city, app players than any other academy in italy, but enough atalanta, talk you’ve heard enough from me. Bastogne was on loan at parma last season, and now he will likely be playing in the europa league final on saturday. He’S played so well that milan skriniar has fallen out of favor and he’s a great defender in his own right when he’s on form.

Also a big shout out to ashley young, who is thriving at inter under kante he’s, been great as that left wing back danilo. D’Ambrosio has done well on the right good stuff and speaking of falling out of favor christian eriksen. Well perhaps he was never the guaranteed starter under kante, but more often than not as of late he’s come on as a substitute as the midfield three of barela brozovich and galliardini has taken over from antonio conte galiardini. I did not expect to be a regular in that midfield. Rozovich has no doubt been one of inter’s top performers on the season, while barela and galiardini have really come to the fore lately, but stefano sensei plagued by injury. This season has been making cameos lately and will be hoping to have more of an impact, maybe not in the final but next season for sure and of course, the attack of lotaro and lukaku finally exploded onto the scene against shakhtar they’ve labored at times since football’s Return in june, they’ve been decent, but they’ve labored also, and they looked quite decent against shakhtar lukaku in particular, as he proved once again to the doubters that the guy has pace. Now. I have criticized him in the past, mostly while he was at united due to his poor, finishing and his terrible touch back then, but i’ve always maintained that he can burn a defender when he knocks it past them to run onto it, as we saw him do Against shakhtar’s cochiloka, both flotaro and lukaku, scored a brace and provided an assist on the night with lukaku extending his ridiculous europa league record to scoring in 10 consecutive matches.

That is impressive. This should be a very tight match. I almost had a very entertaining match with how these two teams can struggle to attack. It could be a chess match. Let’S hope not. I think that the five nil score line did flatter, inter just a little bit as shakhtar, basically stopped defending after it was at two nil, but that doesn’t mean that inter’s attack should be taken lightly. Lukaku was proven time and time again in this competition that he is inevitable to quote thanos, so stopping him will be a difficult task for sevilla’s centre backs of carlos and kunde both imposing figures in their own right. But, as i said before, lukaku has taken his physicality to another level in both speed and strength, since joining inter sevilla’s attack, on the other hand, will likely find themselves quite frustrated as when, inter are defending, they become a back five. So the battle for the flanks will see dambrosio versus region and ashley young versus navas. That should be fun to watch against shakhtar inter defended brilliantly leverkusen. They had just two shots on target against inter hitafe the same situation. Two shots on target versus, inter so, inter are very miserly defenders. Sevilla really need to make the most of the opportunities that they managed to generate, inter is a team that defends brilliantly and at the classic kante style attack in transition brilliantly as well sevilla. They defend well in their own right, but their attack is giving me a bit of a reason to fear for them in this final, for my money, with the way that this, inter squad is developing under kante.

They are seemingly peaking at the right moment and with their airtight defense, coupled with their attacking prowess via lutaro and lukaku. My pick for the 2020 europa league champions is inter milan. What do you think will sevilla pull it off yet again and win their sixth europa league final from six europa league finals or will inter win their fourth title and come within touching distance of sevilla? Be sure to? Let me know in the comments, as this is a tough one, to call as per usual thanks so much for watching guys, and i hope that you enjoyed this video leave a like as a tip if you did enjoy it or a dislike to. Let me know that you thought it was crap if you’re new here and want to find your way back to the channel easily then hit that subscribe button. Other than that, i thank you for watching.