My name is derek ray. My co commentator to help describe all the action is the former arsenal defender lee dixon and with the atmosphere building to fever pitch we’re, just minutes away from kickoff time here, it’s inter taking on sevilla for the long road from the start, the competition almost a year Ago to the final is here: both teams have the added advantage of. If they win this competition, the champions league place is available. Music Applause, ninja’s lineup, is as follows, and you tend to know what you’re going to get tactically from this team high pressing, well high, pressing high energy. I played this system at arsenal many a year under george, graham, it doesn’t off work when it works. Well, sometimes you can just get exposed to the back, but they’ve got it down to a t to be fair. The severe side as follows, hitting the northern goal is thomas vatslick. Sanji gomez plays with diego carlos in central defense, blue castle campos, plays with nolito on the flanks and on this tactical set up. They have just the one player in attack, it is the europa league final and they are underway it’s with milan skriniar ericsson. This is asamoah promising sequence. Will he play it in and the goalkeeper covered a lot of ground to push that away from danger and they’ll get ready for the throwy lukaku, really good reading of the game to win possession back Applause now, nolito Applause.

Now the attacking options appear plentiful, not getting anxious when they have the ball targets available cross comes in a very effective clearance varela. Has it varela defray kandreva couldn’t hang on to it here’s fernando johan, jordan, nolito now Applause it has gone over the touchline for what will be a throw in asamoah. He has plenty of support the young, fernando and here’s navas dowsie, defending to win the ball back. Applause, martinez, Applause, giving the ball away; Applause, johan you’re done the young drawings Applause Applause; well, they have the ball once more it’s with stefan defray lucas campos, in full control of the ball here and now, banega lavas and a strong tackle screenia eriksson christian eriksen. Now, Applause martinez assamoa, now the bar’s not fighting against targets; Applause; oh a nice looking pass, lolito and david for the easy, save Applause, ericsson, splendor, tackle and a throw in coming up; Applause well, that’s, very smart. Defending and now they have the ball again. Applause. Nothing! In it derrick is there just testing each other out, tactically it’s fascinating, who will buckle? First, possession lost intercepted failed to keep hold of it. He could pick out a teammate and some cross towards the near post, not too fussy in clearing his lines, varela, he’s, going to be disappointed with that pass Applause, delightful pass and danovich will always have expected to grab hold of that one ericsson it’s with milan screenia Eriksen, given away will he play it in and an opportunity here for them to get their noses in front from the corner? Applause corner kick played in insufficient accuracy as regards the corner, here’s, fernando plenty of players waiting in the middle? Well, a sloppy clearance.

What can the opposition do with this good technique displayed and whipped into the box and no nonsense defensive clearance Applause when he put the cross into the right place, but no one able to finish it off, and that is that for the first half of this uefa Europa league final, i think lee we’re entitled to expect the quest for europa league success and the second half of this final is underway and now vanega, very good reading of the game to win possession back now, godin lukaku varela. Has it excellent use of the ball as they make their way forward, but a shocking pass, really Applause, Laughter, Applause, eriksson de frey, eriksson varela? Has it lukaku now martinez, giving it a try and the goalkeeper, as you would expect once again doing his job yeah that’s? It his job get behind the ball and save it now: Applause it’s with stefan defray varela, erickson gliding through the gears Applause, the young lucas ocampos. I must say this looks promising and a heartless cross doubled up Applause, Applause and that’s, an important intervention it’s opening up for them that is top notch goalkeeping. He had to reach in with his hand, yeah it’s, all about reading the pace of the ball and the player’s feet. When do i go down when do i strip? The ball did a brilliant job, then Applause, ericsson. Now the fans enjoyed that pass. Martinez Applause couldn’t keep the shot down yeah to keep his beaten, but so is the goal.

Music Applause shouldn’t keep the ball Applause, christian erickson now so 20 minutes to go. It did appear that they might be on to something, but not so Applause and now banega Applause, tremendous intuition to win it back. Applause, martinez, Applause well, they’ve been getting the substitute ready and now they will make the personnel change Applause the cross is on and here is galiadini well. He went strongly into the challenge and the result is a throw in the ball with martinez, effective challenge bodies forward and the break looks on campus. He continues. His run. Banega gets himself involved in the move. Applause just 10 minutes to go beautifully, weighted ball Applause sanchez. Tremendous ball played through still alive Applause. They will now make use of the substitutes bench. Applause it’s come down to the final five minutes and still they’re dead, locked up, neal nil. Oh, they have the ball once more Applause, galliardini Applause, read it magnificently and intercepted lucas campos. The electronic board has been held aloft, two additional minutes here across there that was decidedly ordinary Applause on the ball. Regular good, looking sequence, Applause, Music, easier said than done, though. Applause well, here’s, the replay with the clock ticking down. Has he won the game for his team cool, calm and collected? He deserves that brilliant finish. Another girl again, albeit from a different angle, Applause. What a big moment in the dying embers will it prove decisive here and the final whistle.

The cup issue is settled, a story of one side celebrating and the other distraught and lee memories are being made yeah. Absolutely it doesn’t matter how much money you’ve got in the bank. Players will always look back at moments like these these moments. When you pick trophies up win medals, absolutely brilliant for this group of players yeah, you can see what it means to this tight. Knit team real solidarity. Applause i’m very happy to be celebrating good times in the europa league, and now the trophy awaits them with all those months of hard training sessions. Pre season training you kind of look forward to get yourself through those sessions and they’ll be looking forward to moments like this they’ve finally got their hands on this fantastic, magnificent trophy. This is what they’ve wanted now it’s in their possession. The winners of the uefa europa league long celebrations into the night i’m, pretty sure derek, is going to go on and on yeah. I think they have every intention of making this last as long as possible. One more trophy left! Why not? Yes! Well! This is the moment i love sharing it with the fans, ticker tapes coming down families in the stand, giving them all away, but they’ve traveled all over europe, watching this team. Now they get to share in this moment fantastic. Well that took fire as well as ice on the bench. Well, they’ve shared it derek with the fans but it’s time to celebrate, with your teammates, no better feeling in the world.