The teams will be with us very shortly. We look forward, of course, to that special moment. In the meantime, we take in the feeling of excitement and euphoria ahead of what should be a really outstanding final Music. One glance – and you know where we are. It is one of the most recognizable arenas for the beautiful game in the world and boy does it add to the occasion: Music, Music Applause, Music Applause, both teams, jim eying, the ultimate prize here, honoring, focus and determination in all of those eyes bringing back memories. For me, peter a chance to have your name in the club’s history, having had the privilege of experiencing this uh a fair few times in my own career, there really is nothing that compares once you get there. You want to keep coming back. I still feel like that, now Applause, the final gets on the way. Applause. Look. We can only hope for a final that will be free flowing and end to end and highly entertaining, but fear of defeat can often dominate emotions. How’S it go had a swing, but it wasn’t to be well. I think his mind was made up the way that ball arrived, and i certainly admire his willingness to hit the volley Applause. The fry attempts to clearance lucas a chance to shoot Applause, ashley young Applause, it’s found its way to him gets away from his opponents. Now. It’S lukaku lukaku plays it out to the flank.

Jordan is there and he can get that clear. Applause looking to break out here floated through Applause, galiadini, ericsson and here’s. Lukaku who’s got the final touch. There goal kicks been given great strength too strong for his opponent. Applause hoist it forward ericsson and it’s young now it’s eriksen, looking for a decent ball in a reprieve, albeit perhaps momentary Applause, ashley young. There are a few waiting for it. Ashley young it’s moving impossible to wrestle off the ball now: it’s lukaku, defending of the desperate variety, lucas or campos, with good energy and defense as well. You have to admire commitment like that, because he could easily ignore that and just kind of walk around and let others do all the chasing, but instead he looks as if he relishes the chance to uh to dig in for his team here: Applause, Music Applause, all The way back – and they start again – Applause now it’s lukaku and he’s on side, great challenge, time to perfection and he heaves it forward, played back in lukaku he’s, had a shot lingered over it and the chance to counter had gone well. The whole idea of a good breakaway is to leave the opposition struggling to get back and they were just too slow and it’s banega and it’s played forward. He’S left his man holds himself at it great effort. He flew in with courage, no complaints about his efforts and commitment. He just needs to start heading in the right direction.

You get my drift Music, carlos and back to base that’s been drilled forward. Banega goes looking. Can he deliver Applause? Well red? He sorted that out. Dashing forward at pace, the car coupe tried to play it through. Ah that just required a bit more oomph to reach its target forward. It goes fernando tries to get it forward quickly. He’S made sure that that won’t get through back into the middle he’s gone for it Applause could that be the start of something big sevilla are really pouncing on any straight passes in midfield we’re talking seconds from interception to the back of the net it’s counter attacking Heaven Applause big occasion, big goal, crucial, lead. Well, certainly the big occasion and a very big opening goal to boost everyone’s confidence. Here, look: look kaku, ricky lon can hoist it clear. Applause whipped in the clearance is short. Jordan drives it forward. That’S, a decent ball has a hit. Oh surely that deserved better. That was created because of good lively movement which pretty much dictated the past Applause. I know well there’s the whistle the first half of the final has flown by so there you have it a close sport, half of football but weather still had its moments but ultimately produced just one goal more than decent game up to now. So jim. The halfway point of the final: what are you thinking? Well, it’s obvious who’s likely to be more content going in at half time, but i sincerely hope that there’s a fitting response from the opposition to really engage us on the big occasion, sevilla leading a cagey game here.

It’S had its moments and it’s one nil. At the break – and the game has already resumed here – sevilla carrying a one goal, lead or campos, a really good feat, ricky, lon or campos and he’s there to clear it. Applause, controversy or campos, lucas ocampos spreads it towards the left Applause. The nega gets it back or campos a chance to play it in shut a goal, it’s a goal, and this is getting better and better. His position was perfect. The invitation was there for him and his response, absolutely clinical yeah and teamwork was key to that. A beautiful piece of uh engineering to to set him free in the Applause box sevilla get themselves a two goal. Cushion the turning of the screw comes to mind. Peter they’ve got them where they want them. Sanchez gets it out to the wing, keeps everyone guessing whistles gone that’s a foul. I think it’s been called offside. Yes, it has yeah, the assistant did have his flag up, the referee seemed to spot it late built. Nevertheless, the right decision, disappointments and relief on either side, nothing doing, gets it up field. Galliardini Applause looks to clip it forward. Oh good interception eriksen time and again they are repelled Applause. Carlos jordan looks to get on the end of this. That is hechlan big relief. It just needed better contact. Well peter, i would say it was worth a try. So now we’re going to get those changes, we have been expecting well, you have to feel a little for the player been taken off here.

I think he’s been made the scapegoat after that, but i guess something had to be done. I suppose it did need a little change into milan. Have a free kick he’s gone for it and the balls come out. Applause, ricky, lon Applause, carlos Applause, now it’s, it’s, alexis sanchez dispatch clinically inter, are looking strong on the break. Winning the ball in midfield is one thing but it’s the clever use of counter attacking that’s the real highlight into milan making consecutive changes here. This is threatening to become a really good game. I think they can sense a comeback here, and so can this crowd it’s all systems go now. Ball is over the line. There is some activity down on the touchline. It seems there’s got to be a change Applause. Music, the nigger sit into the middle clearance and very necessary pulls out once more Applause across from gomez the fry knocks it away, gets his foot in there. This is good ball retention and it should be enough from here, but they want to double their advantage. Music and the shots Applause sevilla are clearly looking to kill this game off it’s keeping the ball away from the other end too. He could be in here. Applause, inter are actually displaying tremendous fighting spirit, there’s a real belief that they can still have a say: he’s not played the ball that’s a foul. The referee has resisted the temptation to go to his pocket it’s.

Just a stern lecture. Applause, sevilla probably could have killed things off, but they should be okay here, sevilla need to hold on for a few more moments. It’Ll be a throw in so there’s going to be another change here. Yeah he’s run himself into the ground, hasn’t he and it’s it’s. Good to see that the crowd appreciate his efforts because he has put in a reel on a shift caviar now, it’s eriksen and now the breakaway Applause he’s got options out wide lucas ocampos receives it in a wide position. Escudero. Oliver torres Applause turns and goes back and that’s. That sevilla are the winners. The ceremony is fitting.