That’S, the german national team taking alderness well hoping to make his debut with the german national team and with the way he’s been playing this season. It comes as no surprise that he’s been given the call up jonathan tar now making his way out as well. The number of big names and senior players left out of performing players. You have available the stronger your team will be and really is an exciting time for german football company. Listening to the man in charge, going back to the rest of the team, we’ve finished with the floyd and nye very exciting young players of their own very much an underrated team when it comes to international football and sometimes overlooked something i’m sure, yogi, love and team. Germany will not be doing and then we’ll head into october. They get 10th counter as well. A real chance for hanoi has performed in the champions league it’s going to be difficult for anyone to uh get past him and his position. I don’t think anyone would of many keeper and easing the players into these few days here number of the players saying how happy they are to link up with some of their old friends. Of course, some perhaps making new friends, but everyone in a good mood. Everyone ready for the challenge ahead, that is spain. In a few days he smiles on the players faces telling us exactly that’s. Well, well, you know you’re moving in the right direction and mr love certainly thinks that’s florian.

My house has what it takes to impress here in the white and black of germany players split into two teams. We do have two goals, so perhaps we have keepers in action here as well, interesting to see what yogi has in store for us here hope you are enjoying this live training session here in the adm sport park, stuttgarts in stuttgart, of course, because on a third Of september, just a few days away from now, germany, taking on spain, uefa nations league team set up, not everyone. Some give an arrest, of course, as we’ve already mentioned, but some players like the french or the the players that play in league on the likes of julian trexler. Well, the league are well and truly underway already, so they will have been back to full training and have a few games under their belt as well, so very different situations for different players and it’s going to be interesting to see how the coaching staff here gets. Everyone onto the same level, all on the same page, fitness levels all up on par together, does look like it’s a keyboard session here, first, which will probably turn into a goal scoring allowed as well to everyone, of course, in that central midfield position, big big part Of his game, always the movement off the ball almost as important, sometimes more important than the movement on it.