Henry at half time in the 2, 1 quarter, final win against bayern with eugenie lasama, surprisingly dropped to the bench. I’M almost ready score of the quarterfinal winner moose. If we go, then, with the paris saint germain, all in blue kicking from left to right in this first half and so determined to erase the memory of that scene, we started on the right hand, side that’s too, near dwaddy good break here by leo on the Left hand side there. She is and it’s paris, oh it wasn’t too far away. You know, and there was scrabbling in that psg goal. She didn’t hit it Applause, just corner of the game mighty punch by christine such a talent wasn’t, the best of the liberty fashion, the underdogs Applause Applause roshan, with it whipped it renard came in bronze, was coming in it’s, not the french on the 17th. He didn’t take a cut final penalty gianni the other day, it’s a yellow card Applause, there’s, a dangerous set pieces bronze is free and plucks it to safety. You can’t leave lucy bronze, like that’s katojo’s in the middle it’s behind her, but it needed to be cleared away. Brits gianni got a couple of yards here to get a shot away already held on in the end. Applause, Music, taking on mourinho in comes a crush and i’m imaginary climb, but not high enough. Couldn’T get actually left footed, good free kick and it should have been in goodness, got here great chance.

There ain’t for psg here come a guy heads it away it’s! Well, over bounced high for here, didn’t come through to her and the halftime whistle blows with uh neil having the best of the chances and more of the ball Applause, where it’s neil neil in this champions league semi final, very, very tight chances at a premium and Off we go in the second half, with olympic leone, all in white kicking from left to right contract at leon, his paris again, oh good, footwork. There she gets the shot away. You get a shot away, mcguy was there debrett’s them to bend it? Applause should be bumped and bruised nikita Applause, paris, free kick little header on by goodness, got it now. I wonder if buchanan was pulled back there. Why would she stop baltimore nithyatudiani cross ties there bloody thought about coming and was helped out by lucy, bronze baltimore will have to do better than that bronze. This is a lovely run and jurors in trouble here she’s in real trouble. She was only one miss time, challenge away, Music and the second yellow sees grace shiuro sent off and she won actually with the free kick and it’s one nil, wendy renard up in the back, as she often does so devastatingly putzly on ahead moments. After the red card, the grace euro and from the resulting free kick leon lee Music, how many times is wendy renard gon na break the hearts of paris, archerman players scored again.

Thank you, proud to rush she’s fouled by paris, who could be in trouble and she’s. Gon na miss the final Music – well, the first one i think was for descent Applause, that’s a dark foul to concede, though, when you’re on a yellow card who’s in the middle. This is better from diani that’s much better and lucy bronze, rescues, leon, debris, couldn’t, get the shot away. Marijuana dispossessed dude from range is just deflected by kumagai and once again olympic leon make a champions league final for the fifth year in a row. The winners of the last four will be there in the final, the goal: scorer almost inevitably wendy, renard who’s, won all six of their champions league trophies and she’ll.