Before i proceed, let me come to the club statistics. Both the teams are pretty similar when it comes to their steps in the season. So far, both teams have won all the matches. That is, six wins out of six matches. Both teams have five clean sheets and both teams have won their matches in the round of 16 and round of 32 by huge margins. So this match is going to be undoubtedly one of the best finals of women’s champions league um, coming to the players. Woolsberg bernie, harder and hat trick has been a match made in heaven this season. She scored two hat tricks in six matches and she stands at. Second, in the top scorers list, one goal behind me so midday moscow, 10 and i think she will cross that mark as well and leon will be playing their ninth final and fifth final in a row. So if they win this one, they will be winning five consecutive titles and seven titles overall, whereas uh footsburgh have won only twice and they are actually favorites in this match. According to me, because seeing leon’s form, we saw in the match against psg in the semi finals that their defense can be penetrated. Although they have one of the best defenders in their team, they have renard who is actually compared to van dijk. They have a palinder nominee lucy brones, but we saw that against psg psg had way more uh number of dangerous attacks than beyond so and and and yeah palin.

Your winner at ada hegerberg, will not be playing the final. In fact, she didn’t even play the semis in the quarters because of an injury, and this is a very, very big advantage for wolfsburg. If woolsberg can capitalize on this, i think they have an edge over leon plus foolsberg have been very clinical in the final third bernie harder has been a gold machine. So far we will also miss nikita paris. In the final she got a red card against psg. In the semi finals, and most probably less or more will play instead of her, but leon says tasked on a team. I mean even their bench is so good that even if the first team doesn’t play and the second team plays, they still have a chance of winning the title. I mean they have renault bronze, uh, henry and lesomar zenni for marouzan, so many best of the best players, but woolsberg has already won the bundesliga, the freund bundesliga and also the the fb poker, drawing and they’re set to be in a treble same boost for leon. Actually, they have also won their uh, the league one equivalent division 159 and the french cup women’s french cup. Also leon’s midfielder conor’s daughter will be facing her former club woolsberg, and let me tell you that although leon has more number of attempts than wolzberg in the whole, competition woolsberg has more number of goals than leon. I guess volsberg had 32 goals, yeah 32 and leon is just too behind that um this match is going to be worth the watch.

I request all the viewers to go and watch it because women’s football need your support. They need viewers and trust me it’s it’s.–g