The underdogs cascarina paris is in the middle outnumbered in there and hearts up from the back to be there to pick up the second ball there’s, a dangerous set pieces, bronzes, free and european champions league football, and she had far too much space for it. She could have caught no great pressure, dude brits gianni, put a couple of yards here to get a shot away already out of the way by lawrence gave her that free head up. This is the shot by gianni, good free, kick, bending in goalkeeper couldn’t cut contracts at leo his paris again, oh good footwork there. She gets the shot away left hand side and get a shot away. Good magaya was there. Debrits in san baltimore will have to do better than that bronze. This is a lovely run and zero’s in trouble here she’s in real trouble. She was only one miss time, challenge away and the second yellow sees grace shiuro sent off and she was becoming a real force in the game she’s in tears, because she knows what this means if they win she’s out of the final. But i just wonder whether someone perez the captain after that challenge, Music, actually with the free kick and it’s one nil, wendy renard up in the back, as she often does so. Devastatingly puts leon ahead moments after the red card, the grace euro and from the resulting free kick leon lee. How many times is wendy renard gon na break the hearts of paris.

Archerman players scored against them in the shootout in the 2017, champions league final scored against them in the french cut final just a few days ago 17 days ago, and she scores here gianni. Let her go and there’s absolutely no chance ender’s going to keep that out. Thank you proud to rush she’s fouled by paris. You could be in trouble and she’s going to miss the final well. The first one, i think, was for descent that’s a dark foul to concede, though, when you’re on a yellow card, both teams down to ten see what the coach’s reaction is quite forgiving, it would seem let her go she’s not going to go anywhere you’re on a Yellow chipping offense such a yellow car defense, can’t argue, but i will, through to behad she’ll hold on to it and that’ll, be that and once again olympic leon make a champions league final for the fifth year in a row.