Between the soyuz spacecraft and the iss, many ufos can be seen in the background some zipping off in the distance others gently floating by and even one gigantic doughnut shaped ufo. That seems to inspect the event once the camera zooms out, the sun lights them up. Just sit back and watch first, we see an object, zip by extremely fast, then a few more then we see an incredible doughnut shaped object shift across the screen down here as another small orb drifts across space here, while several more appear all over you can’t miss Them, but the one in the back, that’s moving from left to right almost seems to be changing. Speed then, yet another makes its way towards the left from right behind the soyuz spacecraft. Another appears from over here, Music, one by one, these small orbs softly drift across space as the docking occurs. Some even seem to be changing direction, it’s impossible for these objects to be nothing but space, debris or space dust, as nasa will say they are the sunlight. Finally, stops shining on the spacecraft, so the objects are no longer illuminated Music. Just how crazy is this Music? The footage resembles the now infamous tether incident, video from the sts 75 mission. That happened back in february of 1996. it’s very surprising.

This aired, live on ustream and didn’t. Have the feed cut like most ufo sightings do near the international space station, but it’s not the last time.

This happened. This video taken a week prior, was filmed during the spacex docking with the international space station as they arrived with supplies. Here we see the same objects zigzagging and streaking across the screen, exactly the same type of objects, the doughnut shaped one and the smaller orbs one that even appears to make a 90 degree turn look at how this one flies in out of. Nowhere then looks as if it slows down. Could this just be some kind of frame rate issue? Could all of these objects be what nasa says? They are just dust and debris, or are we constantly being watched by other intelligent beings as we work in space? Just look at all of these doughnut shaped ufos again just like in the tether incident video and they don’t fly in a straight path at all. They zigzag. No dust can do that. No debris can do that right. Then this extremely bright orb zooms past the camera. If it is dust or debris, then it’s huge look at how this one changes direction completely, and this one stops zigzagging just look at this side by side comparison of the tether, video and the new footage. Do you think we are seeing the same thing here here? Is one of the objects enlarged after seeing this? Are you convinced that these are genuine alien ships or maybe even living space creatures, or did it just make you more skeptical? These types of videos are not uncommon and, despite that, they are still brushed aside by scientists and researchers.

Why, before you answer any of our questions presented to you in this story, we encourage you to watch our next segment, where we show you more of these alleged ufos that were seen in space near the international space station. Only this time they were seen during a spacewalk performed by astronauts Music. Back in january of 2018, there had been quite a commotion when it came to ufo sightings near the international space station. Now we are not saying that they were in fact alien ships. We are just simply pointing out these bizarre objects that seem to plague the iss, especially when there is a spacewalk being performed or if another spacecraft is docking with the space station. We noticed these objects on january 23, 2018, while watching the spacewalk that was taking place that morning. Just look at how the orb like objects drift by at times extremely fast and at times extremely slow. Just like the objects that were seen in our previous story. But what are all these objects anyway? Skeptics and nasa will tell you that they are nothing more than space debris, dust and ice crystals, while others like ufologists, scream, extraterrestrials, no matter what side you’re on these are all still ufos. Nonetheless, as in not identified as we zoom into some of these objects, you start to see the bigger picture here. Does this look like dust to you? Does it look like debris? Does it look like just ice crystals or when you see it, do you think aliens as usual? We are simply just showing you the evidence, it’s up to you to make up your own mind on what you think.

All of these things can be, and we thank you immensely for sticking around till the end be safe and we’ll. See you soon with more amazing ufo stories and strange news. Remember if you like the videos produced by a sound, mind and body, please subscribe and click the bell to receive notification of future uploads.