They were more golden luminous with sometimes a bit of like a green hue, and they could move into our physical density. But very very light almost like imagine like powdery skin, so when they were doing work where they needed to be more dense, their bodies would shift and change it’s almost like well, then skin would skin would develop and there would be um sorry. I just thought of something um. There would be more of them in you know a humanoid type of form, so you know they were smaller. Probably, however tall i was at at five, they were slightly taller than i was, and i did see them literally shift from energy form to physical. But again not like you know, hardcore physical, but very, very light form, and the sense that i got was when they shifted to you know being a little bit more in our physical form that they couldn’t stay here very long like they couldn’t stay in that form. Very long like like the environment was not entirely hospitable for them to do that, so they would work really fast, also there’s, a lot of expedient working that was done to assess and measure whatever they needed to. I do remember them taking measurements of water. In my my pool they were, they also had a little blue light that they were using and they were waving it across the the kitchen and i’m, not sure exactly what they were doing.

They were looking at the food. So it was this this you know really um detailed examination of of me uh, but also my environment, whether it’s a princeton physics, professor, like dr brian o’leary, telling the world that there is abundant evidence that we are being contacted or victor marcetti, former special assistant to The deputy director of the central intelligence agency, stating that we have indeed been contacted, perhaps even visited by extraterrestrial beings. Second look: volume: 1, number, 7, washington dc may 1979. The fact that we are being and have been visited by intelligent beings from other worlds and dimensions is no longer taboo. This comes as a result of the collective innate earning to search for information on the topic, as well as the thousands of credible testimonies from high ranking military figures, astronauts, scientists and others who have been in the position to know the existence of ufos has been verified. Thanks to video footage photos, electro optical data, like radar, trackings government documents and the testimonies from a number of government officials and people around the world, all of which complement the following testimony. Personally, my three favorite pictures come from the la times. In 1942, the canadian air force in 1956 and from long time, nasa scientist, norman bergrun, who disclosed a picture taken by voyager in 1980. There are many to choose from, although the ufo phenomenon is no longer taboo. The topic of et contact and the idea that many people on earth have experienced it still is, and there is little effort being done regarding mainstream ufo disclosure, lui elisondo, the former pentagon official, who exposed one of the pentagon’s ufo tracking programs otip along with other members Of the intelligence community and tom delong have stated that they have purposely stayed away from the extraterrestrial question and who is behind the wheel of these crafts because it’s such a controversial subject, it’s time to start talking about that for years, governments have been desperate to find Out more information, and there is a good chance that the citizenry might have more knowledge than our governments.

After all, when have governments ever been fully trusted by the people? Paul hellyer, former canadian defense minister once said that their protocol is to shoot first and ask questions later. There are also documents that clearly show how desperate they are to get their hands on these technologies and figure out how they work. You can access those and read more about it here. The gist from these encounters overall is the idea that our planet needs change, that we have to start taking care of our environment and that some extraterrestrial groups might be concerned with the overall well being of the human race and planet earth. It’S a comforting thought, but not all researchers in the field share the same sentiment, although most do based on my research. Dolores cannon is another individual who has been hypnotically regressing people for years, and she shared that many souls have come here to help change the world. Susan minoch, president of the new energy movement, a group that is trying to facilitate positive and necessary change on earth is one of thousands of contactees. She is, i would say, an abductee. She was taken from her environment and placed on board what seemed to be an extraterrestrial or extra dimensional craft. In an interview we conducted with her onset, she described one experience at the age of five years old, something her sister vaguely remembers, even though she was in the room with her. It was approximately 2 30 in the morning and there was a ship outside their house.

They were awestruck and it’s, something susan felt that she intuitively already knew, would happen as if she was waiting for them. In a previous article. I share how she remembers what happened prior to birth and incarnating into the womb, explaining that each human has a soul, and our souls came here for different reasons. This is an interesting belief which has been expressed for thousands of years. Why don’t? We all remember! Well, socrates preached that, although our soul has knowledge prior to birth, once it incarnates into the body, it forgets minnow susan remembers and so do many other children who can actually remember their past lives. She goes on to explain how she remembers moving through the wall levitating and being taken onto the ship. She was excited to reconnect to those she knew before she was born. She explains how it’s part of the process it’s part of the to do being here, and she says there was testing that was done. She remembers some sort of testing on her central nervous system to measure her empathy. They were examining her and the being next to her, but the other being was distraught and they wanted to see if they could feel what that other being was feeling below is a brief clip from the interview of her describing what they looked like as mentioned. This is just a piece of a 71 minute interview where susan goes into her entire experience, as well as exploring the extensive research published on the topic, the takeaway with ufos.

It took some time for the topic to exit the taboo area and receive more attention. Sure there are powerful people with interests that are threatened by the ufo subject. Secrecy is kept for multiple reasons, and one of them is the fact that open disclosure of ufos means open disclosure of its technology and how that would negatively affect our oil based economy. The idea that extraterrestrials are behind the wheel also threatens a lot of control, structures and human belief systems that hold us back from moving forward together as a human race. We still have a long way to go but it’s time to start asking the deeper questions now. As we once did with ufos, but this time we need to figure out who is behind the wheel? Why they’re here and what their intentions are? There is no better way to do that than to give an ear to people who are coming out and sharing their stories. This particular encounter is very interesting because empathy thinking about others, caring for others is a vital and key component of love which will transform our world. Do you have a video or story that you would like to have posted email me? If you have a story and are able to record audio, that would be preferred, but not a must. I use the robot voice because my speech was nuked by multiple strokes in 2019.. I look forward to hearing from you, hello. Everyone do you want to play a game, a game that will make you a believer in the paranormal.

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