This is where i make my thumbnails. It just looks nice, but guys there is something hidden in here when i take this away that you might not quite see, but let me show you so give you some backstory. I was just making the thumbnail for this video. I mean the video yesterday was like a giant meteor to the end or giant meteor and build, but it was absolutely a lot of fun had a great time, but i was just taking pictures for the thumbnail, not something i do every single day. As you can see, i have a ton of pictures right here. These are all the pictures that i’ve taken in the past it’s – nothing special okay, so i was just still taking picture or meteor meteor meter. You get the idea right, there’s, nothing happening yet at all i’m, just flipping through the pictures and accidentally guys literally look at this, keep it like. I said, i’m just spamming. The picture button right here, guys i’m, just flying through right. This is these. Are the two pictures are right next to each other? I go to the next. Oh, if i go to the next picture, as you can see right here, there’s, nothing here and the next picture guys what you will see is.

There is literally three ufos hidden in the back of this image and i was just so confused, so i was just like looking around like. Why could this be? I just i still don’t understand guys you guys are going to have.

I just want to give you guys the info. Okay, i don’t understand anything but yeah, as you can see right here, i was just doing the thumbnail and hidden behind the text. Are these three ufos so by the way i messed this chill thrill? This was like a couple hours ago chill. I was making a thumbnail and why are there ufos and he still has not yet replied. So i still don’t really understand what’s up with that guys. I’M. Currently, gon na just head into the actual game, see if there’s something that i can spot about. This, like, like i don’t, know what that was like i’m, actually really confused, so yeah here, we’re in the game right now and all around it’s, just looking kind of like you know nothing too special, i mean honestly. This is just normal there’s, nothing different right away. I looked up and i was maybe it’s just there, like maybe it’s like a thing after you spawn in, like i genuinely don’t, know anything about anything here, like i’m, really not into any of this as looking at the image. Something to note, i think i don’t know like why is there three ufo like that, are like exactly the same that’s like the most confusing part of it? Although is there just three of the exact same ufo, and obviously guys one of the first things that came to mind for me is that this is a secret that chill is kind of like teasing in some way like he’s, like maybe like as random occurrences flying These strings through the map that’s what i’m thinking guys? One other thing to check this all out with then my ufo, like i mean there’s, literally nothing better.

To do this way. Everything else would pretty much be a dishonor right. So let me make everything unanchored and let’s just go, so it was like way up here, like i don’t even know how to explain it like to put everything into perspective. Currently the uf like we’re way in the sky and that’s. Just in the background, i know so little about the secrets within build a boat like there is apparently all this kind of like cool backlord stuff, like i don’t know about it, but one thing that i do know for the record because i’m not i’m, not i’m, Not i’m, not an idiot i’m, not an idiot. I do know that one thing that is a big part of all of this is like the little waterfall area right here so that’s. One thing i do know. I know jill likes to put secrets there. That’S one thing i like i know i know about, can i get out please? Oh my god. What have i done come on? What have i done? Oh, this has to be a joke right and clear. All okay. I cannot clear all cuz uh. Oh, are you kidding me man? I literally just got flung out the world. All right, let’s actually investigate everything this time and not just have a broken ufo all right. There we go perfect let’s see. Is there anything here i’m just trying to do what i’m supposed to do? Okay, like i don’t, know what i’m doing guys don’t get too mad at me.

Please. I was like screaming at me in the comments like you should have done this. You should have done that. I don’t know here we have a mushroom that’s, nothing to do with kind of ufo shaped, but no it’s, probably nothing a little map thing, there’s, a spider thing, no there’s. This right here just looks like normal, like there’s, nothing happening. I am so confused like why? Could it not have been someone else that have found it? That actually knows what they’re doing? I have no clue. I don’t know. Ah, i’m, sorry, guys, i’m. So sorry, i don’t know what would have triggered it. I’M gon na try once again going with the actual like thruster ball, but i don’t i don’t know man like it’s it’s, so confusing all right load. This sucker in all right, let’s, see here. Let’S let’s, try this once more uh let’s see um. Let me actually try to go up sometimes it’s a little hard to control this thing, it’s, so much power that it’s, like kind of hard to okay, okay, we’re going we’re going we’re going! Is it about the speed i don’t think it’s about the speed? I don’t think it has anything to do with the amount of speed you give. It actually does look beautiful. That is like probably honestly one of my favorite builds like ever guys like straight up. Oh, i guess we are now flying into the abyss here. I want to ask some of the other guys i just said like yo guys i spotted three ufos in the sky in today’s, thumbnail and uh dino, as always just being as useful as he can be pro thanks for the help dino.

I really appreciate it. It made me it gave me so much clarity, you wouldn’t, believe it well guys. Let me know, let me know down down below in the comment section. What do you think of this all cause? I honestly don’t know what to think. I haven’t been able to recreate it. I have know about what is up any of this sort of stuff uh because i’m, a noob but hey guys, as always, every single video guys. We give one of you guys your dream, build about items so guys for today’s video i’ll be giving three people that build a build. Remind yes, three people it’s gon na be nuts. Let me get you guys, your dream items so yeah guys right here. First, guy jimmy, he has been subscribed for two months guys you got ta subscribe to actually be part of the part of the giveaway okay and he wants himself some angeling. So let me get my friend angel there. You go brother all right guys, three, two one! Stop next one is gon na get a free item. All right. My guy right here wants some plans. I think he means planes. My brother, we will get. You started with some planes. I hope you enjoy your plans, brother and then finally, we have tyler. How long have you been subscribed brother, a week? That is totally fine welcome to the channel? I hope you are here to have a great time with us all tyler.

I hope you enjoy. I hope you enjoy your pilot’s seat and wing and everything about it. I hope you had a fun time with me today. Uh. Let me know anything that i do not know down in the comments section.