It was labor day when dozens of people said they saw a ufo, including one man who was just 10 years old at the time. Look at this and i was running full speed and i remember just feeling like i was flying at this point and he was like running right here in place just constantly for about five minutes. He was running in place. I was running, but i wasn’t moving. I just got a feeling that something was wrong and i didn’t know what it was, but it just gave me chills off to my left. There was a rock and there was a path, and we were right on the path here and the rock was just off to my left and, as i turned slowly, i turned and a ufo dropped right out of the sky right in front of me and a Beam came on me and, as the light was on me, my hands jerked back like this and it’s like air got sucked out of me, that’s tom warner, who is featured in the unsolved mysteries episode talking about his abduction, his experience and we’re thrilled to have tom Join us now via zoom good morning, tom good morning and good morning, fox 9 news and your program here, and i want to thank you for all having me on to talk this incredible incredible day. No, i got to tell you thank you i reached out.

Oh, let me rephrase that a friend of yours reached out to me.

I was talking about this on my radio show and how this was one of my favorite episodes. I want to kind of pick up tom where that clip left off you described well. Let me back up actually a little bit. What made you go outside. You said it was a feeling right tom. Well, actually, it was. It was actually mental telepathy and i was actually coloring with my neighbor debbie and it was mental telepathy and it said you have to go home now and i looked out at the clouds and i said to debbie i said teddy. That must be god. Talk to me from those clouds and she goes what i said i have to go home right away. I mean i was raised irish catholic. What else could be talking to me? So let me tell you if you think god’s talking here you’re, but you run you run tom and and that’s exactly what i did. You know it was like run for us run. This was run, tommy run and i ran out of the back room into the kitchen and just seeing the look on graham, who was the grandmother we called graham and jane, who was the woman who actually watched the whole thing along with her grandmother and the fear On their face, put more fear in me, i was like out of there and once i hit this area where there was a rock everything went like in slow motion, and the thing that really got to me was all of a sudden.

There was like all these crickets, we call them the september crickets and the noise just got sucked right out, it was gone, the noise was gone and then this ufo just dropped right out of the sky. Did it look tom? Did it look like what science fiction writers have been writing for years? You know kind of a disc like object. Do you remember what it looked like or what you remember specifically what it looked like, because, as a watercolor artist, i did a painting of it yeah. I know you did yeah and i did that because you know it was more like therapy for me, because the thing that caught my eye right away was there were colors i’d. Never seen before i mean you could say this is red. This is blue. This is purple whatever, but these colors i’ve never seen before, and it was like so close up. I mean this was like really close and then you you were actually, unlike others and we’ll, get to you. We got to talk about your book. We got to talk about the other people, but, unlike the others, you were physically taking into the craft. What did you feel i mean did and were you consciously aware tom of what was happening to you? It was it was so fast. It was like my arms jerked back and the air got sucked out of me and then i’m there i’m. The one thing i remember seeing right away was that i saw a girl off to my right that later on, i identified as as melanie who’s in the show – and i do recall seeing other kids, but you know it was kind of foggy.

You know you’d, see something and you know you’re getting images but it’s going by so fast, and i saw what looked like a human alien hybrid. It looked like, i saw an alien and then i was fixated on a table and and the lights that were. I was seeing in the room and did it hurt? Did you feel anything i didn’t think about it at the time it was like so surreal i mean you know if you looked out your your. If you looked out your window and you saw like a 57 chevy parked up in the air, you say a wha Laughter. You know you look up and there’s fidel castro waving down how you doing. I mean this is a ufo it’s like this thing was like uh, 40 feet, 30 to 40 feet and 20 over 20 feet tall. I mean this wasn’t. No, you know no piper cubs sitting out there, but it wasn’t moving what i did. What the one thing i it was unbelievable because i could see just before all this happened, i could see that one part of the ufo was going one direction. One part it was going in the other. It was going like three different directions which was so just taken in the detail. We have so many more questions, we’re going to talk about tom’s book and, more so go get another cup of coffee we’ll be back right. After this one more time, but i remember levitating and then i remember being on a ship – i remember being laid out on it that’s when i saw melanie it was the only face.

I remember the just was crouched to my right. I don’t remember seeing him, but he said he remember seeing my eyes and that i was really scared. The look of, oh, my god, fear yeah. I would have that. Look as well welcome back that’s tom warner, one of the people featured in the new netflix show unsolved mysteries uh. This particular episode about a ufo experience in the berkshires area of massachusetts in 1969. Tom joins us again tom. You had you didn’t, know melanie before that moment right my friend, no, not at all. Actually, the first time i saw melanie where i actually i did her was my freshman year in high school, and i opened up one door and melanie was coming the other direction and i i thought it was going to faint from fear when i saw her just Like whoa, i knew who it was right away, so you know you guys had not connected since that night. No, we haven’t connected uh till maybe two two years ago, the whole process. People were starting to talk more and more about that night and i had no intention of ever telling this story. You know it’s, like i don’t, want to tell the story and and then i get one interview, another interview and sooner or later you know i got interviewed out of boston and then and then unsolved mysteries called me, but i wasn’t tom. I want to ask you about that, because you’re not the only one and forgive me the the one other than you, the other woman that really struck me was the woman.

I believe she was 85 toward the end and her her quote at the end kind of and i’m paraphrasing she was the one that made me believe and i was kind of a believer anyway. She said i am 85.. Why would i make this up, but she talked about her apprehension. You just mentioned it too. What was the? What was the? What was the apprehension tom? Was it possible ridicule? Was it just the you didn’t want to go through having to explain this over and over again? Where did that? Afri apprehension come from well, it actually started when i started talking about it to certain people. You know, and then i think i was about 13 years old and a priest said i had satan in me and that was it. I was done. I wasn’t going to talk about it anymore and but then at 13 someone brought it up again and total strangers brought it up to me and – and i kind of just pushed the whole thing aside – and you know i had a life as a soccer player as An athlete i had in the life as an artist, so i had no intention of telling the story, but it slowly slowly got told, and then i decided i was going to write a book and one of the people who was a witness to this. Who was not on the show her family wasn’t on the show, but they were but witnessed it that night she died five days before i could interview her, and i said i have to write this story and the reason i started writing my autobiography was to help Others, because so many people feel you know trapped in their own story where they just can’t tell it and i’ve been getting messages.

Positive messages all over the world. Thanking me for coming forward. So perhaps it’s a good thing. What what is the attitude toward this experience toward this story in your area in the berkshires? How is it looked upon? I get a lot of people coming up and thanking me because it puts a good light on the berkshires. You know. It’S, a number of people saw it that night and they’re thinking. Thank you for coming forward. I i feel you know validated, and it was not easy coming forward. It wasn’t easy for any of the people coming forward at all. You know i mean you know after this happened, you know uh being on unsolved. Mysteries and netflix everywhere recognizes me, wherever i go now everywhere, yeah so it’s like, but i knew that was going to happen. So i was. I was prepared for that. Well, when we come back, i want to talk about what happened after the episode started: airing uh what info you’re, hearing people that are contacting you more our final minutes with time when we come back stay with us, everyone, Music Applause, welcome back to the show we’re Talking live with tom warner, one of the people featured in the ufo episode of netflix’s unsolved mysteries tom. What did you think of the episode i i’ve said? I think it’s beautifully edited beautifully shot. I think it’s well done. What did you think of it? I i think the director marcus clark and the whole crew did an unbelievable job.

Actually, what we did is we had it on a projector and and put the projector onto a neighbor’s barn where the ufo dropped me off and then had a large speaker out there, and we had some friends who were you know in the filming business in hollywood And everything and we had him over, it was like. It was scary for me and i was in it and i was like wow. It was so well done, it really was and it was very accurate telling the story it really was, but yet obviously because you’re one of many stories in there, you were telling our producers there’s info there’s details that obviously they couldn’t fit in there right. Oh lord! Yes, absolutely, you know so give us one, give us a give us a and give us a nugget of that. That maybe is your favorite that they didn’t put in there. Is there an element of the experience or something that you find interesting, that we didn’t hear uh, one that there were others and the second one was two weeks later i had a similar incident and we just couldn’t the reason they did. It is the berkshire ufo and that night that there was so many people who saw it. It was like a community it’s, not wasn’t. Just me this isn’t about me. This is about the subject of ufos and what’s out there. You know it’s not about tom warner or tom reed or melanie or anybody else it it’s about the whole subject.

You know and how i look at it is at one point: everybody thought the earth was flat and then they found out it wasn’t. Well, since i was a kid i’d be telling there’s other planets out there and they’d look at me like i had lobsters crawling out of my ears. You know oh yeah, but i you no, no, they didn’t want to hear it and slowly. This is coming forward, including you know the government slowly coming forward. You know admitting some of these things, but i you know is that one of the reasons you wanted to write the book you mentioned in the first part of our conversation, tom. It was kind of cathartic, you used a different word: did the book really help even you process it after all these years? Yeah? It really did i mean i, i had to do it because i had to come to terms with my life yeah. This is this. Is an event like? Oh i, you know i i stubbed my toe or something here. This is this is crazy, but there was a purpose for it. You know there’s a saying: there are no accidents, there’s only appointments and i had that appointment. I had an appointment and i’m a messenger and so i’m taking responsibility for that and coming forward so that others can come forward too, and – and the whole thing is if humans are to to expand out of the of our world, we have to be able to Have that time to get there, and we have to do that by taking care of the planet and that’s.

One of my big messages is: is we have to take care of what we have here, including the people on this earth? We’Re hearing a lot of headlines – and i knew this was going to happen. It’S the power in netflix, whether it’s an unsolved crime or, in your case just an interest in the subject matter tips are coming in uh leads, are being followed because of unsolved mysteries. Have you been contacted by a lot of folks tom that that have had a similar experience, a lot of similar experiences, which was really shocking to me, like i’m saying, like and, and some of them are we’re on air force bases too and i’m like wow, and At one point i even interviewed in my book i talked about that. I interviewed an air force pilot who had a lock on on the ufo, which is you know it was bizarre seriously seriously and they he was thrown out of the air force because he wouldn’t change his report. It was pretty emotional doing you know talking with him. You know, are you happy? This happened to you tom. Do you consider it? Is it and and or have there been moments in your life when you’ve it’s been more of a burden, i suppose it’s a mixed blessing yeah i mean you you’re a messenger. You have a message to tell so you have to tell it and many ways. I i put things in my art in and that’s why i did the painting and you know i i was able to express myself through my art and poetry, but this platform came forward.

Thanks to you know unsolved mysteries that they decided to tell the story. They flew out here from los angeles, to our our home here in the berkshires, and they were stunned by the story, and they said we have a story here to tell yeah and it didn’t matter. If i was on tv, whether i did the unsolved mysteries, i would had to tell my book and whoever read it read it and if i helped one person by writing a 57 000 word autobiography, then that’s good, you know and if i can make one person Think you know that would be good just to open up their mind to the possibility. I i think that’s what the show did it did for me. I was you know a sort of believer, but you and, and everyone else featured i just kept thinking to myself. Why would you make this up so tom thanks and thanks for watching? You know what they say: listen, listen to the angels fly with the aliens, absolutely tom.