Tock video uh sent to me um well sent to the monster. Talk facebook group uh. If anybody of you’d like to go there, you can see all these fun things there um, but this video was sent for me to take a look at and uh it’s a ufo, so let’s uh, let’s let’s. Take a quick look and and uh see here what uh what it looks like so here we’ve got there we go there. It is now it’s, nice and hard to see but there’s this ufo flying in the sky. That looks a little bit like these squids in uh, the squiddies or whatever they called them in the matrix. So there it is, you can kind of get the best look you can. I can attempt to see if i can bring that in any closer um. So you can get a look so so let’s look at a couple of things here with this first off uh it’s, apparently a windy day so that’s. Why you’ve got these legs flopping around now? The first thing that i thought was that this could easily be a drone. You know with a little bit of a costume on you. Look at a drone like this. That’S got this whole area right here or any of these you’ve got a police drone over here. That’S got these nice long legs on it. You could probably outfit that with a pretty good squid costume, then again, this is not the first time this kind of hoax has been perpetrated.

Uh we’ve got this one, which i love so you’re. Basically, looking at the angel of death, that’s, just that’s a gorgeous costume for a drone, see that flying up there now that right, there already looks a little bit like what we were seeing, and this thing can scare a lot of people i’m, not going to show You, the entire video, you can go and see it on youtube yourself, but with that we also have something that looks a little similar. This is a flying spider and this thing is great for pranks, Music, so lots of fun with that little prank um. Now the thing is, is, i think, there’s a little bit of a difference between a prank and a hoax um, and this is my definition. This is not. This is not uh what i would call uh, everybody’s definition. This is just my definition. I think that a a prank is something you do to freak people out and it’s a lot of fun. Uh you’re not looking to get anything out of it other than that bit of thrill. While a hoax, i think, is a little bit more, where you’re going to capitalize on it somehow um and in the end, make some money if possible, so i think that’s kind of the difference. I think this is a prank personally um, but i also see another sort of a possibility with this, not not just a drone. But what about this? I think this looks pretty similar and if you were to have some really good wins and have the right angle on it see this one is taken from the point of view of um the person who’s flying the kite.

But if you were say you know off on one side or the other, you might very well have something that looks a bit more like that original squiddy. So i said i’ll try to see if i can bring it in a little bit. So could that be a kite? I think it could be absolutely think it could be um, but the bottom line is we don’t know we don’t know what it is and i’m going to leave it at that uh. I think it’s really interesting. One of the aspects. I think i’m going to show you one more thing here, really quickly i’m going to get this down here, see if i can well it’s not going to show on this particular one if you actually log into tick tock. This thing has a ton of views. A ton of likes and a ton of comments people really want to believe they really want to uh to to live in a world where these things are possible, and i don’t blame them, one bit, it’s, very exciting and – and who knows you know in some ways We kind of do live in a world like this, but uh. This is not evidence of it.