As far as i know, this is an original upload on this channel, so you can go there and check it out in the link below something really extraordinary happens or, at the very least something Music unusual, Music, yes, Music, foreign Music is Music. Is the person says they believe that this is an of knee, which is a ufo in english, and we can see a white orb rising here, it’s, very small and it’s, about to go into the cloud whether it’s, a drone or a balloon. We’Ll, take a closer look to figure that out, but that’s what’s extraordinary or just really strange. As soon as it goes into the cloud, we see a long line from the cloud you can see it. There literally starts to form right after the ball goes into it. The orb, if you will goes into the cloud – and i believe this is 100 authentic – this is Music, it flies into the cloud here and then you see, like i said that long line that looks like a contrail sticking out of the cloud right after we see The object enter it as if the line followed its trajectory right away in a few seconds, the line forms it’s really weird. I watch planes often go into clouds and i never quite saw anything like this in my life. So what is it wow? So here we have an extreme close up. You can clearly see what looks like a straight line that formed and was it some type of propulsion system on a craft that caused this it’s quite interesting you’re, seeing a lot of misidentified drones in videos, everyone’s asking.

Why did i stop uploading ufo videos regularly i’m, just seeing too many drones and too many sky lanterns? So i really wanted to present something really unique to come back to the topic of ufos. Here we are they’re filming the sky, recording this guy. Looking for an exit, because we see that object enter the cloud and by the way, by the time the video ends, that line is gone right. I don’t see it anymore, it just dissipates, usually you’ll see contrails or whatever you want to call them linger for a while, and this disappears within a few minutes. It forms literally within a few seconds, and we see the evidence there. I don’t believe there’s any trickery going on here. The channel hosts, i believe, two other videos just looking at the weather stuff, like that. Nothing spectacular or nothing ufo orientated. So this is what we have. I thought this was just really amazing. Awesome too, i mean this. Video is just worth a look when you subscribe to this channel, make sure you click the notification button, so youtube doesn’t, hide my videos from your eyes, so make sure you subscribe and click that bell button. Okinawa is an island that is a part of japan. Something is descending here. Some people believe that this is some type of ufo and or something coming from one from the heavens Applause. But we see the trail it’s leaving here. Is it a flare being dropped? We see an artifact from it.

Well, this is getting more interesting. I didn’t realize more than one here stuff like this tied in with the recent pentagon navy admission. Basically, the government admitting there’s ufos, which we all knew a lot of it’s, getting confused with trickery and misidentified balloons, hoaxes and stuff, like this so i’m, not saying remember that these are alien craft i’m, just showing what looks to be some orbs flying out of the Sky they’re bright, they don’t look like sky lanterns, which would ascend they would fly up with the flame below. These are being dropped more, maybe they’re just flares i’m. Just putting that in this video to add extra ufo sightings a dark object. I see no tether. I see nothing, but a dark round object. Music, one point it might be, maybe because of a heat source, it looks like it has heat around the circumference of the surface of the Music object Music, my god another example of something really hard to explain. If you’re experiencing paranormal activity or you capture something weird on camera or if you have a link of something that is new and unexplained, and you want me to take a look, you can email me at rick. Look now tv, and i’ll take a look here’s. Another one it’s quite interesting. According to the report, i got it from thanks for all the links getting a lot of links and i also look for stuff between phoenix and portland. In the usa, the plane was traveling in the united states and this was recorded.

It looks like something huge in the sky from far away to what i know that this is supposedly the real thing. We see tentacles two tentacles it’s, just something really odd flying in the sky at first from far away, you could think it’s a dark contrail from perhaps a jet or a plane, and then no it looks like it’s a unidentified flying object. The question is vfx artist. Put out there over and over and and it becomes something that people are saying are real and some people are just generally, they don’t know it’s it’s fake. I would say something like this is more suspect so, anyway, what the heck is this if this is real, it looks like a tadpole Music. It looks like something really strange. Is it a kite at that altitude? No way that high that big? No? No! No! No! I don’t think so. What is it? Is it a genuine ufo or some type of unknown top secret technology, or is it just a fake to get attention online here’s, another one? So this is in colombia. I looked at it real, quick before i made this video. This is very curious. We see people observing this object. It looks like a giant craft going down and it’s very blurry it’s, not so clear up close when we pull it in Music. The end of it is really curious. What we see here i was looking. Okay, maybe it’s balloons that are just a cluster of balloons that are just running out of helium and they’re, just descending coming back to earth they’re falling down.

But lo and behold check this out something white. Apparently that almost looks like a parachute falls forward onto the forest here, a lot of trees, mountainous region here in colombia. Of course, that is weird. What could that be? I really don’t know what it is it it could leave one baffled very unusual.