You hear that if they’re willing to have a conversation with me, where’s the best place to get statistics on the spot, and where do you get your statistics? So i generally get my statistics. Frankly, from like mainstream media publications from peer reviewed studies from the from the government itself, uh there’s, all sorts of sources where i get my statistics, usually on the show. When i cite a statistic, i explain where it came from. So whenever i talk about the number of unarmed black men shot in america every year, i cite the washington post there’s a full on washington post database and you can go and you can check it if you’re talking about studies on disproportionate police shootings, for example, roland Fryer has done a good work on this he’s one of several studies on this particular issue. If you’re talking about income inequality, there are a wide variety of sources, ranging from abigail and stephen thurnstrom. At the brookings institute to members of the heritage foundation to coleman hughes, who’ve done investigations into wealth and income inequality. I try to cite sources because i know that people want the sources um, but you know if you ever are in search of a particular source i’m citing feel free to email me. My email address for everyone is be shapiro at and i’m. More than happy to give you the sources on on what i discuss, i try not to speak out of my tokas so to speak and uh, and when i cite a stat, i typically use a source that is fairly well accepted cool.

So if you’re having a conversation, it’s, probably best to come prepared with some good sources, um and statistics on conversations, you think you might be having with that person yeah generally that’s right, i mean i, i will say that i think it’s very often done in bad Faith when people are like so what what’s your source on that and you’ve like if it’s a friend, typically, if you say like it’s a source, i know it’s real, i just can’t. Remember it right now! For the sake of the conversation, they should assume that you’re not lying, but i understand, like i do this all the time in conversations i’ve been doing it since college, where i’ll set a stat, and somebody will say where is that from and i try to you Know keep in my head where, where all the stats are from, if not, then thank god, you have a cell phone, you can pull it up and uh and generally that stuff is pretty easily available. Yeah awesome! Well, hey! I really appreciate that and um i enjoy watching your show. I watch pretty much 80 of your shows. Well that’s, pretty good. I appreciate it. Let’S get that up to 100 percent. Ethan really appreciate the call fred in detroit you’re on the bench pre order. I’Ll go for it: fred, oh yeah, uh, first off big fan a little nervous. Thank you. Um. I was wondering i saw on the You had a couple references or links um talking about ufos, um i’ve seen one in.

I know we’re short on time. I could tell you about it if you’d like, but i was wondering what your take was. The um i mean, do you think their vehicles that were made by the chinese or russians or do you think, there’s some i don’t know life out there i mean all ufos are right. I mean it literally stands for unidentified flying objects, so i have no idea. I mean it could theoretically be some sort of machinery that we are not tracking. It could be drones, it could be, it could be. You know private aircraft, it could be a bunch of different things. I really don’t have a clue as far as the idea that it’s aliens um, you know i. I am very skeptical of the idea that alien life forms have reached earth. It feels to me like if they had, and they had the technology to reach earth from presumably light years away, then they would also have made themselves quite known because of their superior technological abilities. It would take quite a while to get from any place that is inhabited to to earth, so i find it really hard to believe that aliens are sort of flying around but doing nothing like just apparently doing nothing all day long in the across the world. So uh i’m happy to hear your ufo story, though, as long as it doesn’t involve any sort of um, anal probe, so go go for it fred.

What happened to you yeah? Thankfully? No but um yeah. It was a 1998 um southeast michigan there’s, a city called brazil and um there’s, a detroit river that runs right by on the east side and there’s. A the river runs between brazil and canada, so anyway, um anyway 1998. I had a girlfriend. She paged me and we’re going to meet on this little rocky beach at 10 o’clock at night like play, slap and tickle or whatever you know so, like i show up at 9, 30 i’m there early i get out. I sit on the hood of my car i’m. Looking at the stars and one star, i thought it was a star. It was just freakishly bright and i don’t know how many miles i can see from left to right, uh, personal vision, but this thing i mean it, i can’t even describe how fast it was from the left or the entire sky. It was just an instant. The only reason why i could see it because of the bright just a bright orb and it left like a just some kind of trail. Anyway. It does a perfect 90 degree, turn without hooking or slowing down, which is oh it’s so hard to describe. But it was coming to frequent instant stops. I mean it moving at full speed, instant stops. It danced around like that for a few more seconds until. Finally, it stopped in front of me and it’s still probably several hundred yards out, and i can kind of make it in this ball of light.

I can kind of make out like a your typical kind of metallic dome shape. You know, structure underneath and it started to slowly ascend and as it’s getting higher and higher it’s getting faster and faster, and finally it just in a series of strange flashes of light. It just vanished and it was almost like a movie. I could see like a strange kind of distortion around it and didn’t make a sound and ever since then it just bothered me i’ve been a you know, a major christian, my whole life, so i’ve been trying to you know, make sense with it physically and yeah I’M, pretty sure it wasn’t jesus, but i i i really have no idea. I have no idea. I wish i wish i had an answer for you on on that one, but i have enjoyed this episode of george nuri late night. Radio thanks for the thanks for the story, fred and and hang in there. Maybe the aliens will come and take us with them. I mean frankly, it seems like that may be the solution for the country at this point, it’s just to get the hell off the planet, michael in indiana you’re on the bench for go for it, michael, hey, love! Listening to your show um. I believe that over the next few months um there could be a major shift in um what i know as a america today, uh something um countries. I love to grow up in i’m, currently raising a family and i’ve really started to kick off my career um.

Now me and um a lot of my um family um and i believe many others feel like they’re, being forced to stay silent uh during this um increasing movement that we’re, seeing in some of the larger cities across the u.s, in fear of losing our jobs or Careers we’ve this pops up on social media quite frequently examples of this, so i was curious. How do you suggest we start showing our support against this growing movement that many of us are seeing in the larger cities across the united states? Well, it actually starts with people in power saying no, so if you’re a powerful person, if you’re a person who doesn’t have to be canceled, then refusing to be canceled is the is the number one thing? If somebody comes to you – and they say we demand your apology for xyz, you should just say no and tucker carlson. I disagree with him on a lot of stuff here. He is exactly right and he’s really good at this. People come for his head pretty routinely and he’ll just say: no, you know not happening it’s very important that people at the top of sort of the of the heap be able to say no, because what cancel culture really is about is intimidating. Everybody else it’s saying to tucker, okay or or me we’re going to come after your advertisers, and if you refuse to acquiesce in this, if you don’t cave to us in our opinions, then we’re going to go after then we’re going to go after you and ruin You and if you cave to us, then we’re just gon na go after people lower down who have a lot more to lose.

So it’s it’s really important that people kind of top line defend against this. If you are, you know kind of low on the food chain, a particular company, it’s very difficult, because you really are taking your own career into your hands by saying things that are true, and this is why, if canceled culture continues, this way, what you’re going to End up with is a series of companies that are for the woke and then a series of companies for everybody else, because basically the woke culture is trying to make at least half the population unemployable, just by dint of the viewpoint they hold about america right now And it’s really dangerous. I mean i talked about this. A little bit earlier on the show is, is what majorly sports is attempting to do right now, what professional sports is attempting to do by cramming down? A particular message is the idea that, if you refuse to accept the message that america’s systemically racist, you are yourself a racist and bad and you can be canceled just on the basis of not agreeing that america’s a horrible place. That’S really dangerous stuff corporate america is doing this more and more. The only way to fight back against that eventually might be for people to stop patronizing these businesses, which i would not prefer, or for people to start alternative businesses or for these corporations, to learn that they really should not be involved in these sorts of issues, because It has nothing to do with the business that they are in michael okay, i mean i wish i had an answer better than that.

I wish i had an answer that says, stand up and say what you believe and there won’t be consequences, but that obviously isn’t true i mean i think there are people like me out there who will stand up and fight with you that if you get fired For saying something, true then i’ll find a way to support you, but i think that the the basic notion that we can do that, for you know tens of millions of people who feel under threat it’s very difficult now. Should there be flash points? Absolutely do you want to be one of those those flash points that that is your choice right now, i’m, not gon na recommend to anybody. They put their career at risk because i’m, not the one who has to put food on their kid’s table right. I think that if you want to stand up and fight, and then you want people like me to resonate to to what you’re saying then i’m happy to do it, i think it’s really important that people again in positions of power with loudspeaker do that and we Try to do that a lot over at daily wire, but i can’t recommend that everybody take on that risk because that’s a personal decision that everybody has to make individually. Okay well michael appreciate the call hang in there dude chris in the bay area you’re on the bench bureau, show how’s it going chris hi ben how’s it going oh it’s going pretty well how’s it going from the lands of needles in open, poop.

Well. I’M glad i haven’t accepted it yet that’s very, very um, heartening, for me um. I actually have a reading question for you. I know you read a lot of books, some of them at the same time i’m, trying to do that myself and i’m wondering if you have any tips on how to get started and doing that. So the the best way that i’ve found to read is. I have to kind of switch off because if my attention span starts to wane uh, then i tend to read more slowly and i will lose energy in one book and then i’ll switch to the other book very often happens. So i usually have one fun book and one serious book that i’m reading at the same time, so i’ll read some fiction and at the same time, i’m reading fiction i’m reading, the biography of stalin or something and that’s a nice way of sort of giving. My brain a break while still bringing in a lot of information it doesn’t have to be you know, fiction, it can also be a sports book or it can be something that you find a little bit lighter or more fun, uh, that’s that’s. How i take in information as far as how to read faster, typically speaking, there are certain structures to non fiction books in particular that you get to know. Introductions are important. Conclusions are important. First, three paragraphs of a chapter are important. Last three chapters of a paragraph are important.

Very often you’ll find i won’t say this about my own books, because i think my books are kind of philosophy and content heavy. But there are a lot of books where they just sort of repeat the same point. Over and over and over, and they just footnote it a lot and unless you intend on memorizing some of those data points which very often is useful. What you really want to know is where, in the book that information is, you don’t want to necessarily read through all that information right now. So the way i tend to treat some nonfiction books is as sort of reference manual. So i know where, in the book, for example, this person is going to talk about criminal statistics and i footnote it. You know the way i like to read non fiction books is i i don’t like writing in books, because i know i have this bizarre. Almost religious objection to defacing books, even though it really isn’t doing it um, and so what i, what i found is really good. Is you buy those um, those colored tabs, the sticky tabs, and i use that to highlight sections of the book because those are always removable later? If anybody else wants to read the book and it doesn’t obstruct their ability to read the book, so my books are covered in tabs, my copy of to tokville democracy in america. I went through like three packages of tabbed um, but i think that’s a good way to kind of footnote it and come back to it, which is really the best part of of reading is now.

You know where everything is and that’s the most important when it comes to non fiction, that’s the most important yeah awesome. Thank you very much.