Eye. Witness testimony only goes so far, but what, if you had physical evidence and you took them to court Tonight, we discuss the testimony of Betty Cash and Vickie Landrum.. Betty Cash, Vickie, Landrum and Vickies grandson Colby were driving home from a truck stop restaurant.. They had planned on playing Bingo but realized they had their dates. Mixed up so decided just to have some dinner and then head home. About 18 minutes into their journey home. They noticed an object., The light was incredibly bright, but the heat was even more intense.. The fire coming from beneath the ship made it impossible for them to continue. Driving. Betty stepped out of the car as the screaming boy and Vickie stayed. Inside. Betty stood in shock staring at the diamond shaped craft, not knowing if she should run or to get back in the car.. At some point they noticed between 23 to 26 helicopters which surrounded the craft. They had quotUnited States. Air Forcequot written on them. Vickie was in the car with her grandson Colby, trying to calm him. As the shock began, to cease Betty decided to go back to the car.. The door handle was so hot that she had to use her jacket to open the door.. The car, which was in park, became dead. Betty in fear, tried to get the car to start and drive under the craft.. Vickie screamed for her to stop and placed her hand on the dashboard which melted it leaving her fingerprints on the dash.

. She finally got the car to start and blasted the air conditioning.. The UFO began to move off with the helicopters following fast behind it.. Now the road was clear. They took off and headed home. Betty was too sick to call law enforcement. By the time she got. Home. She had painful blisters over her face back and neck.. She had significant hair loss on the side of her head. Also. Vickie couldn’t get hold of a Doctor due to the late hour, but was eventually admitted into Parkway Hospital in Houston for over a month., Vickie and Colby experienced similar medical problems, but was slightly milder than Bettys symptoms. Vickie sustained blisters, which became scars and even one of her fingernails came off. Six weeks after the event, her hair started to fall. Out. Colby also got blisters and scarring and both experienced nausea like Betty as well. Bettys physician, Dr Shoney said they ran many tests, but couldn’t figure out why she had these symptoms. Betty claimed to spend over 10000USD on medical expenses and wasn’t sure what to do next.. They contacted the US, Sentators, Lloyd, Bentsen and John Tower, who recommended that they contact Bergstrom Air Force Base and file a complaint. At the Air Force Base. They were interviewed about the situation and were advised to contact a lawyer and seek financial compensation. Which isn’t exactly what the two wanted to hear.. The case went on for a few years and was eventually dismissed on August 21st, 1986 on the grounds that they couldn’t prove.

The helicopters were from the US Federal Government and the testimony that there was no diamond shaped aircraft owned by the Air Force. Base. Betty Cash died in 1998, aged 71. Vickie Landrum passed away in 2007, just before her 84th birthday. UFO cases are always tricky ones to prove.. So let’s take a look at the testimonies and evidence collected from this case. Let’s discuss the ship.. A Dayton police officer confirmed they saw 12 helicopters in the same area that night, but they didn’t see the ship. Vickie claimed to have met one of the helicopter pilots who flew that night. Who said they were following a UFO. Once Vickie said she was there that night he refused to keep talking to her.. Yet, due to the fact, the police officer, Betty, Vickie and Colby didn’t have any evidence to prove they were military helicopters. It didn’t go anywhere.. I find this the most baffling part. There were definitely helicopters there that night, but somehow there was only one sighting of this supposedly giant and bright object. Let’S talk about the most solid evidence, The sickness.. I have no medical training, so I couldn’t possibly comment so I’m. Just going to present the findings of others., A radiologist from MUFON, a group of people who investigate UFOs, studied their medical reports and believed they experienced secondary damage to ionizing radiation, with the possibility of there being an infrared component as well.. Yet Brad Sparks a researcher and physics major claimed that ionizing radiation couldn’t be the cause due to how fast the symptoms came about, which would have indicated that they would have died within a matter of days of being exposed to it.

. He suggested the possibility a form of chemical contamination such as an aerosol., But was it either of these things? The medical reports released in John Schuesslers book about the case said that the Doctors found nothing wrong with Betty and concluded. The bald patches was alopecia areata, which was confirmed by a skin biopsy.. The other symptoms cleared up within a few days., The reports of who had what injury seemed to change. Also. Vickie, initially claimed to just have had issues with her eyes, but later reported her hair falling out also and lack of photographic evidence, made it hard to confirm most of these claims. I’m, quite reluctant to believe anything that comes from people who firmly believe in the Existence of UFOs as a primary source, so I guess we take these medical conclusions with a pinch of salt. Either way. Could these have been a pre existing conditions or did something happen that night that caused these problems, But going back to physical evidence when they used a Geiger counter on Bettys car? They found no trace of radiation. The melted hand. Print on the dashboard was never photographed. So theres no real evidence of its existence.. They also checked the area where they saw the diamond shaped craft and no radiation was detected there either. Other UFO researchers said this was because ionizing radiation doesn’t always leave behind residual radiation, so that might be why. To Vicki. Betty and Colby what they experienced was real.

The true horror wasn’t the ship itself. It was the sickness that came from it., Watching your hair fall out, endless nausea and a pain that never stopped.. These effects were real to them and no one could help them because they didn’t believe in them.. Maybe it began as an earthly illness that they construed into a tale from beyond the stars, or maybe just maybe they witnessed the unknown.. We may never know the truth. Therefore, it remains a mystery of The Unexplained. Personally, if I were to speculate that they organized this as a way of suing the Air Force to pay for medical expenses, as many people believe wouldn’t, they decide upon a much more believable story Like if I was to Pull a con, the last thing I’d say is quotaliensquot. This case leaves me on the edge I’m inclined to believe that these symptoms were exaggerated due to medical documents, saying they didn’t have half the things they claimed to have.