I met at john’s woody or something buddy muddy, that golden buddy came to john and chris’s other day last week and he came with his boss, anyways boss, uh on the farm and pig farm, and they mentioned that his his mrs likes bikes and bikers. So he says: why do you pop round friday for sausage, sandwiches and cups of tea? It says get a feel with you. So um there might be half a dozen of us off. So you what because you’re right my ass yeah off nobody? Okay, so i shouldn’t have used a language like that, but he did swear at me first, my camera probably would have picked it up all right. Where was totally forgot, sausage sandwiches cups of tea, not big farm um can’t be a bad thing. Oh, it is warm crack open. My lid a little bit a little bit weird, yielding throttle with this support thing on up into a garage here and get some fuel and some supplies yeah a bit weird um having this on withdrawal, because i’ve got my wrist movement as such i’ve got ta move. My arm ah that’s a bit of fuel though, and supplies hello again people. How are you all diddling john boom trike at bjor, trike, christiana harley, so we’ll see what the pig farm’s got to offer yeah, because um i’ve got a bus stand uh.

I had to bring back that because i can’t get it on the center stand with the bus stand and i wanted to check oil so i’ll come down here.

Uh mick, give me a hand held it upright. While i checked, and this bike doesn’t have a window. It’S a dipstick, so we checked it had it still upright checked it four times. John came out, he checked it. There was no oil registering on the dipstick at all. Nothing didn’t have no fuel light on and i put a leader in john. I had a sparely to put that in and it seemed to be about the right level. It’Ll need more. So i need to look up specs and see how much oil this bike actually takes, but keith are buying a guy boy off. He says oh it’s had oil changes other service. Well, oil we’re drive it won’t dry, obviously, because it had a seized up, but anyway, it’s got oil in now probably need another half a liter that’s my little winch out of the way. Well, i think we’re meeting. I can louise at gary gea, i think and we’re meeting mick and i don’t know if sarah’s coming uh meeting them at home. Along with another kid did, chrissy go straight up: she’ll have gone straight on jump should have gone straight on right. Ah right we’ve got john chrissy ackle, louise and obviously myself go meet the rest of them. Now you know it’s so close sweating buckets here.

Oh bit of a herring yeah, i don’t know what’s going to be at this farm. I don’t know whether there’s going to be seating or whether there’s a shop or whether they’re just making a sound isn’t covered at the goodness of their arts.

No idea we’ll just have to see really self conscious about this bike. Now it does seem to cutting down a bit since i put that liter of oil in but i’m i’m wondering if it’s done any damage. You know the zombies should do well. I have a little oil in there more than enough to reach the dipstick so i’m, hoping it hasn’t done any long term damage. I think i need to get it booked in for a full service and double checkout connection, because that speed or that order or the meter is not moving. I reckon that’s disconnected as well. I wonder if it’s that gallery place, i think there’s an art gallery just along here somewhere. No, maybe not, i thought it says it were half a mile up hill. You know that’s something else that automated don’t work it’s, not moving. So obviously, i’ve not noticed it before, because i always put on trip meter to try and engage yeah, obviously my trip, i would round up long it’s not been working. How many miles is this bike actually done? This is that road, where i stopped for a piss. Just there for one of my videos on my vn definitely smells like a pig pig farm yeah, they might work, but theirs will well hello.

Again. People it’s been a lovely evening thanks to carol and i’ve totally forgot: russman’s name, lots of bacon, sandwiches and cups of tea and lots of chat cake.

Oh, there were loads of cake, just all put some in pot foot air ambulance, yeah really good evening and uh there’s, a fair few quid foot air ambulance. You know what’s your air ambulance, which is what we’re all about. I reckon with some decent tires on this. Should be quite capable on some green lanes, so it won’t be a regular friday thing, but we’ll keep doing regular nights there. You know, maybe once a month or something during summer raise money for our ambulance while we’re at it jobs are good. I’Ve been watching lots and lots of stuff about ufos aliens and what have you it’s quite fascinating? I don’t think i’m a believer as in aliens visiting earth. I want to believe that i’m i’m definitely a skeptic, but i need me personally. I need irrefutable evidence. There’S lots of people out there saying oh they’ve seen aliens and ufos and they’ve been abducted and all this stuff and i 99.9 of them. I can’t believe i mean there is some damning evidence out there, but nothing as far as i’m concerned. That’S concrete. You know. I i hope aliens have been visiting us and i hope that within my lifetime we have irrefutable evidence. You know even official first contacts that’d be amazing. I know that out there in universe, the amount of solar systems and planets purely from a mathematical point of view.

There has to be life on other planets now, i’m, not disputing that at all.

A lot of statistics say that there has got to be life intelligent life, but it would be really really nice to actually see something that i personally believe is true personal experience. I think only then can i be a a true believer. Yeah i’ll have to remain a skeptic until then. I think this is a topic that maybe i should talk about on its own. You know vlog. I don’t really want to see more tour. Vlog yeah. I know that yes, i’m on a motorbike, and i am classed as a moto vlog, but it’s not about motorbikes, okay or anything. Mine is a personal blog, vlog, rather vlog so yeah. Maybe i’ll do one um my thoughts and everything else about ufos and aliens and people’s belief in contact and abductions, and what have you it’s a dusky’s coming in already i can’t wait to get out and photograph near wise, the comet that’s in the northeast. I think it’s north west now um, you can see it back with the naked eye. This time i see it is about an hour before dawn about two hours.