The teasers that we do know of is the ufo that will be landing in king’s canyon, as well as the next legend sprays that are going to be appearing around the map and the graffiti mod that’s going to join apex. These three different things all linked together and are teasers for season. Six and before i explain the teasers the date when they’re coming is actually unknown. But it is expected that within this week or next week we will have the teasers in our game. So let’s start off with the sprays that are going to appear around the map, as this will fit into another teaser as well. The biggest takeaways from these wall tags is that they are signed by an r initial. This one, for instance, which is a picture of blisk it is signed by r. Then there is another one which is signed by the r symbol there’s also, these other tags which say sorry, sorry and then another one which is not sorry but there’s actually going to be a lot of tags as even the worksite signs which we are going to Be getting around the map they’re going to be tagged as well and they’re going to be featuring the same r symbol. One of them is going to say shop r, another one’s just going to have the flat out our symbol, and then there will also be this one which says all hail sheila i mentioned this before, but we do not know who sheila is at the moment.

So it is theorized that sheila is actually the next legend’s real name. I’M sure you guys do know. But if you didn’t, every legend has a name in the arena and then they have an actual real name. So another teaser which we will be getting, is this graffiti mod, and this is a hop up which is going to be going on to a spitfire it’s, pretty much a buffed up, extended mag, but the main part to it is that it actually shoots paint loaded Rounds we do know the impact sounds when we do shoot this hop up, and this is what it will sound like with that being said in the game files, there’s, actually some color codes, and when you do look at what they are, you actually do find a Purple orange and green, but what is really important to realize is that if we go back to the teasers that are going to be tagged around the map, they actually only use three different colors and those colors are red, green and orange so i’m. Assuming that these might just be some old colors and then they ended up actually changing it to the new ones which are on the teasers or the paint loaded rounds could actually be completely different than the ones which we are seeing here. But seeing as these teasers do actually have paint shots on them, it seems most likely that these are the real colors. We can be shooting different colors, which will be appearing on the teasers, but it honestly just doesn’t seem that likely.

We will just have to wait to see, but these other different colors, which you can expect to be shooting around the map. But the final season. 6 teaser is the ufo which is going to be coming down on king’s canyon and, if you’re wondering exactly where this will be landing, it’s going to be in between salvage and octane’s gauntlet, there are going to be pre made zip lines going straight to the ufo. As well, there are two jump towers that are located right beside it and there’s. Also a third which isn’t that far and i’m, assuming we’ll, be able to make the jump. There is going to be loot scattered all around the ship and there is a main outside area, but you can also go inside where you can locate the store in other rooms in the ufo, and one of the biggest takeaways is that this thing is actually huge. Seeing as there is so many lupines and it is located in actually an amazing spot, pretty much exactly where skull town was, this is gon na be a really hot drop. Once again, there is no date when this will be coming to king’s canyon, but we do know it will be, as this is the ufo which is taking the legends to olympus. When the ufo does arrive in a few weeks, it will for sure be the new skull town, as everybody will want to check it out. I am really hyped for season six.

What do you guys think about these teasers and there’s? Actually, probably more that we just don’t know of at the moment as they’re, just currently not in the game files. Along with that, let me know which of the three teasers i did go over. You are most hyped for. Is it the ufo graffiti hop up, or is it just simply the sprays that are going to be coming around the map? The one thing i’m excited to check out is the ufo, but then probably a few days after it does come out. I already see myself spamming the graffiti mod all around the map.