My current goal with skincare is quicker and faster results. So if you want to hear more about it, keep on watching, but before we get to this video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell i’m also going to have time stamps below. So you can look in the description box and jump to a demonstration or any part of the video now let’s get to it. I wanted to come with you guys with no makeup at all. This is just a little scratch. I didn’t want to cover this up. So you guys can truly see my skin, because i feel like when you’re talking about something with skincare. You do have to show your skin, because i think that speaks for itself and granting my skin is not perfect. I think it does show. At least i see it like a natural, almost like a glow from within, i feel like my under eyes, are a lot brighter. I feel like my acne scars are bright, are lighting, and i also feel even my sunspot here, getting a little lighter, so the gadget i’m talking about is the ufo 2 from foreo. I was sent this complimentary from fourier for review, but i’ve been purchasing for your products for the longest time myself, and this is not a sponsor review. This has to be not just from foreo my favorite bb gadget and lately i’ve stopped using all my other beauty.

Gadgets i’ve been using this twice a day for a month now and that’s.

Why? I came with no makeup to do this. Video, because i want you guys to see the results, i want to do a fully deep dive review for you guys, so you can see for yourself. This is something that works for you and you can see with my results and the actual experience that i have from using this for a while now uh what it really is capable of doing so. Basically, the ufo too. It is like your personal spa, so it has different features all in this one product and you see results like the first time. You use it and it’s pretty remarkable that you can get this result for 90 seconds granted when i do it it’s. So relaxing that i often repeat a couple times, but i would say, even if i spend three minutes using this like if i repeat a couple times, it’s still way less and i get quicker results than any of my other beauty gadgets that i have to use For half an hour has heat therapy which helps to open the pores and absorbs more your skin care, and it also has cryotherapy, which is the cold therapy, which helps with deep puffing. It helps to tighten up the pores. It also uses t sonic pulsations, which helps to penetrate your skin care even deeper and is super relaxing as well also has full spectrum leds, so it has red for wrinkles blue that has helps with acne.

It has green, which helps with skin brightness. It has even orange and purple and also full lights, it’s, pretty amazing that it uses multiple led lights in each treatment. This actually works on a specific sheet mask that uses his own sheet masks. There are korean, actually korean formulas. In the beginning. I have to be honest with you. I was a little bit like, oh god, i have to buy all the sheet masks to use with this machine, but once i bought them and started using them, their masks are so good that they’re worth it and there are like a spot tripping on his own. Currently are 12, there are 12 masks that you are able to purchase, but also they’re, always coming up with new ones i’m going to make a video on each mask because on their own they’re, their own spa treatment, guys and they’re amazing, but it’s, not sponsored whatsoever. Guys i bought all the masks myself so i’ll show each setting of the masks and also how the skin feels after so, i feel like it’s important to kind of give you my my feedback on those since i’ve been using for a while. Now you can use a few times a week if you don’t want to use it every day and you still see results. So it really is up to you make my day. Is the mask that i’m going to actually be demonstrating for you guys today and it’s, like one of my favorite masks, is like a daily mask that really gives you a nice matte finish at the end and it really plumps up the wrinkles.

It has hyaluronic acid and algae, and this is the mask i’m demonstrating today. Actually is the standard mask that comes with the with the ufo, but is one of my favorite masks now i’m going to show a little demonstration of how to use it? That was shot. Another day, because again sometimes i have to kind of spread out my videos for lack of time. You can use the ufo with your phone and the app, but you do not need to use it with your phone all the time i like using the app because it’s kind of cool to see what its settings doing, because it kind of narrates it the first Time you use it, you want to press and hold this main power button for five seconds, and then the app is going to give you instructions on how to register your machine to the foreo app since i’ve been using for a while. Now, after you register, it will show on the main menu. All you need to do is press this. We automatically turn it on just choose make my day, which is usually the default. Select start then you’re going to get your phone and then put it and automatically will register that’s the correct mask, and now all you need to do is press start secure. The ufo activated mask to your device by clipping the attachment ring into place with the 4 0 logo facing up use. A circular motion, as you gently glide ufo, across your face and neck distributing mask essence, evenly.

Allow your mind and body to slowly awaken as the red led and a gentle warmth prepare your skin to receive the full benefits of this complex. I shot this tutorial actually two weeks ago and you can already see from today’s video how much my skin actually is. Better, you can see that a lot of the redness it has gotten better. My rosacea also some of the acne, has healed, relax and enjoy a soothing facial, massage as t sonic pulsations infuse moisture into your skin for a radiant, healthy. Looking complexion, i really enjoy thermal therapy because it’s so soothing and adding to the sonic positions is super. Relaxing guys, like you, feel, almost like ready to sleep, i love it. I really love this treatment. As the warmth gradually decreases, the anti pollution formula is locked into skin, while the green led helps reveal a brighter, more even skin tone for an all day glow. Another reason i love to make my day mask is that i also put them on my lips because it has hyaluronic acid. It really helps to hydrate the lips. It helps with dryness. So this is one of the masks that i actually put on my lips as well. You’Re, coming to the end of your treatment, take a few more seconds to relax and enjoy and prepare to feel refreshed. You can choose to repeat the treatment or you can just stop which by just quitting the app and then you can just press and hold it’s, really great, to use it with the app because it tells you each setting tells you, which program tells you what’s going On and you can program the mask setting, but in case your phone battery died or you don’t want to use it with the app every single time you can just use it by itself.

All you need to do is press the main button once and we’ll turn it on, and now it starts so that means it always remembers the very last program that you used, but it also comes pre programmed with make my day and call it a night settings That you can use with really any masks, but i like using the mask setting for each mask that’s, why it’s so beneficial to use it with the app, because you can kind of program it with the mask. Please let me know in the comments below, if you have any questions about how to use it about any of the masks, i will be reviewing each mask on its own, but if you have a specific mask that you want to hear like right away, comment below And i’ll make sure to do that. One first also, let me know if you have used the ufo and what are your thoughts? What are your results? Please comment below i love hearing from you guys. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video and i’ll.