I got him i’m recording him right now. He is hauling button. I don’t have my laser on me. Otherwise i point him. Uh he’s gone now, but he was uh started here and then he flew and curved down this way. Oh here’s, another one right here. You see him flying right over our heads, pointing it right at him and now he’s turning oh yeah, flash yeah. You see him yeah, i just it just flashed i’m lasering, uh or adam and he’s curving. Initial observations of the objects are as follows: the camera is filming in night vision, multiple moving objects fly in front of the camera, while it is filming. The main object in question moves in an arc initially after being hit with the laser pointer. The main object begins to move strangely, and it also doesn’t have a clearly defined shape. So what is this anomaly? The evidence lends itself to two explanations. It could be the close encounter that the team was on the tour to find, or it could be an insect caught on the night vision to examine these possibilities. First, we will discuss the arguments for it being an insect and then the counter arguments. The strange movement of the object would be consistent with an insect flying at high speeds, then becoming disoriented when it is hit by the laser pointer.

Additionally, other objects earlier in the clip which seem to be moths and other insects show up in the same way on the night vision camera.

The video uploader has confirmed some of these objects to be moths and comparing still images of them is quite useful in determining how the night vision camera records insects, they are quite blurred without defined edges, it is difficult to clearly make out wings or other features. This is likely because of motion blur and the resolution of the camera, trees and rock formations in the footage also have similar lack of definition, which backs up this explanation. This theory could explain the appearance of the main object and its movement contact tour. The organization which operates ufo hunting expeditions like this one have the following to say on the insect theory using your own individual visual perception. One can clearly tell this object: isn’t close to the camera lens, also upon further analysis of a still image of the object. There appears to be no wings, legs, etc, ruling out the possibility. This object is a bat bug, etc. A final piece of analysis to determine which explanation is more likely is to examine the moment. The laser reflects off the object. The uploader believes the object to be 2000 feet in the air, whereas an insect would be much lower to the ground for the laser to hit the object directly, it would have to be pointed directly at it if the object was far away.

The slightest difference in where the laser is pointing would cause the beam to miss.