If you can see it’s kind of moving upwards, a little bit and it’s uh keeps on flashing to blue and red and white i’m. Here with my tube i’m with here with my two parents, eos thing and then got my: we got mama liz over there hi. Okay, we got a uh sonic and then we got ender girl here, uh yeah, it’s kind of weird, because how often do you get to see a ufo yeah, there might be another one really got started way way over there. They should see those two lights see. They’Re over there i’m, not too sure another one, the other star, okay, what i’m focusing on is right. There i’m pretty sure i just found a ufo because it moves really slowly. This is as close as i can get yeah and sorry. If i can’t hold it steady, you guys, but i just can’t if and if the volume keeps on going on and in i’m sorry but it’s what it does. Sometimes Music. My hands are starting to sweat because of the humid things but i’m going to record as long as i can, because this recording will stop. Eventually there was a cockroach. I think my daddy all kicked it off wait. You said there was another pocket. Oh, we got a good view from our balcony over here: that’s cool.

I think the ufo just moved a little bit up in case. If you are wondering like zoom you back in uh.

This is our view when we walk out to the balcony it’s, pretty awesome. Yeah we live in an apartment building case if you’re wondering it’s uh it’s, currently uh what time is it a tiny so one in the morning? So i highly doubt that this is just something random. Do you already take a picture sonic yeah, but but my flash could work i’m? Definitely putting this on the video, no it’s, okay, yeah! I can see it holy crap, sorry for the language, if you’re uh, uh, sorry for the language, if you’re, five or under or six or seven or anything, but if you all can see it’s kind of getting closer to the top. I wonder if it might do something once it gets to the top i’m going to record it for as long as i can, because this video will stop because of the storage, because my phone kind of sucks, sorry about that. If you can’t see it then well Music, now there it is. You see it’s like almost right next to the red flashing dot at the top of the radio tower that that’s a radio tower right i’m, not losing my mind, and i thought Music, this isn’t really skit or a false alarm, that’s. Actually a ufo. This isn’t one of those uh what you might call it: hey, look there’s a spider on that flower, uh yeah there it is Music that’s.