You will find this bizarre disk. Like object, it measures in at over 400 feet wide of course saying that it is a ufo is indeed just speculation, but the object is almost a perfect circle shape and again, the large trail behind it is extremely suspicious here it can be seen in an official Nasa high rise photo Music in the photo. It almost appears as if the skid trail is actually an entrance to the object. Could this just be a natural formation, or could it be what our minds imagine it to be some kind of alien craft? A year later, the youtube channel art alien tv discovered another possible alien craft while researching the previous object. Let’S take a look at it now. Also using google earth, we can find the object in question. What on earth or shall we say mars is this? It too appears to have left the trail behind it. Music. The color of the object is quite beautiful, but what could it be? Could it be a massive chunk of ice, a meteor or comet, or is it to an alien ship, like many believe many in the ufology community? That is a lot of debate is raging on about the strange object. But what do you believe it is? No one knows for sure what these objects are, but they are remarkable to say the least.

Of course, we leave it up to you to make up your own minds, but, as usual before you come to your own conclusion, we ask you to wait until you see our next story of another alleged ufo that was seen on mars only this time it resembles The type of crafts that were witnessed back in the 1940s here on earth a few years ago using the mars tool on google earth youtube user sandra elena andrade discovered another alleged ufo that was seen on mars let’s dive deeper into her claim to see if there’s Any truth to the matter, as you can clearly see, there is something sticking out of the martian surface.

That’S obvious let’s spin it around using the compass tool it’s clear that the object could be disc shaped but we’ll raise the brightness and contrast to see if the features stand out more Music. After looking at the object, it’s easy to see the resemblance to the types of crafts that were being reported here on earth back in the 1940s, 50s 60s and even the 1970s, if we measure only the part of the alleged ufo that is sticking out of the Martian sand it’s, clearly massive coming in at a little under three miles, long and 1.7 miles high. The features that stand out the most are these openings that look like large windows. These can’t be a natural formation right, or are we just seeing things here as usual? This is all just speculation as to whether or not it is an actual ufo or just an optical illusion, still it’s extremely hard to say that it’s, the latter, because there’s nothing natural looking about it at all.

It truly is an incredible mars mystery, but is there even more evidence that ufos or alien life was or is on the red planet? Well, wait until you see our next story of yet another alleged ufo on mars. Another major alleged ufo may have been found on mars and once again it was discovered using google earth let’s. Take a closer look at the claim. It was discovered a few years ago on mars, north pole, which will rotate to using the compass even before we are fully zoomed in.

You can clearly see this thing. The object, we’re zooming into has been heavily debated over by ufologists and skeptics since its discovery. It’S. Obviously, circular in shape with what appears to be a dome shaped top on it. You can also see what look like burn marks in the dirt behind it or, dare we say, impact marks from the object falling there, but, of course, we’re only speculating here. Just what could it be it measures in at about three miles wide and 3.5 miles long, so there’s no possible way that this is just a rock. Once again, it appears to be shaped like a disc and almost looks like it has a smaller dome on the top of it and just like in our last story. It too resembles how ufos were being described back in the 1940s and 50s by witnesses. The object is also too circular to be a meteorite, so it can’t be just nothing as we are constantly being told these things are.

This is just another strange object among dozens and dozens of objects that have been seen on mars and other planets. For that matter. Some you’ve seen today and some will show you in future videos, but until then we encourage you to make up your own minds on everything. We’Ve shown you in this video today and we thank you for watching. Remember if you like the videos produced by a sound, mind and body, please subscribe and click the bell to receive notification of future uploads Music.