He you know he catches the mob and bad guys and scam, artists and stuff, like he’s a legit journalist and has been his whole career and was real hesitant to take on that story, because it seems so bonkers. In 1989, Bob Lazar saying he’s working on back engineering UFOs and they work on this element. That’S only theoretical and this element allows them to bend gravity and fucking shoot from point to point almost instantaneously everybody’s like you’re crazy, but then, as time has gone on, and these videos have come out that have shown these crafts and shown them with that tic tac Craft that was off of San Diego, that was blocking their tracking devices and then went from. It went from 60000 feet to 0 0 feet above sea level in less than a second. They have no idea what the fuck it is. They have no idea what it’s doing and the guys down there in San Diego who are in the military were saying we’re, seeing them all the time we see them every couple weeks. They don’t know where they are, they think they’re docking with something under the water.

Sometimes these are rock solid soldiers. I mean these are Air Force pilots. These are like the cream of the crop right. American military they’re, not bullshit, artists like if you meet commander flavor, that guy is there’s; nothing about that guy at all, that’s, a bullshit artist. That guy is a rock, solid military man and when he tells you he’s flying a fighter pilot and there’s, something that does things in the sky that he can’t explain and no one knows how they do it.

No one understands that there’s no visible method of propulsion – and this thing goes from 60000 feet down to one in a second and that’s, just how fast the radar registers it they don’t even really know how fast it was moving. It might have been instant, no BS. You can make it this is what do they have any other video that stuff that’s not released? There’S got to be something to make. They track that they’d. If they have that video, they have to have other stuff that me that the military isn’t releasing good question. The fact that they’re releasing any of these videos is kind of crazy, because they’re really they’re releasing these things and you you can hear the pilots they’re voiceovers going holy shit. What is that? What the fuck is that, like these guys, are freaking out? You could hear in their voices they’re, not actors, there’s fighter, pilots experienced military pilots that are seeing things move in a way that defies all of our understanding of propulsion systems.

What the fuck is that you can’t write those guys off those guys can’t be written off or dismissed because they end up, they understand propulsion, they understand, lift and when they have no idea what they’re. Looking at those guys, I find very convincing. I don’t believe a lot of UFO stuff, but those guys I can’t not believe I would bet the house on commander flavor. I bet the house on that guy, the guy who’s on my podcast.

I bet the house that he, what he is saying, is a hundred percent. True what he is saying he saw he’s not making any of it up. Do you think they know yeah? I know Snowden. You asked – and it was so interesting that he hadn’t found any evidence which could just mean that that any evidence they have is kind of like on a circular, a system that isn’t accessible from the outside. But do you think there are things that they know that they’re not saying or do you think that we pretty much know what they know at this point that’s a good question man I wish I knew I wish it made sense. It doesn’t make sense. It seems like I bet the government knows almost as little as we do that’s what I bet. I bet there’s some. I bet it’s very compartmentalized and I bet in some very high level meetings. This is discussed and I bet, if you’re below a certain pay grade.

You never hear it and I bet there there’s a need to know basis in terms of what they found out: what’s possible what’s bullshit what’s. What what are they putting out just just to send smoke signal? So Russia thinks we have me I’m sure, there’s games and you know propaganda. The things get manipulated in terms of military might and but I think, there’s clearly some indication that something’s going on that they don’t understand and if this thing is from another planet, it’s, probably better than if this thing is from Russia or China like if Russia or China can do something that we can’t explain like that: we’re fucked yeah.

This is what George Knapp said on the podcast yesterday. He’S, like the worry, is that this technology is something that we can crack and whoever cracks it first is gon na have incredible superiority over the rest of the world. I mean, obviously, we all have nuclear bombs. We do blow each other up period, but one of the things that was they were talking about. George Knapp was that these things have shown up around military facilities and lit up launch codes on on intercontinental ballistic missiles and then shut them down disappeared. Like they’ve they’ve started launch codes where these people are freaking out these people in the base like holy fuck, we’re, gon na start World War, three and then they take off like this – has happened apparently in more than one occasion and they think it’s happening in Russia Too, I think they occasionally just show up and they want to see like what we do like what are we doing and the thing is there’s a big uptick of these right after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, so throughout human history, there’s been UFO sightings, but a lot of The UFO sightings came after the the late 40s after the bombs were dropped and, after all those experiments in the desert Nevada, I mean they.

They they blew up a lot of fuckin nuclear bombs. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen those those tests, videos, we could see the map of the country. It shows you the year and every year, there’s more and more nuclear bombs go off, whoo there’s a lot.

They blew up a lot and that’s when the UFO sighting started really amplifying, which means that they may see. I always thought like well, maybe we’re thinking we see things because our technology gets better. So it does science influence what we’re seeing or are we really influencing? What we think worse, but then it’s like that, makes sense.