Oh stop! Please! I’M! Getting post, traumatic stress disorder. Help me i’ll. Never sleep again. I got ta put myself together. No, no! Not that it’s the end of the world, as we know it apocalypse, looks like rock and roll Music. There goes the sequel you might want to put that back. Music. Ah, no armageddon! What on earth do i deserve that, for i feel the earth move under my feet: apocalypse it’s the end of the world as we know it. This is very unstable. Well looks like it’s doomsday. Put it back, yeah just put it back. Do you like playing games? Rock and roll hey read the directions: uh! No, oh, stop and roll. My god! Why what’s wrong with you, glee open the window, you’re a bad person, whoa, stop drop and roll choose. Something else. Just call me indiana. Thank you, that’s, not good. Nothing is safe. That’S! Not right, i don’t get it that’s, not right. I don’t get it Music. No! No! No! Nothing is safe, that’s! Not right! Me, uh! Oh! Ah, no, two, two! So no! No! No! I’M! Burning Applause! Oh my biscuits are burning what’s wrong with you.