You know this is about a mile away from my home, and i had to take my car in to be serviced this morning or right around the corner over there a place called rikers for an oil change and a lube job, and all that and rotate the Tires and uh well, the guy says you want regular oil or synthetic oil i’m like what’s the difference real oil or fake oil, but the fake oil costs twice as much as the real oil. I said i’ll take whatever’s the best. I don’t know anything about cars, but so 135 dollar holy 135 dollars holy mackerel. I thought you know rotate the tires and just check them, because i’ve had the car for three years and the tires haven’t been uh. I haven’t, you know, still got the same tires. I bought it when i bought the car was two years old, it’s 2015 hyundai accent and check the battery just to make sure it’s good. I said i’m not going to buy tires, or i knew these guys were expensive. Somebody had worn me: rackers is expensive, so i decided i’m, not gon na told them i’m, not gon na buy tires or battery today. Just check them out. Let me know how they stand. You know, so i had some idea and uh but 135 dollars just for oil change and rotate the tires i mean for crying out loud.

I could have done that at walmart for 50 bucks sheesh, you know but walmart their auto service center is not open, so i don’t know, i guess they’re afraid from getting a covet from covid virus from touching somebody’s uh battery cables or something anyway so i’m out For a walk this morning and across the street from uh here’s applebee’s over here, applebee’s is open, applebee’s is open and they are awesome.

You know my uh, my my girlfriend bibi and i we ate over there recently there’s a denny’s over here too. There you go denny’s yeah, they’re, open too, if you’re a tourist here in orlando. Well, you can buy your tickets right here are 30 to 50 off, okay and then there’s a thai restaurant here and uh something called uh, shabu shabu, i don’t know i guess that’s chinese or something or japanese faux. I think that’s chinese might be vietnamese i’m. Not really not sure you know, but anyway, Applause hi, so i’m out for a walk yeah. I left my umbrella in the car i mean the car is over there it’s going to be a 20 minute, walk i’m over a mile about a mile from my home. So i’m gon na walk home and come back in a couple hours and pick up the car it’s a nice morning for a walk i’m not using up this morning. I never go for walks early in the morning like this, but it’s nice.

I should do this more often yeah, so oh ufo, i wanted to say uh after a special vote. It happened overnight, uh by 13 members in the ufo. So far, eight people have voted on the re admittance of kurt erickson, kurt erickson, the legendary kurt erickson of endeavour who was chairman for what, like six years or something, and maybe more, i don’t know in the 1970s for a long time, kurt carried the ufo.

He was the chairman after me, after my first chairmanship, uh kurt took over and did a better job than me. He did a great job and he kept the ufo afloat for years and did a you know, just expanded the membership and we had a blast back there. Working in you know, with purple ditto masters and mimeograph kurt was doing memeo. He was thermofaxing images like burning images onto mimeograph masters and producing some great comics back in those days. Endeavor was really a great scene and it seems like oh yeah, yeah yeah let’s forget all that. The important thing is kurt after a special vote. How’S, the zoom is that’s the bus that’s, the lynx bus there you guys i’m. Getting you know. I digress all over the place right, but yeah kurt kurt is back in the ufo. Curt has been voted back by eight members, so far have voted on kurt erickson back into the ufo and welcome back a very big welcome back to kurt uh.

We have missed janet 40 years later, like 40 years later, kurt is back in the ufo. Can you believe it and uh the last two people steve shipley, was the seventh vote and uh rob eins was the eighth vote? Rob cooley voted roger keel, jim maine? I voted and uh tim kelly i’m just trying to hit a little bit larry johnson yeah anyway. Welcome back and uh it’s great to have you back it’s ufo’s a lot of fun these days, steve shipley, says something about the ufos made up of a bunch of old men.

Well, yeah but we’re cool old guys right we’re having a blast we’re doing comics the way we like to do them and uh. What can i say i mean even i you know i was out of the group for a long time. I didn’t think i’d become chairman again. You know and i’m. The chairman now i’ve got two uh two of the two ufo newsletters behind me working on the third one. The deadline is actually today. So if you’re, a ufo member and you’re watching this – and you haven’t, seen your column in yet today is the day, but seeing how we just voted kurt in right now, i want to give a you know a few more days, not too much longer, but a Few more days, kurt if you want to get a column in i’ll, hold up the issue just for you, um i’ll be doing preliminary work, uh on tf today and uh, and then the friday, when i’m off again i’ll be working on it, but uh there’s still Time to get a column in, if you want to you guys, uh everybody get your columns in welcome kurt back, welcome back in a big way, sending money and ice cream and cake and stuff, but yeah, so yeah it’s a special day, it’s a special day anytime.

I have to spend 135 dollars for an oil change that’s a special darn day. Oh yeah, this is my face: mask it’s, not just it’s, not a weird growth home, but it like looked like you know.

Somebody like marshmallows around i like to put marshmallow melt marshmallows around my neck. I think that’s really cool. When you do that, but actually get your pip there you go there, you go it’s a face: mask there’s, another lynx buzz this one’s, not in service. The orlando bus, says the system’s pretty awesome. I used to catch the bus. I just yeah it used to take me. It used to take me two hours when i used to live out by disney world on the bus. It took me two hours to get to work and two hours to get home man. Those were long days that’s before i i had a car see because i got divorced once over a decade ago. I got divorced, she got the car, you know what she said. She said uh. She said it was in her name. I said i could have sworn. I co signed on that car huh i’ll go ahead and take the car and uh. So then the car got paid off and i received the notice guess what it was. In my name too, it was 50 50.. So i should have gotten half the car two wheels: half didn’t didn’t work out that way: that’s, okay, it’s all right, i’m, glad she’s, happy i’m, happy we’re, all happy now and i’m happy with my new girlfriend bibi and uh yeah and it’s kind of an overcast Morning, but i love it, i love florida.

I love orlando.

I love the palm trees and i love the weather and it’s just a great place to be, and i love uh spending 135 dollars to get my car fixed i’m gon na keep crying about this. This is killing me. Oh yeah let’s go back to the ufo. This is supposed to be a video for the ufo. Okay. I know you guys are working on so i saw uh. Jim mayne has got a something out gallery: gallery volume two number one that’s coming out and it’s got a it’s all steve shipley it’s, an entire issue of steve shippies art and an interview uh, which i found very flattering because steve bless his heart talks about me And the influence that he and i have only have had on each other over the decades and doing comics back in the 1970s. We worked on dynamite and alm and mantra and uh, but the pdf is out z’s, not out yet but i’m telling you. This is an awesome scene with shipy’s art and full color is just gorgeous steve shipley and he says somewhere in there, he didn’t even steve, says he didn’t have any talent he started drawing with these ten and he didn’t have any talent we’re by a gator lake. Folks, you think the gators are up this time in the morning. We’Ll keep an eye out here. I see some bubbles over there. What do you think that’s all about huh when it, if there’s bubbles and there’s something under the surface, wait a minute there’s more bubbles? Over there you go bubbles and yep bubbles, yep something’s down there, something lurks beneath the deep, oh yeah, steve shipley said he didn’t have any talent and he had to work hard at it.

Well, that’s nonsense: nobody could get that good steve! You got talent, you got talent in in droves, i mean you got unbelievable talent, you don’t just get that good. By working hard i mean you have to be naturally talented and sure you’re you’re an influence on me. You know, i think yeah yeah. Definitely your artwork influenced me um. I remember copying a couple of things that you do back in the 70s. You have a way of drawing things in a simple manner, more simple back then, but um kind of like ditko, but making it look great. You know i don’t know um but anyway uh right now the shipley’s artwork right now, uh he’s in his 60s i’m in my 60s and and he’s doing the best work he’s ever done. I mean especially the color stuff that he’s doing now in full color is just incredible, so um yeah. What else you want to talk about so jim main is publishing this great publication, this great book and jim. When is the beacon versus i’m a man coming out? The the story that i wrote and drew very crudely, speaking of not having any talent, but i did the best i could and be looking for i’m thinking. I might put that same story in mantra, but uh mentor, number 12, but that’s gon na be a few months away. Now. I’Ve got some work. Uh i’ve received work from from steve shepley we’ve got a new oracle agent strip and uh.

Also from um doug freeman doug freeman has done a new raven strip that is outstanding, really great work and i’ve got that on hand already. So these two strips are under the belt and uh just waiting on some more work. I got a lot of work to do to get mantra number 12 out but um. What was i talking about? Oh yeah, i’m, a man i want jim. You want to wait until jim publishes it first, i might not put it in mantle, but uh i’m just wondering when that will be out um, the first page of that it took me a page or so to really get into the artwork. I think the first page is the worst, but it gets better after that. So you’ll see i want you to see it but um so yeah. So what else see i didn’t make any notes ready? I’M, just rambling here um, so i guess i’ll just keep walking along and talking. I don’t see any gators here, there’s some workers across the street there, orlando orlando wakes up it’s, uh, 7, 33, now and uh in the morning. Here comes the sun all right. So jim mains publishing that uh gosh, so many talented people out here, rob cooley rob irons. All you guys. You just amazed me with your talent. I appreciate larry johnson. I appreciate the work you’ve been giving me and and rob irons. You guys have been helping out on the ufo newsletter.

I really appreciate it uh, you know i’m kind of stuck in the stone age uh. You know as far as uh production techniques and stuff. I still do things the old fashioned way, but you guys are kind of helping me propel myself into the future hello, bird, Music yeah. This is one of my favorite lakes. Here you always see this one in videos but later in the day. Never this time in the morning, so i guess the alligators are still asleep. That’S! Okay, if i see one i’ll, let you know well, i guess the main purpose of this video was to say, welcome back kurt um and you guys, if you want to get a column into it, to me, get it really quickly into me into me. Get it to me quick, not into me. I like surgery and plant something i’m pretty weird at this time in the morning, right, yeah, we’re at any time of the day, yeah but anyway, okay, so seeing how i’m just rambling, rambling and meandering i better just cut this off, because we’re just wasting footage. Okay, you guys have a great day, keep making them fantastic, ufo, zings and comics and zines uh. I love you guys you’re, the greatest i’m still looking for gators that’s. Why i keep looking off? I can’t help myself, but um. You guys have a great day and keep producing them them awesome, comics and and stuff that you do we’re going to keep on doing this old guys or not we’re going to keep on doing this till we all croak and the next generation takes over by gully Hope the sun is shining on your life today, all right.

Okay, everybody have a great day: Applause, bye, bye, folks, there’s, a gator right there. Looking at me, i just happened that i’m walking along and i just happen to notice him. Let me see if i can zoom in on this guy Music, see him you’re. Looking at me, yeah, hey handsome, how you doing stay put don’t don’t come any closer. Please he’s about uh 25 feet away from me. I think yep just happened to see that guy. I looked over, i thought it was a stump at first. You know, but it’s, not a stump. That’S that’s, a guy that’s, a just a gator amazing how they just stand still well. They can move fast when they want to that’s. Why i’m getting ready to run? If i have to but he’s kind of he’s, not that big, just judging from the size of the head he’s, probably maybe a six foot gator, just guessing that’s, a guess based on what i’m looking at five or six foot gators, so not real big i’m, too. Big a morsel for him to bite down on anyway, so well, you might want to bite my toe off or something but yeah yeah, okay, gator i’ll. Let you go i’m heading home right now on my morning: walk have a great day. Gator have a nice day! Yay, thanks for making my morning visit interesting all right, what’s this over here wait a minute what’s this another gator you’re not coming up behind me.