You know something about they spotted a ufo or whatever, but you know which is total nonsense to me. You know i i don’t believe in a ufo crap for one second um. You know because i mean just think about it. If, if there were some aliens or whatever that were coming to this planet and spying on us, if they got capabilities to, you know to create a ship that can go this far, you know and reach where we are in space. If they got technology like that man, i mean why, why would they be sneaking around? You know watching what we’re doing i mean they? Would you know it? It wouldn’t be nothing to land here and meet whoever you know. If you wanted to meet, you know come in contact with the people who run this this world. It wouldn’t be no problem for them to you, know land here and and um, and you know get in contact with with some people. I mean you know some people may say you know they don’t know whether or not they may get sick or you know they. They don’t know whether or not we speak. They speak to. I mean i’m sure we wouldn’t be speaking the same language, but you don’t ever know you never know. You never know like you.

Don’T know um, but you know it’s dead, but you know it’s there’s other ways of communicating. You know what i mean there’s other ways of communicating.

If they’re building ships i mean we got something in common. You know what i mean if they’re building, if they’re building ships you know they, they can figure out a way to communicate with us, but i just do not believe that narrative, and this in these pictures are always the same it’s, always something as far out you Know, man listen. This planet is being monitored daily. If anything hits the airspace we know about it. You know in each country in each country. You know we know about it. You know what i mean: it’s there’s, nothing to really hide. You can’t really just hide a big ship like that, you know come i mean we know when comments are about to go around the earth. You know what i mean we. We know that so how in the world can you know these ships do that unless they’re cloaked and and if that’s the case, we wouldn’t see them at all. You know what i mean. So you know just you know: it’s it’s, crazy man. The pentagon got something going out. You know a spokesman for the pentagon, you know mentioned something about, and earlier this year this spokes spokesman mentioned something about their ufo program and how it ran out of funds in 2012. But you know they said that they still have been.

You know doing. You know out there searching for ufos and – and some reports claim that the government has something that they have a uh aerial vehicle or something like that.

That’S not that’s made not of this world. You know not in this world um, so you know i mean i don’t, you know i don’t know how true that is man, but you know i mean we’re talking aliens. Man like you know the only you know i don’t believe in the monster. You know aliens or whatever you know or whatever, like that, i don’t believe in none of that um. If i do believe that you know there are other life forms on other planets and other galaxies, i do believe that and i believe that they are people. You know i i don’t believe in the whole monster thing and all of that you know because you know i mean i don’t know you know some people. You know may say that dinosaurs were monsters, but they were animals. You know what i mean um. They just look like monsters, so you know i don’t know you know, but i do believe in that you know, i believe in you know, um the animals that we have here on this planet, including us. I believe that you know we there there’s another planet out. There or planets um, they say this, they say this like over ten thousand planets, or maybe more than that now you know at one point they said there were over ten thousand planets as far as we can see that are like earth.

You know that are in this. This uh, i forgot what they call it, but um it’s, like that comfort zone.

You know you’re so far away from the star to be heated. Excuse me, but you’re not that far away to be, you know, covered in ice um. So you know the the they said that they they they predict about. Ten thousand planet like planets in the uh. As far as we can see um like earth, so you know they do. I mean what’s, the chances of of you know life being on one of those planets. I mean that’s, a good chance. Man i mean we, we are, you know you know kind of like that. You know we we we are like an outlier or a uh. You know a strange phenomenon, you know what i mean like you know, so i do believe that they are that they are there are they are other? There are other life forms in space. You know, i believe the chances are too great. You know what i mean but um. I do not. You know i i don’t, you know i don’t really believe in the uh. You know the the sci fi or the you know the hollywood version of aliens. I think that they are people. You know. I think that we have several planets out there. That are, you know. Either people are on them and, and they have, you know, created a civilization and, and they may be at a different time than we are.

You know they may be years ahead of where we are but or they may be back.

You know in roman times you know they, rome, the roman, the middle ages may be going on on some of those planets or the dinosaurs may be on some of those planets. You know they may be still in those times and they have to beat them and it has to evolve and uh. You know, i understand you know certain things happen like here. You know we had. You know. I think they said that the dinosaurs were wiped out from um. You know comets, hitting the earth and wiping them out and wiping out a lot of uh, the uh um a lot of their habitats. You know so they had to migrate, and then there was a big freeze. The world was frozen over um at one point all of the earth was was frozen over so there’s been things to happen to to you know: um quicken our uh arrival. You know on this earth, you know there there’s certain things that happen and uh. But who knows you know? Maybe we was here. You know the entire time. You know. Maybe we was here. You know we really don’t know. You know you really don’t know you think that you know you you think to yourself. You know if you look in books, you know you you, so i know how a lot of people think they think that they know everything.

If they, you know as long as the books have it, you know you should believe it, but you know i don’t know you know i don’t know books.

You know books. Books are good for reference, sometimes man, but you better, be careful. You know just because a book looks so good and you know it was created by all these smart men or whatever you want to call them um. You know i, you know, i don’t know you know and and then you may say that you know books. I just have a hard time believing that history is depicted accurately in books, because i know how it is when a rumor is told is blown out of proportion. You know you can you can look at that. I mean you can look at that, just with common sense. You know just when you tell someone something that happened, you know they take it and they and they misconstrue it and they tell the next person what they, what they their version of it, and that keeps going and going and going. You know um just like that game you played in school when you had to tell your neighbor a story. The teacher gave you a story. You had to tell your neighbor that, and it went all the way around the classroom and by the time it got back to the teacher. It was a completely different story, so you know y’all. You know a lot of people on this earth um that we live in right now.

They believe in books. I really don’t believe in books like that. You know i’m, not a big um fan of uh, the history of this world.

You know just history in general, you know i’m more of a forward thinker. You know i i i appreciate history or whatever, but i just think that you can’t just accurately um. You know document history, you know that. Well, you know what i mean things happen. You know things get, you know, accidents happen, you know certain. You know. You may have a point in time where, when people tried to keep notes and things like that, but man after a certain point man, you just you – you run out of references you if you go back so far in these books, man like they just they just Start in a period just start up somewhere, you know what i mean and they try to predict. Whoever wrote wrote them tried to predict what happened based on stories that they hear from elders, and things like that. You try to get the story, but you really don’t get it man, so you know a lot of y’all. You know you a lot of people, you know they. They just live and die by books and, and things like that and and also they live and die by what other people you know say we all just given our opinions out. You know these days. We we don’t know. None of us know nothing that we’re talking about you know saying we all just given opinions and um.

You know that’s the same thing with these history books. Man like they just giving opinions, but i mean it’s it’s going to be very hard for you to try to get the facts.

You know what i mean. Um facts get mixed facts, get mixed unscrewed. So much and and if you’re not right, if you’re not right there around the source, you there’s no way that you can know. You know what i mean. So you know a lot of people like. I said a lot of people live and die by by these history books, but i don’t you know i i barely believe a lot of that stuff is in these books. You know but that’s just me. You know that’s. Just me um, but uh. You know like, like i said man like with the alien thing like why in the world, would we if they, if, if these aliens have created something to you, know because we can’t see life as far as we can see, and we can see pretty far out, You know, as far as you know, as far as our our galaxy i mean you know that they’re looking into other galaxies and you can see movement, you know what i mean. I mean they’re monitoring um at nasa they’re monitoring these these galaxies. You know very closely, so they can see things that move. You know saying and things like that there’s some things that we see out there, that we can’t explain you know so maybe you know maybe there’s some something out there.

I know for sure that there is something out there. There there’s another uh. You know there’s another there’s, more life forms out here in this space.

It’S too big. You know the chances are too. We we can’t be the only ones here. You know you, you it’s, you know it’s it’s, naive, to think that you know what i mean like we just so special um that we’re, the only things out here there are other. There are other life forms out there, and i doubt that they’re, like i said i don’t believe in the old. You know: hollywood uh alien story. I think that people, i believe in people, i believe, the history of this planet, man, this i mean planets. I don’t think that planets just you know they make things. You know some planets are different. You know some planets are different but planets like earth’s like earth day. I mean they’re you’re only going to get. I mean you know just me guessing you it to me. These planets create what they create. You know what i mean and what we see here is what was created. You know, by this earth. You know this earth created these trees and created these people to look a certain way and created animals to look a certain way. Dinosaurs, you know just just all of this all of this life that we see birds and things like that. You know they. You know this is what the universe creates.

It’S us, you know, so i think that you know in these other. You know these other planets like ours. You know, i think, that you know we have full planets of us there.

You know of people there flourishing. You know like they’re, flourishing um, they’re, they’re building things just like we are they we may be in different times. You know what i mean they may be in. They may be in 1881 right now and and we’re in 20 um 2020 or they may be in 30. 20. You know right now and we’re behind, but i do think it’s like that. But um. You know this whole thing with the pentagon. You know they’re, saying that you know they it’s so stupid. What the pentagon is saying: they’re, saying that okay, the their ufo program, is classified but they’re. Releasing this classified material. You don’t release, classified material like that. You know, and that was one of the you know, whoever um you know there’s numerous uh publications out there about it, but you know whoever wrote them was very sarcastic about that. You know how can you release? How are you saying this program? Is you know the things that you’re doing are classified but you’re releasing it to the public? I mean what what are you trying to you know? What are they trying to do to us? You know what what are they trying to do with our brains and what? What is the story that they’re trying to spend? What is what are they trying to take our minds off of you know you got to ask yourself that, like you know, what are they trying to do? You know what what? What is the? What is the point here? You know, you know i just don’t, i you know just people, people just you know baffle me sometime.

You know i just i don’t believe what people say and i laugh at them really. You know i i laugh at you know the things that they do. You know people are, we are our our own enemies, you know we, we are worst enemies, you know we we, you know, we fabricate information, we fabricate everything. You know what i mean like to push our own self interest. You know what i mean so um. You know it’s crazy. The story that they’re trying to put out on i don’t know what they’re trying to do to the public. You know they put this. I remember they put this thing out back and uh when the coronavirus first had the pandemic first, when we shut down, you know so like in march, or something like that. Maybe that was earlier than that, but um, you know i remember they had released those photos out of those night time it was like it was like um night vision, photos or whatever of some object. Some object, just a black like a black, i mean i can’t. Even explain it the the typical ufo spaceship, you know with the with the you look like saturn, you know that’s the that’s, the best that they can come up with. You know that i mean how do you know the ships? Look like that. You know what i mean like i mean come on, i mean it, can’t be real. You know i don’t believe it’s real for a second, like i said, like you know, there’s, no way that you know people are spying on us for what if they got ships that they can, you know travel light years across space, what they looking at us for.

You know i mean like we’re, not a threat at all, you know, we’re, not a threat and we don’t have no technology that they want. You know what i mean like come on man, our satellites can’t pick them up up. There. Y’All got all these satellites up. There, but they can’t pick it up. So you know so whatever man you know this is this is again a uh. You know a trick by our country. You know trying to you know, you know what i read. The london newspaper sometimes uh the guardian and man like it’s crazy how much they laugh at us. You know as far as our media. All all of our media is propaganda. You know what i mean: it’s, the the guardian. You know i like to reference the guardian. A lot because the guardian, you know, i don’t know why, but they they they mention things. They mention things that need to be mentioned. You know they it’s you, you don’t really get a good picture of of your country unless you look at it from another country’s view. The way that europe looks at us is is crazy and they mention names of people who run these news. These news stations – they mention all their names and they just and they even talk they go into a tangent about these people who run these news stations here in this country, and they say – and they say words like you know, it’s such a shame that the americans Are just sitting over there eating their food and believing everything that the news is telling them? You know what i mean and the tricks that the news do you know they? They manipulate the news.

You know what i mean, so you know anything that you know you. You, when you make an opinion about the news, it’s really just up in the air opinion it might as well be because there’s nothing that’s true on any of those stations. You know what i mean like any of those stations. You know i love to read. You know i love looking at london’s newspaper their online newspaper because they they really put it in perspective, put it in respect of how how other nations look at us and – and they always mention that, how the uh the american media just promotes propaganda to their own Country, usually, usually countries promote propaganda to other countries to manipulate that manipulate their view of them, but we do it. You know they. They know that you know they. London understands that you know we are controlled by media. You know the media, just you know they put out a narrative and you got half people that believe what they do. You got another half that don’t believe what they what they say. So you know it’s it’s funny. You know it’s a funny thing. Man like this. This is this is one of those things that london and other countries are laughing at us. You know, because we we get to talking about these things, just like i’m doing now, but but i’m. Really, i really criticize a lot of the a lot of things that the news publications put out there, because i know that a lot of it is fake.

You know, i know a lot of it is fake, so um, you know it’s just funny.