Now, their role apparently is to investigate strange sightings made by military pilots and again, if there was any crashes which again are not confirmed that they would collect materials from off world. So now the report said the program is called the unidentified aerial phenomenon task force and basically their mission was to standardize collection and reporting of sightings of unexplained aerial vehicles and by the way, this uh. This program is to report at least some of its findings to the public within 180 days after passage of the intelligence authorization act. So now, of course, the pentagon is only saying the program’s focus is on discovering whether another country like, for example, russia. China is using what they call breakout aviation technology that could threaten the us: okay, fair enough uh. Now other people are thinking, maybe they’ll release information about athletes. So look, i think this is a big reveal right. They wouldn’t even admit before that. This was a thing that they were actually doing anything uh and that they were actually doing investigations. In fact, this was a secret for years, and this was actually created back in 2007, the entire program, according to the times it started under the defense intelligence agency. It was then placed within the office of the secretary of defense for intelligence, which remains responsible for oversight.

Now its coordination with the intelligence community will be carried out by the office of naval intelligence, as described back in the 2017 senate budget bill, and so look again.

This has been around for a while, but now they’re finally admitting it like, yes, we’ve been looking for ufos, we lied. We said we weren’t looking for it before now. We admit that yeah we are, and that of course coincides with recent release of uh. These uh videos, which that uh look that’s uh sidebar, that screenshot that’s from one of the videos that was released prior by independent sources and then corroborated by the pentagon, and so there it is so now. Let me tell you a little bit more about what we know about the program for more than a decade. According to the times, pentagon program has been conducting classified briefings for congressional committees, aerospace, company executives and other government officials. According to interviews with program participants and unclassified briefing documents, one of those briefings – and i understand a lot of this – is classified right now, but they allegedly talked about retrieved material from crashes. So now i want to go to eric w davis right, so eric w davis is an astrophysicist who worked as a subcontractor and then a consultant for the pentagon ufo program since 2007.. He testified that in some cases, examination of materials had failed to determine their source and led him to conclude that we couldn’t quote, make it ourselves.

Davis now works for an aerospace corporation, which is a defense contractor, and he said that he gave a classified briefing to defense department agency, as recently as march, about possible retrievals from off world vehicles not made on this earth fascinating.

Mr reed former democratic senator from nevada, who pushed for the funding of this program when he was majority leader, probably the one thing that i agree with that he did. As reese said. He believes that crashes of objects of unknown origin may have occurred and that the any retrieved materials should be studied, and i agree with that. He said quote after looking into this. I came to the conclusion that there were reports. Some were substantive, some not so substantive that there were actual materials that the government and the private sector had in their possession. Reid said in an interview. I may not be a fan, of course, of mr reed’s politics, but look he’s. A member of the ufo community and he’s actually tried to push for more study into basics of aliens and whether or not there have been crashes, uh and and materials, or or even like entire spaceships, that have been recovered by the us government. That’S kind of awesome. I do appreciate him for that. At least don’t necessarily appreciate him what he did to bernie sanders in nevada back in 2016, but you know i can let it go if he proves that there are aliens i’m. Just saying very interesting and look again this year has been pretty interesting for ufo stuff.

I mean the pentagon, as i mentioned earlier, released video of ufo encounters. Yes, that basically corroborates. They did indeed capture this video that it is legitimate that what we were looking at in the video could not be explained by anyone and now, of course, a lot of people and i’m seeing this in in my chat here, they’re like oh that’s neat, but we Already kind of knew this, oh all right, uh! Well, look! We live in an insane times too, so it makes sense that a lot of people are like yeah.

Of course, yeah most likely we do have uh. You know other species that are, you know around out. There uh and yeah it’s a fairly good chance that we have uh. You know materials that are from another civilization. Okay now look i don’t know if the government has a crashed, alien, ship or not you’d think that if we did and if donald trump knew about it, then he would tell us why, because a man can’t keep his mouth shut of course right so either you You know either it didn’t happen or they’re they’re, not telling donald trump, which would be, of course, a smart thing to do uh, and i would actually believe that it would be the latter right, because donald trump can’t keep anything to himself. He just can’t uh, and so, as far as what i believe yeah, i think that there are aliens. Of course it would be asinine to believe that in all the space, all the gigantic, you know ness of the universe that we would be the only intelligent species.

Like dumb and i’m not saying that there has to be intelligent species out there that are alive, there could be civilizations that have lived, grown and destroyed most likely destroyed themselves or destroyed by a cosmic event, which could explain why. We we don’t necessarily see a lot of them. Uh look, i mean the universe has been around for a very, very long time and so it’s.

When you look at how long we’ve been on the earth uh as human beings it’s a few hundred thousand years and how long the earth’s been around, i mean – and we have already you know – uh technology – that i’ll take as a star technology and allow me you Know to talk to people in in you know hundreds of miles thousands of miles away, i mean, is it any, you know how could you believe that we couldn’t have intelligent civilizations out there somewhere somewhere? I mean i don’t think that we’re alone, but as far as the question of are they coming here again, i don’t really know. I can’t answer that question right, maybe maybe we’re on an interplanetary highway. Who knows right, maybe sometimes they do crash here. I don’t have any idea, but i admit i have seen stuff that i i can’t explain was it aliens i don’t know, but it did look like you know it didn’t, look like anything that i’ve ever seen before and i’ve ever seen since, and so i really Don’T know i’m gon na kind of leave it at that, but i think it’s, exciting uh and here’s.

The other thing right. So so, if a lot of people, if some people are correct right, the ufo people, and that this is going to lead to a bigger disclosure right now would be a good time. I mean a lot of people are actually really comfortable with the idea of not only aliens existing but also having visited the united states.

Before i mean, according to nypis poll, released in january of this year, 57 of americans already say that they believe in intelligent life. Uh exists on another planet. 66 of americans say that they believe that there’s life out in the universe, whether it’s, intelligent or not, and then 45 percent, less than half say they believe the ufos have already visited earth and so yeah. I think it’s a reflection of the times. People are more accepting of this idea, uh, and so who knows? Maybe maybe this is the government being a little bit more transparent about it, because there’s, no more fear of a gigantic mass panic like there was before i don’t necessarily know. The one thing i can say, though, is that uh? I just hope that if one does actually come here and land out in the open that they don’t ask anyone to take them to their to our leader, hey guys, hopefully you enjoyed that free video. Now i’m gon na have to ask you a favor between the uh demonetization and the youtube algorithm messing around with view, counts, etc.

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