It’S been in the new york times, it’s been on fox news. Tucker carlson tonight the national post here in canada, so i am going to cover it again as an individual post, and this has to do with the us department of defense, saying that more information is going to be released to the public soon. Regarding quote off world vehicles not made on this earth end quote materials from these off world vehicles not made on this earth being in the hands. I guess of the government, we’re gon na know more on this soon could be very shocking information. Apparently, according to the new york times report, examination of the material has failed to determine the source of the materials from these vehicles, which has led to the conclusion that we couldn’t make this stuff ourselves. A u.s government program, known as the unidentified aerial phenomenon task force, is resurfacing, and this task force falls under the office of naval intelligence and it’s, going to start slowly making public some previously classified information on this subject matter, including information on these aerial vehicles. The main reason for these investigations into what these vehicles are is because we want to know if they are from nations that are using this type of aviation, and that is technologically more advanced than anything we know of um as as a threat are they doing doing Something threatening to us, could it be russia? Could it be china senator mark rubio, uh he’s, a florida florida republican acting as chairman of the senate, select community on intelli on intelligence, told the cbs affiliate in miami that there is some concern about reports of these aircraft over american military bases and that it is In the government’s interest to find out who is responsible, if china or russia, for example, or some other adversary, has this much of a technological leap above us that would allow them to conduct this sort of activity.

It would not be good so there’s a lot of a lot of interesting stuff coming out uh. It is making some very credible news all over the world. This information today, some people take it more seriously than others, but it does sound like there’s some unusual activity in our airspace. We don’t know what it is. A lot of it’s classified information there’s been classified briefings going on about this for the for a long time. The us navy and the pentagon has released various videos uh of some of this unidentified aerial phenomenon activity. However, they have not released the entire videos just a few seconds of it, and also there is more videos out there that are still classified. So you can hear the reaction to the navy pilots in these videos of how shocked they are to see some of this activity, and these are trained navy pilots entrusted with serious weaponry. So i think they know a thing or two about the technology they’re seeing and they know the difference if it was just a bird or a swamp gas. But as we said, the pentagon is now coming out and saying. This is unusual activity and they’re, starting to declassify some of this stuff to the public i’m wondering why they’re starting to declassify this now is something going to happen that that is making them want to tell us more about this. After all, these decades of secrecy, it’s it’s a little interesting to find out i’ll just say a few comments, because i’m gon na do my wrestling observer review soon for all the wrestling fans on this channel, and i got ta finish researching that mr black says uh.

As an inspiring filmmaker, he wants to make films, but he think it’s too late to start now. I don’t know man, i don’t know but i’m gon na report on this stuff because i’m very interested on it, and i guess we’re going to know more very soon when this committee that uh, let me see if they’re called again here, they are called the unidentified Aerial phenomenon task force.