I would like to focus on the various forms of UFO religions and the associated premises of these movements.. One might think Why is this important.? We can see directly in these different groups, how the UFO phenomenon shapes changes and, in some cases, creates belief systems itself.. This aspect should not be neglected when considering our topic., Regardless of whether these developments are now planned and wanted by the phenomenon itself, which would of course be pure speculation. They have an impact on the realities of life, of many people., Be it knowingly or unknowingly., As we will see in this video, this is not always harmless and can also lead to major tragedies.. It is therefore important to become aware of the symbolic and ideological effectiveness of the UFO phenomenon.. This video also offers a hopefully interesting overview of the different groups of the past decades.. It is not my concern here to analyze or evaluate the credibility of these groups and their leaders, since they create social realities for countless people, anyway. And that’s. What is important for this analysis. UFOs Society and Belief, Part 2, UFO, religions and belief systems. Basically, we can divide UFO religions into two groups. In the first group. The UFO phenomenon is of central importance for the respective founding myth.. The complete belief system revolves around either revealing encounters with the inmates of the otherworldly objects or the telepathic reception of messages also called quotchannelingquot.. In most cases, we have a person here who, based on the experience of these encounters founds a spiritual movement, often on the basis of instructions or knowledge that he has received from the visitors.

. The best known example of this group is Raelism., With, according to its own information over 100000 members worldwide, it is the largest UFO religion. Raelism was founded in France in 1974, after an encounter of the third kind by journalist, Claude Vorilhon, who has been calling himself Rael Since. The group around the Swiss Billy Meier called Free Community of Interests for the Border and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies. Figu for short, also belongs in this category. Meier has been claiming to be in contact with extraterrestrials for decades.. Other smaller groups are the Aetherius Society founded by George King and the Universe. People founded by Ivo Benda, whose group is mainly represented in the Czech Republic.. Here too, both founders state that they have been in contact with extraterrestrial intelligences for a longer period of time and based their respective movements on their experiences.. The tragedy surrounding the Heavens Gate sect must, of course, also be mentioned. Here. The group founded by Marshall, Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles in the early 1980s, made headlines worldwide through a collective suicide in 1997, in which ‘ members died. Previously in November 1996, an amateur astronomer published a photo of the comet Hale Bopp, on which a glowing object was Visible directly next to the comet., That was the expected sign for the followers of Heavens Gate.. They identified the object as a spaceship and believed that it would save them before an upcoming apocalypse. Appletwhite then taught that mass suicide was the only way to leave Earth.

. He and his followers expected that their souls would then be taken aboard the spaceship and transferred to a quothigher level of developmentquot.. This low point has had an impact on the public opinion of UFO religions and new religious movements in general, and the various groups have since been trying vehemently to distance themselves from such events., Regardless of concrete belief, systems or the different, sometimes dangerous developments of this first Category of UFO religions, what do they have in common? As mentioned at the beginning? We have a similar founding myth.. In all cases, according to the founders, there was contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence.. This applies in principle to all UFO religions, even if there was not always an encounter of the third kind.. The role of the founder is central because they make prophetic claims and are the bearers of the otherworldly message.. They often see themselves in a row with the great religious figures of the past, be it Buddha, Jesus or Mohammed.. At this point, you can also see that UFO religions build their theology on existing belief systems or expand. Them. References to Christianity, Far Eastern religions or occult movements and theosophy are recognizable.. The extraterrestrial intelligences are basically presented in a positive light.. They have a redeemer or savior role, often in connection with major changes on earth, in the sense of a new age or even apocalyptic beliefs.. Ultimately, one believes in the information given by the founders or not., But there is an interesting third way and since we are on an ufology channel here, I dont want to ignore it.

. The prominent ufologist Dr. Jacques Vallee has dealt in depth with the phenomenon of contact persons and UFO movements and has come to the conclusion that it is quite possible that some of these people had real experiences. In his book Messengers of Deception, published in 1979. He hypothesized that whoever is behind the phenomenon, sometimes deliberately misleads people and influences belief systems.. He relies on countless interviews and reports of encounters of the third kind which in most cases, are accompanied by great absurdity.. The messages from the inmates of the objects were often illogical or even a lie. One can only speculate about the reasons for this.. The phenomenon shows no constant behavior., So maybe some of the founders of UFO religions have really experienced something out of this world.. However, whether they are spreading a true and universal message remains questionable.. After these experiences, people’s own psychological dynamics may also have started, since the experiences could not be processed otherwise.. Of course, these are just theories., As mentioned at the beginning. This is not about examining the credibility of leaders, although there is certainly a lot to be said about it., Regardless of these possible supernatural aspects, you can of course, also ask yourself from a more secular perspective. Where do these UFO religions come from As with most social phenomena, the social and cultural aspects play a central role here.. This can be seen very well in the example of the 1970s, in which we can see a large increase in new religious movements and thus also UFO religions.

At that time, especially in the younger population. A great frustration with the political, social and also spiritual status quo was established in the West.. Much thought has been given to alternative ways of life and ideas and new movements, whether political or religious have been very attractive.. This zeitgeist, naturally favors the emergence of new groups., Something similar could also be observed in the 1950s and the post war period associated with it.. The experiences of the Second World War left many people disillusioned and a search for a new direction. Followed., The first UFO movements also came about at this time.. Now that we have dealt with the first category, which I think is more important for our subject, I would now like to briefly explain the second.. This second group of UFO religions is somewhat different, since in this case, we may not be able to speak of a UFO religion in the sense of the first category.. These are belief, systems that have only partially incorporated the UFO phenomenon into a much broader, theological concept.. Admittedly, this separation is not always easy to define.. It is therefore quite possible that individual groups that are not mentioned here can be found between the categories so to speak.. Basically, however, is the fact that encounters or contact with unknown flying objects are not the central dogma of the respective movements.. The religious political movement Nation of Islam, founded in 1930 by African Americans, interprets the experiences of the Old Testament prophet Ezekiel as encounters with a UFO.

. They believe that UFOs will have a role in Judgment Day.. I would also see Scientology in this category because we see an alien component through the Xenu myth, but the UFO phenomenon does not play a special role in its theology. Groups. In this category use more or less a UFO myth or the idea of an alien presence., One can also see here, although there are very different examples that UFOs are finding their way into complex belief, systems. In particular. The new and ongoing revelations surrounding the UFO phenomenon could lead to an increase in UFO movements in the future. Individualism and turning away from old religions could further support this trend.. In the current turbulent times, many people are again looking for meaning and support.. If UFOs are seen as a quothigher powerquot, they could serve such needs for many., Whether the phenomenon itself could or would abuse. This is, of course, a completely different question.. As we have seen. It is important to take a close look at such developments so that we can analyze possible problems more quickly and prevent another Heavens Gate in an absolute emergency., But I don’t want to put all UFO religions under general suspicion.. I hope this has become clear. In a third and final part of this video series.