. What happens at this time of year is that we we have cotton, trees, releasing seeds, and these little seeds are surrounded in cotton. They look like a little tiny cotton ball and when the wind picks up they’re flying everywhere. Flying into the house, they get in your dinner plate. They get in your bed, they can also fly way up in the sky, and one day we noticed that some cotton balls in the sky were not moving and by naked eye. Just look like a cotton ball, but when we look closer with binoculars, we noticed that they were some kind of objects. They came in a formation of five. We are gon na try to zoom in I’m, not sure, if I’m getting it on top of this … right, there yeah one there very hard to see these other two and four of them like that. This one is easy to spot because it’s on top of the mountain, So probably for most of the day we were so excited. We were like WOW, the aliens came to visit Yellowstone and we were filming and documenting. We were recording everything but then Nanny said: quotGoodness Gracious People stop dreamingquot quotThese are not aliens. These are not UFOsquot. Quotthese are Google helium balloons and they’re designed to provide wi fi internet to remote areas.quot and the project. The google project is called LOON. The most interesting thing is that you can track those balloons on the regular airplane flight tracking app And the balloons.