Let me go to the other side. Wait one second, okay, now y’all know me to see it over here. Right in the left side right now: Music, it’s, currently, 9, 30, okay, 9, 30, but we’re gon na credit. This video to the next day, all right now we have been monitoring this thing for about 30, some plus days right 30, some plus days that’s mike jackson. In the background shout out to mike jackson, damn new song called blue gangster. Damn and mike been gone for a long time, but anyway we see the twinkling stars right there, and then it was like an aircraft that came past. We missed that right. There y’all missed it, but like i’m saying this particular thing this star, whatever y’all, want to call it y’all see how clear it is. It’S, a real it’s, clear skies tonight, all right, very clear and the thing is gone it’s nowhere to be seen it’s. Nowhere in sight, okay, nowhere to be found it’s a twinkling star right there. You see that right there right and the clouds are moving this time, they’re moving westbound the last time we were filming, they was moving eastbound, so i’m, looking i’m, just wondering like wow. Where is this thing tonight, it’s a very clear, it’s, very clear, okay and y’all know the coordinates, the normal positioning, where b is right there, okay, then it’ll move constantly and it won’t go past like i said it would never go past that tree.

It will always come back start right here or way far in the background, a little bit past this building right here. Okay, so where is this thing tonight? Man? Where is it tonight on it’s, a very clear night y’all can see, we can see the other stars too. Y’All can see just start twinkling. I know y’all clearly can see these twinkling stars. Okay, a blind man can see this. But where is this thing tonight, man? Where is it that’s? Why i’ve been monitoring this situation for y’all my lcd one star gazers, because it disappeared man, it has disappeared? Where is it now? Where is this thing at now? Where is it we’re? Looking all around and there’s nowhere to be found so y’all tell me what y’all think that thing was like i’ve been telling y’all man either. This thing was a ufo, a satellite or some type of gps drone, something that has been monitoring this area now. As y’all know, man, the city of chicago Music, is under martial law. Now, president trump donald trump donald t trump has sent a hundred federal agents to the city we don’t know. If these agents are undercover, we don’t know nothing, but they here just like this thing that was in the sky. Now this thing all of a sudden it’s night here on this very clear night: okay, i’m, seeing all the other stars i’m, seeing everything real clear now tonight, but this thing is nowhere to be found.

Like i said man y’all need to pay attention like i watch little spiritual, so shout out to spiritual, so i think he got the message. I know he will watch my videos too shout out to soul illuminati, because i was wondering where little souls are like so drop a video. He dropped the video yesterday and he was talking about a lot of things in his video okay about uh um. What was the big in there? He had all the issues when he had this little underground ring of sex trafficking ring and some judges got killed because of him because he apparently he’s supposed to be dead. But when i was watching the netflix series on this fella um y’all know who i’m talking about, i think he cuz he had his own island. I think the guy just Music, he paid him off man and he was uh epstein epstein. I think he paid him off man, he offered them 500 million dollars. You did, he was a billionaire already. I think he gon na. I think he owned his item somewhere somewhere. This is a big plan. Enough would be sold online was saying but that’s what i was thinking when i was watching the series, but anyway so alumni was saying a lot of things in his video yesterday about you know the our state of uh current state that we in now what’s going On you know and how all this new stuff is about, the you know arise out of this coronavirus.

You know because it’s still spiking, the president came on tv today and you know addressed the nation about that. I caught it. I think i caught it when i was just leaving out, because i had to go downtown to get my uniforms and stuff okay, but anyway, man like i’m saying Music. This thing man could have been a gps probe or something it had to have been something man, because y’all know them. Drones can fly up in the sky, but they got a lot of different type of technology out here. Okay, they can, you know they could sit and it could look like it’s a star. It could look like a satellite or or whatever, but it it could be recorded, and this thing was very close: it’s visible and it’s bright. Okay, i think because people don’t really pay attention – you know especially like in our neighborhoods and so who really pays attention to what’s up in the sky, come on really, except if they shooting fireworks or something like that i’m in an urban i’m in a predominantly black Neighborhood, okay, people don’t do this type of stuff. That i’m doing right here start gazing, just paying attention to what’s in our atmosphere right in our environment, because i know what’s in our environment trash all right but i’m, just saying i’m really just saying man, because this is interesting. I’Ve seen the thing about a year ago, around june, and i found it because i thought it was kind of bizarre and i filmed it for about 30 plus days.

I didn’t hear a lot of people comment and say it’s a star and this man, but it had to have been some other than the star man, because now it’s gone, look at that now it’s gone. Look. It got all this footage for a whole month and it’s gone now. Where is it at it’s, a very clear night i’m seeing stars everywhere? Where is it at people were saying it was jupiter shout out to the people that was, you know, doing some research. You know some homework on it. You know as well as i tried my best to do so i’m, just getting this data, because it’s important man, because you need to be aware of what’s around in your surroundings, in your environment and then your atmosphere, man, where you stay at you, never know what That thing could have been it been a lot of shootings over here in chicago, well, yeah i’m on the south side of chicago and y’all know what’s going on for the people that’s viewing this y’all don’t know really what’s going on to you live where i live. Okay and you understand what i’m going through i’ve been trying to get out this neighborhood for years, my grandfather had a building right over there on 64th and eberhard i’ve been trying for years man, my whole family moved out the neighbor i’m. The only one left in this neighborhood – none of my relatives, are nowhere near this place.

They all live in the suburbs or something like that. I think i deserve all the things i’ve done was a basketball star musician now now i’m doing youtube. I do security full time for a living. I’Ve worked hard. Man it’s, like you know, i’ve, been going through a lot of hardship but i’m doing this right here, not just to entertain i’m doing this. You know so people can be aware of things but that’s. What i went to school to be a reporter after my my athletic career, i played basketball. You know i want to be a sports commentator, you know so you know and it’s like since i came back here to chicago. I thought i went to grandma state to play basketball and i didn’t like it. I came back i’ve been just going through the ups and downs and my daughter came out and i had to support her, but now she’s 21. You know i did what i had to do so now: i’m, just trying to you know i’m still trying to hold on to my dreams – and this is a part of right here. You know i’m doing entertainment but i’m doing something that’s important too i’m letting y’all know making y’all aware of what’s going on in the environment. I stay in right now. Hopefully lucky y’all ever heard no gunshots yet. But if i was to film some of those videos, then y’all be alarmed like all the videos i have feel when people was getting shot on the other side of my window.

On the other side of my apartment, all the gunshots the drive bags. I got a lot of footage, but i never you know uh expose that to the public, because i stay in this neighborhood you know or not. You know i don’t want to be a victim. You know circumstances and things like that. But anyway man, you know i’m. Just just saying you know: y’all got to pay attention out here, what’s going on. You know where y’all live it, but you never know what that thing could have been man, but they’ve been a lot of shootings now it’s gone because the fed said now right. The feds are here now, so they investigate everything everything right, but on this night man, it’s very clear and y’all clearly can see it’s gone, okay, that’s gon na be a type of video. I think he left, i think the ufo left or whatever it was, is go now so yeah we’re gon na end it on that note, and if you come back tomorrow again y’all gon na be the first ones to know about it. But i’ve been doing my due diligence as a uh, an american representing all people. You know and let y’all see what’s happening where i stayed all right, but it’s your boy lcd one baby else, wan na be exact. That is star gazer lc, the one to be exact, that is about to sign up man, make sure i like this video share, comment and subscribe, and most important of all man.

Please turn on notification button. Please subscribe man rock with your boy. Man help me get up out of here. Man all right, cause, y’all, understand man. I miss y’all right. This is it’s, no joke here. You know, and i think i’ve done a lot – a good service man i deserve to be in a better state of mind, a better place. Okay, but anyway, man make sure y’all turn the video on oh that’s, a plane right there that that’s exactly what the thing being too y’all say that there’s a plane right there, so i’m gon na put that cap. No, i can’t put that in that camera. We talking about it’s gone now so, but anyway, man make sure. I like the video share, comment, subscribe and turn the notification bell button. I look. Those planes flying through the clouds and i’m hollering later man living over here can make you delirious on jesus i’m. Out of charlotte man, yeah yeah yeah, hey man, i’m, just gon na keep it 100 with y’all man, Music. She yeah don’t forget to get your custom t shirts shit. They gon na turn off from llc the one you see the custom prints all over the shirt. You dig what i’m talking about when playing no game the custom sweater you’re digging on time about yeah uh huh, with the backing print. On the same, i got the t shirts as well. You did unisex long sleeves. Now we got the and then i got the full zip up custom with the pockets on and the stuff you they gon na talk about back printing, sleeve and print.

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