Now the band’s guitarist Michael Schenker was becoming more erratic, with his behavior and after going AWOL in 1977. On the eve of a major US tour supporting rush, he finally walked off for good in November of 1978, the band would end up recruiting old, buddy, Paul Chapman and after a year of touring, Chapman and the Welshman were ready to record their next record with big Time producer George Martin, who up until that point and pretty much for the rest of his career, was best known for working with the Beatles former UFO bass player Pete Way remembered working with Martin who passed away in 2016. Saying George was a really nice guy and getting to make a record with him. It was a complete honor. Now the band would spend two months in the sun baked island in the Caribbean, known as Montserrat Martin had built the studio on the island after he took a liking to the place during his time in the Navy and the band’s label loved the idea. Given the islands, lack of bars made it the perfect environment and less risky to work in than a sprawling urban landscape like la New York or London, but Pete Way would reject that notion. Saying rubbish. This was UFO. If you wanted to do so, you could get completely drunk on rum that you’d fall over and Wei was completely right.

Despite the band reigning in there. After our hobbies during working hours, it seemed like a huge clash would happen as Martin was a very structure.

Type of producer who ran on a very strict schedule, Wei would go on to say, you’d start at 11, o’clock a.m. and at 600 p.m. there’d be a break. A gentleman in a white jacket would bring him a gin and tonic and we’d head into the main house for a meal. It was all very colonial and civilized though it didn’t stay that way when Martin retired for the evening and according to way, Martin had no problem with alcohol being consumed in the studio, any favor to laid back and friendly approach, saying sometimes in the evening. We’D all meet up at the beach. Of course, it was a warm and bright George would go into the sea and swim for miles. He was incredibly fit and way considered himself to be a fan of the Beatles, but he was a bigger fan of heavier groups. Like the Rolling Stones Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, so it wasn’t like he was in awe or worship Martin or his sidekick Geoff Emerick. Who would service engineer on the album saying George was like one of the boys. Really he never threw his weight about or reminded you of his reputation. He was always very interested in the way that we like to work, because it was really an experiment on both sides of the equation.

For instance, he wasn’t used to recording the backing tracks. First, sometimes he’d ask is Phil coming in today, because he was used to John and Paul having their lyrics ready and George was getting anxious about the lack of words and we have to placate him saying.

Oh don’t worry they’re done when we all knew very well that Phil was down at the beach waterskiing UFO would be bewildered by the quietness of Martin’s studio playbacks with we saying they sounded like a transistor radio after George left the studio, Paul Chapman, and I would Ratchet up the volume to the point where I’m surprised the place still had a roof and by the time the album was released, UFO were unable to come up with a hit single. The highest charting single was a song named young blood which stalled at number 36 and being tucked away at the beginning of side. Two of no place two runs original vinyl edition with way saying it’s, not a bad album, but we found George’s mix a bit low. Key way would say: 36 years later. All the same, it is some really good songs and it’s nicely put together. George Martin himself, without naming any groups, told an interviewer in 1994. I once had a flirtation with heavy metal, and I regretted it very much. The genre didn’t seem to have any sense and Martin would also go on to produce cheap Trick’s all shook up, but Pete way.

It was obvious who Martin was talking about he’d, say: George. Was probably talking about us, he admits he wasn’t used to hearing lalala as lyrics until the very last minute, but the thing about UFO is that we always come through with the goods. What he hadn’t expected was that we were like a stone.

You just couldn’t move the way we worked was so long established and George cope with the situation, but it puzzled him too, and perhaps we missed an opportunity.