Oh yeah, my fiance, so i’ve been at work all day and there’s. Nothing really to report on work is kind of boring for me, except one thing. I have one complaint and it’s a very first world problem, so like a week ago or two, they told me that i was moving out of my office and when they told me that it was like a last minute thing, like literally last minute, like hey, you Have to move out of your office today, kind of thing so when they told me that they put me in in this room, that literally has nothing in it. The phone was in the floor and i had to roll in this table from this conference room that this empty conference room, because i literally had nothing. I didn’t have a chair. I had nothing well it’s been two weeks and i still have nothing like i, my desk isn’t there. All my stuff is in boxes and like did they just forget about you, our neighbors opening that so it’s gon na be really funny here. But to answer your question i i don’t know: i’ve mentioned it several times, so i don’t know what else i’m supposed to do like i’m, just waiting for them to move a desk so and like more of my furniture. So i can actually put things on shelves and stuff, but anyways that’s, a very versatile problem and that’s all that’s happening in my work.

Life we’re about to head to this city called royce city, which is kind of close to where we live actually it’s in the middle of nowhere and there’s, like this ufo kind of weird empty building, that’s just in the middle of the like the road and the Highway – and so i found that out today, i thought it might be kind of interesting to go. Look at it. People not talk about it. I’Ve never heard of it before so. I’Ve never heard of it yeah. So i figured let’s go check it out. So anyways we’ll see you guys there all right so behind me is the futuristic home that i was trying to show you guys up until recently. Apparently, you could go in there and um check it out, but now that, if you i don’t know if you can tell they have these no trespassing signs and they say that they have cameras in use, and i don’t want the police being called on me. So i’m not going to go in there, which is kind of the plan, but i can at least tell you about it and fly my drone. According to a website that i found it said that this was built in the 1960s like in the late 1960s. They were meant to be cheap and durable homes that you could have in any environment, they’re made of fiberglass and plastic according to the website, there’s only 16 pieces to the home, so you could build it up and tear it down really easily.

They were built all over the world like in finland, where it’s snowy and then here in texas, in the middle of nowhere, where it’s super hot, a lot of people didn’t like the design of it. Although many of them were created the oil crisis and then zoning laws were the reason why these didn’t get built more often there’s, very few of them. There’S only 50 according to this website, left all over the world. So this is one of them here in texas, it’s close to dallas, maybe like an hour away from dallas. But the problem is like i said i can’t go in there, so i’ll try to get a few drone shots, but that’s probably going to be it for for this portion of the vlog today, Music say what guys sorry about the disappointment. I usually have the courage to go into places like that and ask for forgiveness later, but since i’m post posting this to youtube, like there’s, very clear evidence that i went in there and there’s no denial or deniability that i could have if they decided to prosecute Me or something like that, i doubt it but um yeah, so i just got a few drone shots. Um megan was saying that she was looking it up while i was taking the drone shots and that some people, just as of like last month, we’re going in there – i just i get scared about. I usually don’t get scared about authority and crap like that, but for this one for some reason i do the only thing that i could kind of tell that i don’t know if it’s gon na show up on the drone shots is that um there was like A lot of graffiti in there and maybe that’s why they’re doing the no trespassing but uh is there anything in there.

I couldn’t tell – and i i didn’t have the courage to try to get my drone through one of the little windows um, but truthfully it’s, not that big. So if this is supposed to be like a little home like a vacation home or something like that, that’d be tiny, i can’t see a family living and something like that 35 40 minutes to get here. Thinking we were going to be able to go in. So sorry that this wasn’t, better than i feel like usually yeah as usual, some points in my vlogs fail. So this is a fail, but uh it’s still kind of interesting. If you’re ever in this area, you could always drive by but weren’t you saying that you went as a kid, though my grandma used to live out in the country and um. I always knew that we were close to our house once we drove by like an orange ufo thing so i’m pretty sure it’s this one but i’m, not for sure, but you never went in. No, we just always drove past it on the way to our house. Somebody just parked here it may be the guy who owns the land, so i think we’re going to wrap it up here, um a short vlog today, but hopefully it was smiling interesting but uh. Thank you.