Would you believe it if you were one of those witnesses in its lights, was a mass uf sighting that swept across a whole state and soon became a global legend known as the phoenix lights, the events of march 13th? 1997.? So all these these recorded and reported um sightings happened on march 13, 1997 consisted of two mass ufo sightings that were witnessed by thousands of people from phoenix to tucson. For weeks, the vent was limited to local folklore, but when usa today ran a front page story on the event, the phoenix lights shot to prominence and the events have been a main mainstay of uf ufo document document documentary. Sorry ever since, and a movie was even made based off of the sighting, and these sightings not were not only occurred in phoenix but were seen in nevada as well as new mexico. It says that the very witnesses witness testimonies have made it difficult to break down the sightings of march 13th, but it is generally agreed that there were two distinct events occurring within a few hours of each other and we’re, going to kind of go through a timeline Of of these sightings, the first came in the form of a v shaped light formation that was initially witnessed on the nevada arizona border before moving south through phoenix toward south toward tucson, and then the second and more widely reported set of sightings were more localized to The phoenix area and consisted of a formation estimated to be larger than a football field.

The second event would hang in the sky for about 30 minutes and was captured on film by con by countless witnesses. Now we’re going to um play a couple videos. I found that um are talking with two witnesses that saw the this ufo sighting and what it looked like and just what they encountered and then we’ll come back and we’ll discuss the timeline. This event called lights over phoenix. What did you see? Well, i saw a uh a huge craft, just kind of come right over squaw peak um. That was you know. It was just breathtaking and um. I i’m not sure about that. The date you’ve got a better memory than i do yeah, but there was no like the clinton day. No, no! No. I was on a strict diet, no i’m sure i’m serious. Now that that it was a, it was a unquestionably. It was a ufo which means unidentified flying object, doesn’t think we’re being visited well it’s, nothing like anything i’ve ever seen and you’re an air force. Guy, yeah yeah and a pilot i’ve got a lot of hours flying so it was pretty breathtaking and um and i’ll. Never forget i i snuck out to see it um. You know without dps, which i i’m not supposed to be driving my own car and that kind of thing, and so, but i told ann what i was doing. I was going to go up to squaw peak and see what everybody was you know clamoring about and when i walked in the front door.

She looked at me and i was apparently just normally i’m fair, complected and pale anyway right and she said, oh my gosh. She said, she’d, look like a ghost. What did you see, and i said i don’t know what i saw but it’s. It was really something and i’m not going to talk about it and wow. Did it frighten you? No, i no. I i think i was kind of in awe really. You know how big bigger thing i’ve ever seen in the sky, like an aircraft carrier, yeah yeah. Something like that. You know, and it was hard to define because of the light in terms of the size, but it, but it was absolutely silent and had sort of eerie, embedded lights and you know so that’s what i saw and i wasn’t expecting to see anything because i was Looking out over at luke to the west and uh, and then all of a sudden, these people in the park uh the area on the just on the west side of 51. There are a bunch of people there. Everybody said, look at that and we turned around and this thing was coming from the northwest traveling to the southeast. We now know – and it really hit me when, when we were watching the diamondbacks in game seven and the b1 flew over over, it was not yeah. It wasn’t a b1 bomber, but that thing all of a sudden out of nowhere appears – and i and i said to somebody that night, i said well, you know when they do test these.

They test them in populated areas, their new stuff. They test it to see. If people detect it, do you believe it was ours, do you believe it was something from the us government that they were kind of flying around that wasn’t, even close to a b, was much bigger than a b1, a b1 actually isn’t? That big, i mean right. I mean if it’s it’s at low altitude it’ll appear big, but you know this. This was totally different. Something, though, that you think our own government may have been kind of running by a populated area to see what would happen. I will. They certainly certainly achieved their goal of stirring the pot if that’s what they were doing, but i don’t think i don’t think so i don’t, i think this was technologically far advanced. I also i use the i use the analogy. Can you imagine if you took christopher columbus and put him in the cockpit of a boeing triple seven, what his reaction would be? He wouldn’t understand it. He would be convinced that this is something from another world. You know. Is that weird, and i think i i really believe i believe that i believe that but i’ve always been open to that. You know we’re, not alone in the universe. I agree we’re going to find that we’re going to find out one way or the other even bill clinton was talking about that. The other day on the national news.

I saw that yeah. I do believe that that we’re, not alone, i just don’t, know that we’ve been visited, but you think maybe that night we were, i i think so yeah there have been so many different sort of sightings and inexplicable phenomena that you know, but but the disparity uh In terms of technological progress would be so vast that we would be, i think, of sort of no consequence to whoever is visiting us, because the technology to get here would be just beyond anything. We could imagine, did it hover? No, it was just going in a straight line: slow pace, yeah, slow pace, yeah and then you know there were all the sightings. There were the sightings of the america west plane coming into sky. Harbor said he could have landed on it and it was enormous, like an, i think, that’s a fair description, yeah god yeah yeah, yeah it’s kind of interesting, maybe it’s our next generation we’re working on who knows well we’ll find out it someday. Okay, so here is the timeline of the phoenix lights. So again this occurred on march 13th, 1997 so 23 years ago, so apparently at night this is military time, 19 hours and 55 minutes mountain standard time. There was an initial report cited in henderson nevada and the witness a man reports seeing a v shaped object with six lights on leading on leading edge. He said it was the size of a boeing 747 and sounded like rushing wind, so that was the initial sighting at 19 hours and 55 minutes mountain standard time and then at 20 hours and 15 minutes um a former police officer sighted.

This object in the air. He claims he was driving north when a cluster of reddish orange lights in the sky, there was four lights together and a fifth one trailing the others into the into the witness and to the witness. It was in a formation consisted of two separate points: sources of orange lights, okay and then at 20 hours and 17 minutes. It was cited in prescott and prescott valley. It says several callers reported sightings of a solid object that blocked much of the sky as it passed over the um, the kaiser family, the john kaiser family stood outside their home, as they witnessed a cluster of red lights, forming a triangle portion except the nose of The object which was white, so it sounds like most of the siding reports. It was like in a v shape and then the kind of family said that there was orange, slides and then the very point there was a white light um. There was no sound, however, heard he um. The witnesses said that it hovered overhead for two to three minutes before disappearing to the southeast. Okay, and now at 20 hours and 40 minutes it arrived in phoenix. It says that a family witnessed what they say was a 60 degree carpenters square with five lights, traveled. Slowly then, hovered in silence before heading towards sky harbor airport witnesses in glendale, including a cement truck driver um, who was hauling a load in north phoenix, reported.

The lighted object hovered over the area for more than two hours. Okay. So then, so that was in 1997 and then supposedly there were future sightings in 2007 and 2008. near kingman, a young man traveling toward los angeles reports, a large bizarre cluster of stars moving slowly across the northern sky on february 6. 2007. So this was let’s, say: 97 right, 10 years later, a repeat of light occurred. However, according to military officers, they were just flares drops from a f 16 aircraft training at luke air force base. So the it sounds like the government was, you know they report that they were doing some training and then, a year later, on april 21st, 2008, a phoenix re resident reported three jets heading in the same direction of the lights, but united states air forces denies any Activity in that area at that time and then the next day on april 22nd 2008, there was a false sighting after confirmations that a resident released helium balloons into the air with flares attached playing a prank. So i don’t know do you believe in ufos? It was march 13 1997, when something very unusual appeared in the arizona night sky. What has become the most witnessed most documented, most important mass aerial sighting in modern history called the phoenix lights well, over 10 thousand people witnessing enormous crafts with big round lights flying low over the city. I don’t know what they were, but i know that they were and this eyewitness dr lynn kitai, made international headlines with her subsequent book and documentary recounting this paranormal phenomenon.

So she breaks down the event and its impact, starting with what people saw, that fateful night witnesses describe these massive one to eight mile wide objects. We all looked up at the same time and saw this amazing. Huge dark, silent object, a visual described by those who saw it as a v shaped craft with amber orbs, the lights resembled can lights. What struck me was the sheer size of these lights. It was almost as if the orb was crafted out of light. Next, what happened after this paranormal event? Over the years there have been reports of other similar sightings from around the world, and a number of expert military witnesses have come forward. Acknowledging the phoenix lights as an official, important, ufo, sighting and that’s lending more credibility to the whole topic plus there’s. Another interesting follow up to this story, yet there hasn’t been one, not one report of harm threat or abduction associated with the phoenix lights. In fact, it’s been quite the contrary, people were in awe and in wonder, curious i’ve had so many people tell me that they feel blessed to have had the experience.