Great consequence in this part of the world we’ve been talking about this one for a while, and they have rolled up to it in fantastic numbers. You should have seen the roads outside the ground in the arrow two leading up to it. It has been bumper to bumper. The traffic has been extraordinary, but the level of expectation is also very, very high and uh. These supporters, who were queuing around the block for their tickets as soon as we knew the date of the fixture. Well now they can’t wait for it to begin and begin. It will any second now well, it is a great view inside wembley. It gives it that special feeling, no matter which match it, is hosting well. They have thrown down the gauntlet with that anthem now to match it. Music, ukraine have opted for a four five one formation. It appears jim well most teams that use this system. Peter will work it in a way where yes, they’ll, have a 4, 5 1 shape off the ball, and ideally, a 4 3 3 shape on it. We often see that 4 1 4 1 shake too, and that has an obvious flexibility about it: it’s a it’s, a popular managerial selection because of that it’s just extremely flexible, with all the numbers i’ve mentioned and we’re underway Applause now where’s, he looking just brushed off The ball: there, Applause goes looking knocks it away. It’S come through goes for goal, Applause, anything noteworthy in the early part of the match.

Jim well. Both sides seem happy with the patient approach for now still trying to have a good look at one Applause. Another Applause. Oh so close to what would have been a memorable goal, he almost benefited from some real generosity. No wonder the keeper’s going nuts Applause chance to shoot a one nil, lead established! Well, just listen to the reaction. I think you can hear the approval from the support. All around the stadium and it’s paid forward Applause, that’s, a foul free, kickstand Applause, and he has given him a yellow card has a hit. Are the balls come loose Applause forward? It goes now. It’S afetovic drives it forward and he’s cutting out yarmolenko Applause; Applause! Oh, that was nice, but not quite the end product required. It didn’t quite come off on this occasion, but it only needs a gentle tweak. The ball needed to be better. There that’s a wasted chance. Applause now, it’s yomolenko deftly done no that’s, not the ball. He wanted Applause how’s, it go Applause, not the most convincing displays. They could certainly do much better than this. They want to keep being simple, build up their confidence and not rush into the Applause stakes that gets things going for the second half. Switzerland need to get the balance right to sort this out. Ambition must be complimented by just the right amount of caution, and i think the more experienced players can oversee that and it’s yomolenko sinchenko and he’s, going along yamalenko played into the middle gon na check up Applause, switzerland chasing a one goal deficit here, yamalenko doesn’t get The pass he’s looking for Applause, he spotted the rod and played him through and the counter is on chance, big relief, it just needed kind of contact.

Switzerland, looking quite mean on the counter and combating that requires even more meanness Applause, your impression so far, jim switzerland are now matching their opponents blow for blow. Despite the scoreline, no shrinking violets out there, Applause Music, switzerland can defend those situations better by stopping the crosser. At source he’s going for goal, hoist it forward battles to win it back, but this is exactly the approach they have to take now. Peter hope is just about the sum of it. Isn’T it jim spot on peter tries to get it forward quickly. Ukraine are clearly looking to kill this game off it’s keeping the ball away from the other end too it’s nice lifting it over there’s a real appetite from them to finally put this game to bed. But will they Applause, albeit perhaps momentary Applause peter? They have to fight the onset of desperation and keep enough cool heads to still deliver Applause, good first touch and almost as good a second ah that’s a great effort. There was very little backlit to indicate what was coming. Applause checks on the touchline, the change about your car Applause, granite, chaka and it’s played forward sephiroth Applause, Music Applause.