Temperatures are kind as well, no doubt playing a hand in high attendance levels as well as an elevated level of anticipation here. Surely this is the hot ticket going around in this neck of the woods? It surely must be this one of the great amphitheaters of the game. You are welcome to it and indeed to one of the grandest fixtures. We stand for the national anthem of Music, switzerland, Music. Well, that was impressive match that Music, Music and now ukraine have gone with a 4 5 1 gym. Well, if you want to secure a clean sheet peter, this is a very good way of going about it. It adds discipline and lends a stubbornness to that midfield which can stifle opposition attempts to to play through, and it takes a lot of pressure off your defense. Of course, forces longer passes through the aerial route. So all things considered that extra layer across midfield is highly highly effective, so off we go then yamalenko i’ll try as they might they just couldn’t get into an attacking area that looks a felt yep referee’s, giving it so goes for it lacking in accuracy yeah on Another occasion all that went wrong may come right. Shaka gathers from the goal kick stepanenko hoist it forward. That’S great strength on the ball. Can’T get the better of his opposite number. Sinchenko he’s gon na have to tune his range finder before the next one. Switzerland seem happy to let their strikers roam out wide.

I wouldn’t want that. No, no! Well! My worry is that their their main threat is being shifted out of contention, just brushed off the ball there. He is not one readily to admit defeat. Don’T be surprised if he tries that again he’s there to receive it and the defense can get it clear and it’s yomolenko yamalenko goes for the cross. He’S had a shot and that’s caused a worry or two that’s a little unfortunate. He had a lot of people worried, then so a third of the match or thereabouts gone, and we still await the first goal now. Surely, decent enough try and it’s been taken short great strength too strong for his opponent, whistle’s gone that’s, a foul piertov deals with it effortlessly yamalenko! Well, if anyone is going to break the deadlock, now would be a good time who’s getting there it’s that was mighty. Close, ah poorly directed kick from the keeper he’s, given it away, granit chaka and here’s safirovich gets it back stepanenko and the whistle goes for half time so now the team has broken through, but certainly not for the want of trying it’s been an interesting game up To now, but still goalless whistle goes and we start the second half. Switzerland can feel really happy with themselves the scoreline doesn’t back it up, but they’ve played with urgency and purpose and can’t afford to lose patience in this. Second half they’ve got to persevere. Oh, he can pounce on that.

No mistake, and that is the goal. We’Ve all been yearning for piersov reacted well to the initial effort, but couldn’t get it right out of the danger area. I might sound a little harsh here, but the keeper i felt could have done a better job in ensuring that ball didn’t go back out into the danger area: Music. A one, nil, lead established. Well, whatever the manager said in that dressing room at half time. It’S worked a treat yamalenko stepanenko yeah that’s top defending in preventing him turning which can open up many possibilities, gets it back. He’S got through sinchenko and it’s sampolo, well, positioned to make that interception your impression so far, jim well, while the temptation’s always there peter. I think it would be ill advised of them to try settle for what they’ve got well played. He saw that coming yarmolenko, cepherovic and here’s emporo. Switzerland have made a great start to the second half and the score is one nil, strong challenge, but well within the laws battles to win it back and it’s, loose ball, who’s gon na get that i think that’s offside. Yes, it is. Switzerland are clearly looking to kill this game off it’s keeping the ball away from the other end too. Foreign yamalenko has a pop. It goes well, it’s, certainly livened things up a bit and that next goal now is absolutely crucial. He was so alert to the possibilities there great stuff. Well, as they say peter.

If you don’t speculate, you won’t, accumulate and we’ve just witnessed a player who was rewarded for his willingness to take a risk as cunning as it comes switzerland making consecutive changes here, ukraine grab the equalizer and we’re all square. Well. The big question now is whether they can keep the energy levels up and try and grab a winner. The referee’s awarded a free kick just five minutes left and that has sent him sprawling. Oh he’s brought him down and it is a penalty. Switzerland have been handed a game changing chance. Well, the protest continues, but in the end they are defending the indefensible. Well, i think the alternative was to stand there and do nothing while he tried to score and obviously he’s not going to allow that peter. Is he he’ll know exactly where he wants to put Music it? Oh no. He misses from the spot. Oh peter, i i’m not a great reader of body language, but i didn’t like the way he walked up to that and it’s sh good work on the right flank now, what’s next, defending of the desperate variety yamalenko they’re playing as if time is on their side. When it’s it’s, fast running out they’ve got to quicken this up referee looks at his watch and blows his whistle so nothing between them.