Applause. Welcome to the big we’ve got to keep an eye on this guy. The light heavyweight division is exploding at the moment. I was a kid with a lot of energy i play soccer. They club kicked me out because i was too violent in the games. There was a kickboxing club, five minutes away. I went with my father and fall in love in the sport Music. When i turn 19, i decide i want to do mma, because this was the ultimate martial arts in a grappling session. He was grappling and my knee pops out. I went to the doctor and he told me like your acl is torn and your manisc four months after surgery, i started training and i torn the acl and the meniscus again i was thinking okay, maybe i have to stop mma and do something else. My family told me keep going, you can do it. I spent 18 months of recovering, i told myself and i told everyone i’m gon na be back but stronger than ever 18 months. I did my comeback fight in austria against a dangerous guy. I won in the first round, one week later i signed with the ufc, and i was the happiest man in life: Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, not oh Applause sparring. I see many people like very strong, fast and athletic. The difference with him is his mindset. He’S going to work hard through all the adversity for all of us, like the normal humans, it’s, not really hard, but when you see him he’s like it’s, not so hard yeah the lion leg, the lion leg roberto is my grappling mma coach.

Then i have a richard staudner here: is my performance code slowly and boom good stabilize. We start to train weightlifting one and a half years ago in weightlifting. You need strength, you need speed, you need to be explosive. You need to have a good coordination. I’M, a different animal. I feel stronger than my opponents. My control is better. I am more explosive. We focus really long time on the technique. Easy exercises, low weight and then increasing alex is now around 130 kilos in the clean and jerk, for example, we’ll bring him up at the end of the year 150 kilos in clean and jerk 100 kilo in the snatch and that’s it Music i’m different than anyone Else i train different. I have a different relationship between me and my coaches. Mma is growing really fast and we are the next generation and the next era.