Next monday’s, the first for show, if you have siriusxm check it out, i’ll, be on three hours a day. Every day, once everything gets going right now, it’s two hours a day, but uh yeah, full time gig with siriusxm thanks a lot for everybody who uh gave me the well wishes and that’s gon na be my full time. Gig from here on out, i’ll still be doing these i know not. Everyone has siriusxm i’m, going to be repeating myself a little bit, but i got to keep my youtube channel going and i appreciate you guys, checking it out so back to anthony smith versus alexander rakich bottom of the card, magamet akalaya versus iwan kutilaba. This is a rematch that was supposed to take place a little while ago. Uh then, a bad covic test, uh extended things yet again for real didn’t, see the first one, a lot of bad blood, kuta laba, really getting in uncle live’s face, as he often does and um anyway. What i said last time when i broke this one down it’s the same thing, these guys don’t like one another, they were trading punches early, throwing all kinds of strikes. It was a kickboxing match with mma gloves on, and one thing that seems to be kind of overlooked to me is ankalive was landing more than kutalaba. You know, ankalive was doing better in the stand up. Was he landing knockout shots? No were a lot of them.

Getting deflected and stuff like that yeah, but he was landing more than kuta laba, so in what i think is probably going to be a kickboxing battle. The first time around uh uncle live, looked a little bit sharper and kutilaba. One thing i look for when i, when i think about a fighter’s striking ability and their well roundedness, is how do they handle duress? How do they hand it when they handle it when they’re under attack, kuta laba’s response under attack from on collide was throwback harder? Even though they weren’t landing it wasn’t really working, he was just standing like okay i’ll, take a couple: i’ll, try and block what i can and i’m gon na come over the top with a big counter shot. He didn’t necessarily try to slip or angle or get creative with his defense. It was answer back harder and i’m gon na win, so we saw what happens when the going gets rough for him. He just goes back to his power punches, sometimes that’s, going to work, but a lot of times it isn’t, and also the fact that um enclave seemed to be the sharper striker when they were on the feet, makes me lean a little bit more toward ankaliv. Also, when two fighters are emotional and there’s bad blood or b for anything like this, the one that’s a little more, i don’t say casual about it, but one the one that’s, less emotional, the one that’s not wrapped up in making this super duper personal to me, Has a little bit of an edge and chelsea – and i were talking about this actually this morning – and you know like him versus – is uh versus vandalis silva vandelay’s, the one that really got worked up, chael didn’t, chill kind of, let vandelay be the angry one.

The mad one he’s good at getting opponents off their game because they get so upset and want to hit him so badly same thing with conor mcgregor. You know he gets fighters to fight emotional fights. I don’t think he’s that emotional um chael. I know isn’t that emotional i spend enough time around the guy. He doesn’t take it that personally, so in this instance, i think kuta laba is the more emotional fighter he lost last time. With the whole, it was an early stoppage completely. I will admit that when he, you know kind of, did the fake out and did a little bit of the wobble and stuff like that, and the referee bought it and stopped the fight well, he’s, the one that has more to prove. I think he’s gon na come out angry. I think it’s gon na cost him. I don’t like the fact that he would now he’s always emotional it’s, true he’s, an emotional fighter, but i think he’s gon na be exceptionally emotional in this fight. Uh uncle i’ve already showed that he’s an excellent kickboxer. I don’t think that combination works out very well for him. I got ta go by ankalia, probably by knockout, considering how this fight’s gon na go. Ricardo, llamas, uh, uh algio, looks like oh i’m pronouncing it correctly. I saw the fights, but i wasn’t listening um ricardo llamas, one of those guys went from challenger to really solid gatekeeper and very, very tough fighter.

He’S. Well rounded he’s experienced there’s, not a lot. He hasn’t done there’s, nothing that really stands out that i, i think he’s he’s a more than decent kickboxer, but with ricardo llamas it’s like he always finds a way to when he wins fights against tough opponents. They make a mistake and he capitalizes it wasn’t that he’s super athletic or crazy. Accurate has a ton of power, it’s he’s, really good at taking advantage of his opponent’s mistakes, he’s very, very good at that he’s very opportunistic as a fighter. So when i look at that, i look at his opponent, whose biggest fight was in the contender series which he lost, um he’s big for the weight class he’s solid. There are no serious gaps in this game, but he doesn’t do anything that well there’s. No one thing in my opinion that algo does great that that rakana llamas hasn’t dealt with or seen before, yeah he’s getting older at 38. yeah. If you look at the josh, emmett knockout he’s, taking some bad shots and they start catching up with you at about this age, especially this weight class everybody’s, pretty quick, you got to stay super sharp it’s, not like heavy weights, where you can have your prime in Your mid to late 30s, so i would say, ricotta llamas, is certainly on the downside in this fight, but he’s experienced enough to take a rookie into deep water to show them tricks. They haven’t seen before to uh not get emotional when things don’t work out his way.

I don’t see his opponent having any of those gifts he’s just trying to find his legs in the ufc in his first fight in the actual ufc itself. Not the contender series is against a former challenger, who still has some tread on the tires from what i’ve seen so yeah the losses to calvin keator he’s always lost to guys who are right now at the contender level. So we haven’t seen that real step down performance from ricardo lamas, where he takes on a no name and just lays an egg that night and doesn’t fight. Well, we haven’t seen that yet um algio needs to do something, dig a little deeper in this fight and show me a a trick or two that we haven’t seen so far in his career. I go for carter, llamas, probably by decision i think uh. He ricardo, llamas can’t beat the elite anymore, but he bl. He beats this up and comer alexa grasso uh jun, kim jin kim i called kim’s fight um against shivchenko in vegas, and a couple things kind of stood out to me is that she was tough. She had good hands good boxer, she wasn’t she didn’t, i didn’t see crazy athleticism. I didn’t see crazy speed or aggression. She hung tough, she didn’t get knocked out by shivchenko. It went to decision, but on the outside, she didn’t have a lot of offensive options. She has really good hand speed, but she was kept outside for a lot of that fight.

She was in the clinch for a lot of that fight. She was in spaces where she couldn’t use her boxing. It didn’t work out well for her, so i saw kind of a i don’t say one dimensional, but her strength is definitely her boxing. When that got negated. I i didn’t see a lot of options for her offensively. Alexa grazo is one of those where her opponent gets her wrestling going and bullies her and takes her out of her game. His little board uses their athleticism that’s where she kind of falls apart. We saw that carlos spars, a fight, a lot of people thought she won that, but she couldn’t deal with carlos paris wrestling game. You know the top pressure, the wrestling game, the clinch game. She wasn’t there for that she’s not facing that kind of opponent and kim she’s facing someone who wants to keep things at boxing range and alexa grosso has good hands. She has good hands. She has good speed, um that’s, her strength as well, and i think when it comes to moving up to 125 from 115 she’s going to have the speed advantage, she’s got the combination advantage um. I think she boxes kim up at that medium range and kim is going to be a bit bigger, but she hasn’t yet shown me the ability to use that size and strength advantage uh to keep it out of grosvel’s range. I think grasso turns it into a boxing match keeps it there.

Doesn’T have to worry about the wrestling like she did against esparza and tatiana suarez, so um kim, just i don’t, think, has a physical skills to solve alexa grasso. I think grosso probably wins by decision. Oh robbie lawler, neil magney. This would be a great fight. I i mean every mma fan has to be a fan of robbie lawler. I think that’s part of like being an mma fan. Is you have to love robbie lawler? I love robbie lawler, but i also really love neil magne um he’s bounced back really well from the beating he took from santiago ponzinibo. I was really worried about him in that fight after that fight. I was worried about him during and after that fight because man, he took a pummeling there, neil magnus, one of those guys where, with his build and his weapons and his frame, he should keep guys on the outside and win every fight by decision six foot. Three. Incredibly rangy his reach is out of this world um. No one should be able to get passes past his his jab in his lead, kick the issue he has is, and he has a great clinch his issue is: he tends to be aggressive on the feet and give up that range advantage when you have more range In your opponent um, i describe it like being a sniper, you find your spot and you stay there and you let your opponent come to you the guys with the sniper rifle don’t charge across the battlefield at their opponents.

They let them come to them. They pick them off, that’s have to see a long jab that’s after you see a long kick is i’m staying. Here you got to walk through my jab. To get to me got to walk through my line of fire. The problem is magnet, gets so aggressive that he ends up giving up his own range in a lot of fights so that’s one thing he cannot do against robbie lawler for, of course, robbie’s lost. His last three he’s lost four out of the last five sucks, because you know i really like robbie lawler but he’s, probably on the downside of his career he’s been in the ufc, since he was 19 years old, uh former champion hall of fame career love him To death um, but does he still have the the explosiveness and the he’s always got the power, but does he have the explosiveness and athleticism to get in range and stay in range against colby covington? He started gassing at the end of the first round. Now, of course, colby wears guys out, i thought robbie’s gas would last longer that i thought would be explosive and athletic longer um and he wasn’t so we’re kind of seeing maybe the whole package. The whole skill set itself wearing down a little bit still has power? Can still knock you out, but his ability to get inside to make you miss uh. Those kind of things might not be there anymore.

He needs those against neil magne. I think neil magney can fight a smart fight. Keep this fight in two places so outside that robbie lawler, can’t use his power, or so close inside in clinch position that he can’t use his power. Neil magni has an excellent clinch good body, lock, courses, knees or murder in there uh. If he can get in there and stay in there, he can negate robbie lawler’s game. I think he’s smart enough to do that. I think he respects the power of robbie lawler enough that he’s not going to stay in the mid range kind of like he did against ponzinibio and take a beating at boxing range. I would go with neil magney, probably by decision the main event anthony smith, alexander rakish, the beating he took anthony smith. The beating he took from glover to shara is one of those that you wonder about. Will a fighter ever be the same guy? It was one of those. This is a quick turnaround, but one thing to keep in mind with the glover to share fight. He was fighting a great fight until he got hurt and the fight kind of kind of switched around on him. He was fighting a perfect fight, combinations looked good, he was accurate, you know he was piecing glover up, i was like man that’s a mismatch and then boom he got hit and got hurt and and everything went downhill from there. So the problem is rakish.

Has that uh rockets has that kind of power he can take you out. He’S rangy he’s tall he’s powerful. He gets lazy with the lead hand, meaning he lets it float kind of low, so he’s vulnerable to the right hand over the top, which is a great punch, punch for anthony smith he’s, a fast starter. He doesn’t keep the pressure on very well against vulcan uzimir, which was uh rakish’s last fight, which a lot of people thought he won um he exploded early didn’t do well with the leg kick and had these lags where he would explode and either do damage or Or you know, uzuma would block it and write it out and then he’d take a break and let uzimir back in the fight and that’s why the fight went uzdemir’s ways he didn’t keep the pressure on for an entire round either physically or tactically, meaning keep the Physical pressure on he’s staying in a guy’s face and judges will see that you’re, the aggressor or you throw a lot of punches and hurt somebody and be the aggressor. You got to keep it on for five minutes. He had these kind of fits and starts in that fight, um and that cost him in rounds. Even if you thought he won his inability to keep the pressure on the whole time, i think he’s have to keep it on anthony smith for a while. The fast start can be good or bad remember.

This is a three rounder, not a five rounder, so maybe he starts fast and banks two rounds and and that’s enough for him. But if you’re a rocket you do want to start quickly because smith has come off a big beating. You want to get in his head, make him feel that pain and wonder man. Is this going to be a repeat of my last fight? You know psychologically. Will it hang out in the first round that’s when you test that that’s? When you see, if your opponent is, you know mentally back to where he was don’t, let him get a slow start and work back up and warm up now get on him. Bring the nightmares of the last fight right in front of his face and make him deal with it. So i think a fast start is a good thing. He doesn’t want to. You know blow all his energy in the first round against a guy like anthony smith, who is a veteran and and can come back and has a lot of physical tools, so many x factors in this fight. This may be emotional, because i work with anthony smith and siriusxm. I really like him a lot i’m going with anthony smith. Both both guys need a bounce back fight smith needs it more that to share fight knocked him way down the ladder he needs to come back. He needs to come back convincingly. I think he can do it.

Rakic needs a win as well coming off the loss of volcanoes amir, but much closer. A lot of people thought he won it wasn’t the career setback that the glover to share fight was for anthony smith. I think anthony smith needs a little bit more. I think he fights a little bit smarter. It might lead to a bit more boring fight, but i think anthony smith pulls this one out late, stop with your decision all right. Thank you. So much i’ll see you guys monday on siriusxm uh friday, night i’m. Also calling titan on ufc fight pass check it all out and call into the show man.