That is kind of a late bro bloomer in a different weight class. This was a guy that came to 205 from 185 on a hellacious knockout loss to thiago santos and all of a sudden pops back in picks up some really important wins over some all time. Legends and inserts himself into a title, fight against jon jones, one that he lost by decision he didn’t get finished now, didn’t put on a good account, himself comes out, fights alexander gustafson and it didn’t go great at the start until it went really well for smith And then, in his last fight he takes on glover to share in a fight that a lot of people, i wouldn’t say everybody, but a lot of people thought anthony smith would have won that fight yikes. He started out great. He did and it’s it wasn’t a good fight and i’m sure there’s a lot of people that are basing the wreckage pick off of smith’s last loss. You got to focus on the parts and pieces and everything that’s involved, but for alexander wreckage i mean oh yikes. This guy’s looks so good in the ufc francimar. Barros was a big win in his debut picks up another big one, over justin ledet and for ledette. It just didn’t really translate moving from heavyweight to light heavyweight, but again really good boxing on his part. Uh ladette’s part from devin clark. I mean this is a guy. That is a great wrestler.

He has good boxing. I mean a former rfa champ rocket finished him finished, jimmy manohar, a guy that’s, an even better boxer and just from a pure boxing stance. A great boxer rakage looked amazing in that fight and then in his last fight. Yes, he lost the volcano’s demir, but he put on a great account of himself and there are a lot of people that thought that alexander rakitch won that fight. So we get into this matchup anthony smith. He can become a swiss army knife, but this is the thing about anthony smith. Since he’s moved up to 205 pounds, matt doesn’t know what i’m about to say. Anthony smith is like toby maguire in the third spider man movie when he finds his style. He starts wearing those glasses. He starts saying things that anthony smith never used to say, and you know when toby mcguire got the moves and he started really swagging around anthony smith. The way that he strikes, he throws those weird punches right down the pipe where he spins into them, and they’re odd and people. It catches, people off guard and it’s, almost like anthony smith walks you down with these strikes, backs you up and then finishes you. You remember that shogun fight the elbows, the punches down the pipe there’s, so many things that you like from anthony smith, there’s a lot of things that you cannot like and he can become a little flat footed. He can really start to bear his weight on his front foot.

What have we seen from wreckage so far? So alexander rack is a really interesting case of if you’re an insanely good athlete it can actually translate to mma fairly well and not to say he doesn’t have skills as a martial artist it’s. Just when you watch him fight, you can really tell how physically strong he must be, and the justin and death fights a really good example. Now i understand just ladet’s not close to anthony smith’s skill level, but what alexander rakage was able to do to him was very impressive, because we talk a lot about people’s level of competition coming into the ufc, and it doesn’t always matter who you fought, though it Matters how you fought them if you fought a guy who was 01 show it like knock him out early. You really have to show that you’re way above your level of competition and no wreckage wasn’t able to finish lydette in that fight, but it was the least competitive, mma fight, i’ve, seen in a very long time, because wreckage on the feet could land at will could Take him down, it will just kind of rag doldon throughout and the fact that this main event is only a three round. Fight is really going to play an alexander racket just hand, because anthony smith is a guy who he’s fought five round fights before he’s fought. Jon jones, he fought gustafsson scheduled for five uzdemir, scheduled for five same thing with shogun, so a guy with a lot of that experience who now really can’t use any of that to his advantage because you’re not gon na you can’t, really have the game plan of.

Oh i’m, gon na take wreckage into the deep waters because he’s never been there before, because you’re gon na get to the shallow end of the pool and then the fight’s gon na be done, but for anthony smith. He does one thing i really like, and one thing i really hate and you would kind of mention it he’s great at collapsing. The space from range because he’ll throw his he’s got a really good front. Kick he throws those really long combinations and then, if he has his opponent backing out the second, they meet the cage he just collapses with them and, like you said, they’re throwing those big elbows, especially against the cage we don’t really have any place to go. We see guys like tony ferguson and jon jones are really able to use those to full effect, anthony smith i wouldn’t necessarily put in their category, but definitely a guy who uses elbows more than your average mma fighter for wreckage. Though it’s going to be interesting, i think he’s going to want to wrestle during this fight, even though anthony smith is a really credentialed grappler and is really good on the ground. But if anthony smith is able to start teeing off on brackish a little bit on the feet, i wouldn’t be surprised at all. If racket shoots for a takedown just to get the top position and kind of reset himself in the fight, because anthony smith is a really good grappler, but we don’t really see it off of his back all that often and i’m not going to compare uh alexander Racket just grappling global shares, because glover is widely considered, one of the better grapplers at 205, really, regardless of weight class.

What he was able to do to anthony smith, especially as that fight was drawing on, was really concerning, because it wasn’t just that anthony smith wasn’t in there skill wise he just kind of got dominated as the fight went on and he took so much damage in That clover fight glover hit him with an uppercut would hurt him, get him on the ground and basically just ground and pound him for minutes on end without getting a stoppage and the fight just kept on going that way. There was a solid i’d say, nine minutes of glover, doing nothing but hitting anthony smith and there wasn’t much retaliation and that fight wasn’t very long ago. That was you know i guess in the covet era of the us. It was just over three months ago exactly and talking about mackie pitolo, coming back only two weeks after taking you know, he took damage. Don’T get me wrong. Anthony smith took – and this might be an over exaggeration, but he took what i would consider. Probably life altering damage like if you get hit that many times and you get tko’ed really brutally and you lose teeth like that’s, something that sticks with you long past three months and you’re fighting a guy alexander wreckage, who he could. He could knock out a horse with a head, kick like he’s, a guy who has so many different skills, a lot of different facets in this game. I know he’s coming off the loss of all canoes demir, but losing to a guy like that at this stage.

In your career i know he’s 28, which is a little old to be a prospect, but at light heavyweight you can fight well into your late 30s. So he’s got a lot more development to go. I see this fight as being a really good waking up part or a really good. Welcome party for alexander wreckage, it’s very interesting too, because you mentioned it. Do we have too much put in into the stock of recency bias with anthony smith, where he just lost a little bit over three months ago to go over to share in a fight where a lot of people wanted to see the corner throwing in the towel? But still arguably you know, maybe they should have thrown the towel and maybe they shouldn’t whatever, but smith, had a bad loss there. But the last time we saw him have a really bad loss: yeah, okay, the jon jones fight, but he rebounded and beat gustafsson. He had a bad loss against thiago santos. He rebounds and beats rashad evans in a guy, that’s capable and good at a lot of things, but just not at that point in his career it was kind of more of a layup and less of a slam dunk. But you look at this fight against rakitch. I mean holy smokes. This guy, you look at his low kicks you look at his striking defense. You look at the fact that is he a wrestler no, but his takedowns.

On average i mean this. Guy is really throwing everything at you and you don’t think about it, because you look at the way he’s winning it’s with his striking or he sets it up that way. His takedown accuracy isn’t that great, but who cares? Take down defense 88, so you’re not going to see you’re you’re, probably not going to see anthony smith shooting for takedowns, because he’s the type of guy. That beats you up on the feet and then takes it to the ground. The best example is volcanoes. Demeanor and everybody likes to slag us. Well, these two guys here, hey fight night, picks covered ufc moncton in person, really a landmark, oh boy and listen when things open back up again. Maybe we’re gon na see fight night picks in a location near you covering the fights um. But still that was a highlight for us and i really like to like to mention it, but still anthony smith fought an interesting fight there because vulcanusmir. What did he have success at pushing smith up against the cage and really landing those hooks when smith held his hands up high and smith’s the type of guy that holds his hand normally during the fight, holds his hands up high uh, a muay thai stance, but Again, he’s really really heavy on that front foot all things that rackets can try to exploit, and that was something we kind of see going for it’s sort of a double edged sword with anthony smith, because he’s one of those guys who he has great leg, kicks Himself, he’s just terrible at checking them, and we saw that again.

The use of your fight he’d keep on bringing it up, but again, yeah ustamir destroyed his front leg and then he kind of did the same thing to use to mirror. And then i was like. Okay, well, neither one of us have our front legs anymore. I here’s the oh, i forgot to say the thing i don’t like about anthony smith, so i like the fact that, when he is going forward crash that space land there’s really good elbows, he gives up space really easily he’s kind of got that tower. Woodley effect. Where, if you do start to march him down a little bit he’s more than happy to just keep on walking backwards now, eventually, that is going to put your back to the cage and with anthony smith. It is sort of weird because he can be at his most dangerous than that again. Uzimer, who came up against cage, he’d lay in that front, kick and then explode forward. He’D be like okay. You’Ve got me back here now, it’s my turn to start going forward with my offense. I don’t know if you can get away with that, with wreckage like you could with usual mirror, because if you just start going forward on usdmir he’s going to try to figure out how to slip your punches and land his own counter shots, whereas with rackage that’s. Not going to be his game plan, if you move forward on him, he’s just going to duck down, take your hips and then go for the takedown.

So rackage is going to give you a lot of things to think about during the fight that, combined with the fact that anthony smith got, you know, took a lot of damage not that long ago, and just that i think rakish he’s kind of the next breed Of the 205 division, i know losing the vulcan uzmir. It is what it is. You lost a split decision. I think that could be a growing experience more than anything for you. I think that if rackets can get over on anthony smith, which i predict he will i mean who knows – what’s next, maybe yuri perhaps like there’s, so many good fights at 205 and there’s a lot of people at 205 who are starting to kind of move their Way up the division, uh it’s a really fun time for the light heavyweight division. If anthony smith wins, everybody wants to see the rematch with tiago santos make it happen, make it happen at 205., if rakitch wins exactly yuri, perhaps alexander rakitch looking for threaten me with a good time book it honestly. If the world opens up and again you’re really knocking on wood here for frederick wouldn’t, it be cool if they fought in japan, i’d like to see rockets in japan and again they’re, both european but still crazy, that’d be awesome. It won’t happen, but still i think, radkitch is going to be able to get the win there’s all sorts of different ways.

You can really break this one down it’s such an interesting card, but this is such a great fight, all the more interesting because, again, it’s it’s, a three rounder, so how’s smith’s uh camp going to approach this because factory x came under some heat after the way That last one ended for him for rockets. What are we going to see? Are we going to see new things to his game because he just lost that fight against uzdamir first lost in ufc? What do you get? I really do like brackish in this one. The odds have rackets minus 290 favorite. I don’t, like those odds, uh smith, a plus 235. If you look over on topology 848 votes, 68 going racket 75 going knockout a little bit of an inside baseball thing. If you’re gon na get really mad about maria agapova losing to shanna dobson, why would you do anything with minus 1600 odds that’s such a stupid thing to do it ruined my parlay? How much value do you get out of minus 1600, no that’s, 30 cents so think about that rackage at a minus 290? Is it worth no it’s, not worth it smith at a plus 235? It might be worth it just like. You saw frankie edgar when he fought against pedro munoz. Now we can argue about the decision till the cows come home, but still think about it in those respects. If you’re, if you’re the draftkings guy, i get it, you got to pick something so i’m going rackets.

Matt’S going wreckage, this should be a great fight. You have great fights, abound on this card. The co main event waller taking on maggie there’s so much to get excited about, but both of us in agreement with alexander wreckage, make sure you make sure you check out the rest of our predictions for the card, including a good look at the co main there’s.