This card is fully under the radar. Not many people are talking about it, but trust me. There are great opportunities to make money great bets to be made and we’ll give you the full breakdown, with the highlights. As always, i believe i’m, the only channel on youtube that is giving the highlights with the breakdown and besides, for that, we are growing like crazy. If you’re not already, please leave a like and subscribe and yeah let’s hop right into the video coming in at number. Five, you guys know i love the two fighter parlays and in this week’s video it’s, coming in at number five to start off the parley i’m taking giga chicazi on the money line at 271 over alex caceres now gigas should easily walk through alex he’s way better. On the feet – and he throws in the occasional takedown which he should have some success with either way, giga is gon na get it done and win by decision. In my opinion, now for our second leg of the parlay we’re taking magamet ankalov on the money line at minus 335 over ayan kutilaba and i’m, seeing this fight going exactly the same way as the first fight with magman, getting a ko victory over kutilaba magman is The future of the division, i think he will be a champ not only that he’s just better on the feet and on the ground, simply put he’s just the better overall fighter in this fight and no better person to close out this parlay than magmid giga.

On the money line at minus 271, plus magmid on the money line at minus 335 for combined minus 136, locking this parlay for number five coming in at number four i’m taking alessio d shiriko on the money line at minus 118 over zach cummings. Now this is a super evenly matched fight, as you guys can tell by the line vegas put out, but in my opinion i think alessio will take it by decision he’s, not only the better and faster striker here, but one of zak’s main weaknesses is his takedown Defense and i can see alessio riding him out on the ground and eventually getting it to the decision. Also cummins is coming to the end of his career. Alessia, on the other hand, is in his prime age of 30, and i just think this is an easy one for alessio. I think the ufc is trying to build him up. He is a great fighter with a lot of potential and i think he’s going to get the dub here alessio on the money line at minus 118., coming in at number three i’m taking maki patolo on the money line at plus 107 over impa castangani and i’m Gon na be honest with you guys, i’ve been going back and forth on this fight. Originally, i picked input to win this fight, but thinking it over overnight. I’M taking pitolo potolo throws super heavy shots and we saw in input’s last fight. He takes a lot of shots to the head, while his chin did help hold up in his last fight on the contender series.

I’M thinking patolo. If he, if inputs taking those same shots, patel, is going to put him out. We know he throws those coconut bombs. I think he will easily get the ko victory over empire inputs, letting him throw those shots. Not only that, i think patolo could even take it to the decision. If he doesn’t get. The ko input does have a nice future ahead of him. He didn’t really impress me on the contender series: i’m gon na go with the guy with more ufc experience with patolo gim me potolo on the money line for some extra juice at plus 107 all day every day, coming in at number two i’m taking neil magney To win by the decision at 145 over robbie lawler – and i love this play i’m thinking. This fight plays out exactly the same way as robbie lawler’s fight with kobe covington, where magni is just going to grind luller out on the fence, while throwing shots for the full three rounds now lower definitely has the advantage on the feet, but with every fight. Neil is improving his striking and i’m loving this position here for him. The only way i see magne winning is by the decision he doesn’t have that knockout power and again and against the guy, like lawler you’re, not going to knock him out or submit him honestly. Neil magney to win by the decision at minus 145, lock it in boys for lawler on the other end, if he doesn’t win this fight, i don’t know where he goes from here.

I think the ufc might make him kind of like the cowboy cerrone of that division, where he’s just going to be the gatekeeper for up and coming fighters. But yeah let’s go to number one coming in at number one it’s, the main event of the evening, anthony smith versus alexander rockets and i’m, taking anthony lionheart smith at plus 238 over alexander. I just think this line is outrageous, even though anthony did get destroyed against glover in his last fight and destroyed is an understatement. If i’m being honest, his teeth was were literally falling out, but anthony went straight back to the ufc he’s like i need to fight asap and against a guy like rockets who isn’t really he’s not proven yet he’s, not proven there’s a lot of hype around him. He got the same johnny walker hype and i don’t think it’s going to pen out for him. Anthony smith is a killer on the ground. If smith does get caught, he can easily submit rockets on the ground. Rockage doesn’t have that take down defense or or take down skills to fight off anthony on the ground. I think on the feet also it’s pretty evenly matched, i think, plus 238 it’s, a no brainer to throw a unit on if rockets does get this dub. I think he will have potential in the ufc, but i think anthony smith is going to take it, and not only that talking this over i’m actually going to place.

Another bet here on the over 1.5 rounds at 150. I think both of these guys are going to put on a great show, lock it in anthony smith on the money line, the plus 238 and the over 1.5 rounds at minus 150.. Thanks for watching, please leave a like and subscribe.