The rematch takes place this weekend on the main card of ufc fight night vegas, 8 smith, vs racket, and who cares about any other fight on this card other than this one? This is the rematch we have been waiting for for months now. It was originally supposed to be immediately rescheduled. It took a while because of the whole sneezing situation around the world that’s going on right now, but we finally had it rebooked i’m, so glad this matchup has been rebooked, because my prediction is the same as the first time. I think iron kuta laba wins this one by first round tko i don’t care what people are gon na. Tell me about the first fight, oh and clear, finished him in the first round. I still believe that people have not even seen the first fight because the odds have changed. So the oddsmakers watched the first fight between ion kutala and magman angliev and decided to give magamet ankliev more of a favorite status, which makes zero sense to me whatsoever because we literally didn’t see a fight. I don’t know if anyone’s seen my video it’s the most viewed video on my channel. By the way i don’t mind, plugging that every now and again, it’s got about 50 000 views on my channel. I broke down the entire situation in slo mo. So if you want to check out after this one to believe what i’m saying right now, like ankaliev, literally didn’t land, a single clean shot on ion kuta laba whatsoever, he was faking it the entire time.

I feel like we’re all in agreement here, but for some reason people still seem to be picking ankliev and they seem more confident in him than they were before, which makes no sense whatsoever. You know what i saw in the first fight between kutala and ancleave. I saw kuta laba come out land a leg, kick land a head, kick land a straight right hand, land, an oblique, kick then fake that he was hurt and landed. Big shots in that exchange as well. In a entire exchange of chaotic autism ion kuta, laba was able to block every kick avoid every punch other than one or two. I believe that barely landed on cootalaba’s face throw back and land the final shot of the fight, which was a clean, fade away. Left hook, counter check left hook right to the side of the temple of magmid anglia. At the end of the fire ion kuta laba landed the best shot of the fight and he got the fight stopped as as with him as the loser. It makes no sense. I have no idea why the fight will stop to this day. I still believe that ion kuta lab is going to go out there be the fastest starter thrive in the current situation, of no crowd and get the job done in the first round. Ko and magamin cliff now i know a lot of people don’t, like my predictions against dagestani fighters. I’M. Sorry, they just sometimes seem to lose.

So i can pick against some of them now i am going to be picking some of them like i’m picking khabib over gaiji. I have no problem picking dagestani fighters, but they can lose. I seem to get a lot of dislikes on my videos for just pointing out the obvious statement that dagestani fighters can lose and if you tell me that magmancleave isn’t going to lose this one and can’t lose well. He lost to paul craig and i’ll. Tell you this about the paul craig fight that was completely remembered wrong as well. I don’t know why people were doing this. You watched a paul craig fight again don’t. Get me wrong. Magamet ancleave was on his way to winning that match up, but it gets told and remembered as if mahmoud anglia was completely dominating paul craig. That was not the case. Paul craig was on the feet with magma ancleave for a very long time during that contest. Without being ko’d, paul craig was on the feet, with a young striker in magnum at anglia, that’s supposed to be this phenom and wasn’t getting ko’d and was landing some okay shots back also in that fight, paul craig, shot, takedowns and completed takedowns against magamet anglia. If now have had some moment on bottom and then he reversed things and got on top towards the end of some of those rounds, it was not dominance. There were many moments in that fight between him and paul, craig that were very close and then not to mention the dalchalungian bulla fight.

No get me wrong. Good, win from magnet anglia that wasn’t entire domination like he was doing good winning the fight don’t. Get me wrong and he landed a big shot in the third round to finish on off dao zhilang yambala i’m, not saying that maggie anklyev is not impressive. I’M. Just saying that ion kuta laba to me beats him and ko’s him in the first round, because it wasn’t too long ago only a couple years ago, where galaxy hermet antigua, love same kind of guy, a lot of hype behind him, 20 and four. I believe on a 14 fight, win streak against amazing competition outside of the ufc comes into the ufc, meets, ion kuta laba and gets ko’d in the first round, like i just feel like ion kuta labor in this current situation, where it’s a smaller cage everything’s on The line there’s a bunch of tension, they’ve got bad blood it’s a bit of a grudge match right now, because anchliev still seems to believe that the stoppage was justified, as he said after their contest, which makes no sense, he knows full well, he landed no shots On kutala whatsoever, i do believe that ion kuta lab is going to go out there and get the job done and the odds are a disgrace. I believe i saw the odds as like i don’t even know what the odds were. I believe ayan kutila was some close to like a three to one underdog.

I made no sense whatsoever when i looked at the odds i’m picking an eye on kuta, but i genuinely think this is 50 50.. I think kaion kuta lab is going to go out there. Have the power be more switched on in the first round, which we are seeing recently is really having a benefit for a lot of people in a smaller cage, there’s less places to avoid you know, there’s, less footwork to be done, there’s less dancing around and pumping A jab and then using your footwork to escape certain situations. The strikers that are switched on early seem to be doing really well at the moment and coming out there all guns, blaze and i think iron kuta lab is gon na. Do the exact same thing, i don’t think he’s gon na fake being injured this time. If he does fake being injured, then he’s just on a different level iq wise, because if there’s one thing that magman anglia will not expect going into this one is that ion kuta lab is going to risk wobbling and faking being wobbled all over again, because you Know you could risk kevin macdonald being the referee and jumping in immediately, which made no sense whatsoever. No punches landed, go back and watch my video after this video is over it’s on my channel go to most popular videos. It should be the top one on the list. I slow mode everything i called the referee, a pedophile as well so take take bits and pieces out of that way.

You can uh because a lot of it was just abuse towards the referee and but i slow mode everything ion kuta laba was he entered the matrix. He literally entered the matrix and showed striking that we’ve never seen from him before, not to mention the fight before that one khalil roundtree, he went out there and dominated khalil roundtree in that first round now khalil roundtree landed a few good inside leg kicks, but it Wasn’T too long before ayan kuchar kutala got a hold of him and just started pounding. Do we not remember this he’s great at wrestling? I don’t know who would win a fight between paul, craig and khalil. Roundtree i’d bet there’s a good chance, khalil, roundtree, ko’s, paul craig on that chinny chin chin. Now i know that paul craig is elka cliffy and his own. His powers only seem to work against afghanistani fighters. He’S got two of them in triangles so far, but i feel like kion kuta lab is going to go out there. I think he’s criminally underrated in that division. Right now, 26 years of age, compared to the 28th of magma anglia, both guys are going to be improving. But i am kuta laba 26 years of age, with the experience advantage, the shorter guy with an equal reach as well it’s harder to close the distance in the striking when you’re a taller guy with the same reach as a shorter guy, because you’ve got to get On the inside, as a taller guy, which tends not to work too well ion kuta lab is going to go out.

There get the job done. I just value so much every single time. I watch a cootalaba fight how patient he is in the first round and i know he’s had some losses. He lost a glove to share her, but you know what, before i looked at that and thought: oh, you lost a clover to share. You must be trash. All of a sudden everyone’s losing to glover to sharer nikita karilov anthony smith and to be fair, anthony smith, never had a moment where he was almost finishing glover to share her like iron cootalava. Did you know, ashley smith literally did not much of anything in the first round other than some pi striking and then glover to sherry just took over and mauled him. From that point onwards, at least i’m cutting went out, there landed a spinning back fist had glover to share it in all kinds of trouble, beating the pace out of him in the first round, absolutely annihilating him before throwing a front kick slipping on his back winding Himself and completely gassing out and that’s actually what happened by the way? If you go back and watch that fight i’m, not saying colby covenson slipped on a banana pill like he says he did against kamara usman, we all sort of punch his land but i’m, saying that i’m cute to labor in that match up with glover to shera. Go back and watch it again. He does start slowing down, but we’ve seen iron cooter labor go three rounds before and then he throws a front kip a front.

Kick slips off of his rear leg lands flat on his back and it’s over from there go back and watch that fight iron cooter labor, i feel like, is going to get the job done. I like the underdog pick. I think this is the best underdog on the card and recently on cards recently on cards. Things just seem to be making no fucking sense. So if this underdog can’t work, i don’t know how fucking trevin jones can beat teemo valium on a card that makes no sense i’m going with ion kuta laba. I genuinely think he gets the job done. I think you should be a favorite and cleave got ranked after that performance against kuta laba. Nothing happened, nothing happened. He didn’t win a fight. This isn’t a rematch where anglia have won the first one: no fight occurred, the odds got wider apart, ankliev became ranked it doesn’t make any sense. I’M team, kuta laba. I have dream from the beginning. I was doubting myself here there and everywhere, but the more i watch magnet angliev’s fights the more i realize, hang on a second here. This guy does not dominate every single opponent he faces. He actually comes into quite a bit of adversity here there and everywhere, then also in a clinton look at some of the wins on his career, like martin prachnio, we just saw him get ko’d in the first round by mike. You know we just watched that happen.

I don’t know how much i value that win and you look at a win over clinton, farias, diabrio, 14 and two at the time took him to a unanimous decision. Okay, you couldn’t finish: clinton farias diabrio, you couldn’t finish paul craig. If there was a fight between iron, cootalaba and paul craig i’m picking kuta laba by first round ko 100, no denying that whatsoever, and then you look at clinton. Fariasi abreu went on to lose to you’re talking about a guy in klitson here who went to a decision with magamet ancleave did did lose, but you know, and didn’t do too badly and then jamal whole hill goes out there and finishes him immediately in the first Round i can’t deny those things i think iron cooter is going to go out. There get the job done against magma and clear and then move on up the division and if he does win this matchup. In my opinion, this is the people’s main event right now and i i would i’m so excited for this matchup. I don’t think you guys understand i’ve watched so many fights between the pair of them. I think the ion kutalaba gets it done now say this again. Go back and watch the first fight. I think ion kutilaba won it for all of the moments that happened in kuta, laba versus angkliev. I think ion kuta laba won. He went out. There landed a kick landed, a straight right right on the neck of ankliev.

Then he landed a good kick again. I believe it landed somewhat in the arms, though, which, for some reason, seems to count as a strike i’ve just figured out, which makes no sense whatsoever. Things on the arms are on the arms. I know they also really really hurt when they’re on the arms and sometimes maybe it’s, because the foot connected around the back of the arms. But you know what i’m trying to say here guys i don’t think maggie ankliev is going to go out there and beat ion kuta laba, and i just don’t see it happening because when you look at magnum and cleave’s fight with clinton, faryasti abreu, as i said, Maggie ankley have won that fight, but yeah clinton and fairy house gabriel outstruck him in round two barely got out struck in round one. You know i know: magnetically have got a knock down in that fight and a takedown as well to secure some of those rounds. But this is what i’m telling you guys just because the result of the fight says something does not mean. The fight is an immediate win with nothing like just because it’s, a unanimous decision win does not make it dominant robert whittaker can win a unanimous decision against darren till it was still a razor close fight. You’Ve got to look at the contents of the fights that you’re looking at and then with with magliev. Things just seem to get too close against guys that i think he should be destroying and i’ve seen that against explosive guys with cliton farias diabrio jamaal hill goes out there annihilates him iron, kuta labra is another one of these guys.

That starts so fast they’re. In a smaller cage, he’s the younger guy who’s going to be improving more rapidly. He was ready to step up again that’s. Another thing i want to point out here when the first fight got reassigned and the whole situation around the world where everyone was sneezing. All of a sudden happened, i don’t want to say it because i don’t get to be monetized, but the situation where everyone was sneezing was happening. Island kuchalaba versus magma enclave got cancelled, ion kuchalaba was the one looking for another opponent, you know, i know magnum cleave. Obviously was in russia, but i on kuta la brain in a better situation. You know he was looking for a matchup with osp. Then it got brought back around to fight magman and cleave. Again. I just think that ion kutalaba goes out there switched on, like he always is, plays the little mind games at the start, and i think, with all of the bad blood and all of the heat between them and with the weigh in stare down, probably going to Go the way of iron kutalaba, getting straight in his face and trying to scare him and put that in his head and then at the start of the fight iron lab has got another chance to get magnet and cliff’s head again and go out there and get In his face and probably create another awkward situation, where anglia has to throw eye on kuta labor off of him, which i’ve never seen before in mma and then i on couture is going to go out that switched on and get the first round ko.

I genuinely believe that i think he gets it done and if he does win this one, the winner of paul craig versus shogun, hua 2, the winner of some other matchups in that division, ryan spann, is taking on johnny walker, the winner of that one, especially if It’S johnny walker is probably gon na need one more name before he starts getting another jump up the rankings. He is on a bit of a loss streak right now, good matchups, to make in the light heavyweight division. I think ion kuta laba goes out. There gets it done first round ko and i know exactly how he does it. I think magamet anglia is going to get lured into a brawl, not quite the same way. I don’t think ayan kuchalaba is going to do the whole wobbling thing where he tries to fake it and the rest gon na get all antsy. I think he’s gon na start throwing hard with magamet ancleave and he’s gon na clip him in the exchange, because one thing we saw is even while kutila was finding a way to put on the best acting performance we’ve ever seen in the octagon oscar worthy performance. From ion kuta laba, he was still entering the matrix blocking and dodging almost everything that anglia threw and landed the better shots of the fight on the break. He’S not going to be swinging like he was in the last fight like a fucking it’s, almost like he was throwing power shots from skyrim.

If anyone’s ever played that game, where you just fucking load it up and then boom, throw it as hard as you can. It was a pretty reckless stuff. I don’t think he’s going to do it to that level. Again, i can see him luring ankliev into a brawl starting to swing a little bit heavy and then, who knows maybe iron kuta laba goes for a takedown early because listen paul craig was able to do it. You know he’s, not superman, he’s dagestani like and subscribe. Thank you for watching click that button there i’ll see you later. I genuinely feel like kutila is going to fuck him up and i hope it happens too, because i’m, a big fan of cootalaba, but if magametlift goes out there and gets it done early and gets it done in good fashion. We’Ve got another one on our hands, because i think that kuta labor is by far the toughest test of magnet angliev’s career, because when you really look at things glitter and fairy ass diabetes at the time, not the most well respected guy in the division. I believe that was his debut yes, his debut in the ufc was against magamet angliev, not to mention another one of magmad anklerev’s fights against daoche lungi and bula debu in the octagon after beating sorry daquan. Oh sorry, my bad, i forgot about his performance against daquan, townsend, 21 and eight in the ufc, my bad guys. I forgot about that one.

There was his second performance in the ufc. I don’t think magamet ankly has fought the kind of guy with the experience in the octagon the ion kuta laba has he’s been in the ufc, for i don’t know how many fights now it feels like it’s been a very long time. Let me just check real quick we’ve seen wow. He actually has one two, three, four, five, six, seven eight fights in the octagon now to date. I think he’s going to go out there with the experience under the current circumstances, like a savage and get it done in the first round ion kuchala gets it done team ct hulk goodbye. Thank you for watching click.