The hulk kutselaba it’s, a great fight we’ve, talked about this at length, so we’re going to remix and throw it back to the prediction that we had at the start of the month same info and it’s an interesting one, because this first fight ended in controversy. It’S. Nothing like your steep, a miocic, daniel cormier, trilogy, to a lesser extent or or even the sequel, but we get a sequel light heavyweight between these two primary strikers, magabad and goliath. So far in the ufc’s look great. He looked great in that paul, craig fight until the last second when he gets submitted, but apart from that he’s looked great. He beat the efc or former efc champ dulce champ, dolce lujan bulla with a front kick if you want to go back through uh merchant precino, big knockout. When there beats uh the former brave champion, you have to worry about the submission ability there and then he had the crazy fight against iwan kutsula. And if you look at kudzulab in his last five fights, we go back three years when he fought luis, enrique and did that and all the stunting and then he knocks him out absolutely cold. So you think there’s a super high ceiling on this guy and he’s. Still only 26 years old, almost 27., he knocks out shimmer at antigula, but then paul craig dummied him there and then he fought glover to shara way too high up. You can’t go from beating gadjimarat antigua log to glover to shara.

So that was weird. Then he fights khloe roundtree and that was bangkok, ready, khalil and then he finished him. So then he fights and goliath and plays rope a dope and loses the game against kevin mcdonald. So now we get this rematch. What do you make of it? So it’s an interesting rematch because i don’t really think we need to see it. I understand there’s a little bit of controversy. We were talking about two unranked light heavyweights in a division that you know we kind of need parody at the top of this division. Everyone’S, 36 or above it seems who it really is. You have new guys, like uh, you’re, prahaksha, he’s kind of the new blood right now, after what you do, samir you have chugger santos, but he’s kind of had a shot he’s been out for a long time. You get the rock hitches, there are there’s some new guys starting to move up, but that division is moving like molasses. I know the whole pandemic doesn’t really help its case very much, but it would be nice to see these two guys match up with other people. Moving forward – and i get it lava – was kind of playing that rope, a dope game echolap had him hurt, though you don’t just start doing that, because you think hey. This is a great game plan. This fight, he’s clipped behind the ear cuz. I was kind of wobbly and then you kind of realize: okay he’s recovered from the initial shot.

That did hurt him, but he is going to try to keep on playing this game and goliath was still teeing off on him that whole time, if your best bet to win a fight is, let me pretend to be hurt, and hopefully he walks into a big Overhand right um, you probably need a new coach. If that really is your game plan, because that’s never your best uh way to get to a victory. It’S same thing, it was my problem when tj was complaining uh after he lost to henry cejudo, you shot for a single leg against an olympic gold medalist it’s not like that was you know that wasn’t the game plan going into that fight. So, of course, you weren’t in the right state of mind and with kids lava he’s a guy who’s very hittable, and they always bill him. As this very credentialed wrestler from moldova, jared cannanier was able to take him down a light heavyweight, which is a very odd fact, because jared cannon here, much more known for his striking, i understand he was a heavyweight moving daniel. I had to wait for that fight and it was fight tonight it was close. It was competitive, but kita laba if he doesn’t get that ko. I don’t really know how he beats you he’s in that walt harris category. For me right now, where walt harris, if he’s gon na win a fight, i can tell you exactly how matt people are really not hiring.

Your wallet harris analysis saying that uh derrick lewis has better striking than walt harris, but i digress. Walt harris to me is a really explosive, striker and he’s a really crisp striker. The trouble is once the fight goes on it’s less about walt harris and more about his opponent. Oh, i didn’t even have anything to do with that it’s. Just if walt harris is in a fight. I know how he’s going to win he’s, either going to win by a knockout the first round or the early part of the second round, and if not he’s, probably gon na get tired and lose the decision with kita laba he’s kind of falling into that same Category for me where, yes, i really do enjoy the whole when he wore the brat, the headman heart glasses and he walked out in calgary, like he’s a fun character outside of the cage. But when you really look at his talon, i don’t really see him being the next and i hate to use term johnny walker, because walker did have such a quick ascent and then such a big demise but he’s starting to fall into that category. For me, mainly because he’s just you always hear about the things that he can do, and you always hear about the excitement that he can bring. But when you watch him fight, he gets tired, pretty quick he’s, not the best wrestler he’s, not the most technical guy. He’S, like apollo cost that didn’t have that same kind of cardio and explosiveness and, like all the good things to make holocaust apollo costa cutie lava, has his power and a little bit of his hand.

Speed. But he’s really only got that for like three rounds and goliath when we do see him in those long extended fights. Now i understand the paul craig fight it’s kind of the oddity on his record, but when you look at what he’s able to do, if the fight stays, standing and goliath has a far more diverse array of strikes that he can choose from he’s the much better Striker out of the two i cute, the lava probably hits harder but echolite he can mix up with the kicks the take divs. The wrestling he’s very much more, a uh, a martial artist, where his cute lob is more of just a knockout artist and it’s. One of those ones where it gets really interesting because it’s just like it’s sad that this is going to happen, but roy jones jr mike tyson, because mike tyson, you got to worry about the knockout and i think mike tyson is going to be an overwhelming favorite. In that boxing exhibition, but it’s similar to the end of mike tyson’s career, where he was losing, but everybody said oh well, just wait. He’S got that knockout power. You watch out for it it’s like that with kutsawaba. You always have to watch out for that. Overhand rate that knockout power, the troubling thing for me, is he couldn’t really figure out the cardio, so he sought outside sources and then ended up with the usada suspension. Yeah that’s an issue, and i get it.

You can sleep in a hyperbaric chamber, it can kind of change the the whole chemistry with your blood so and maybe that’s what he did. I don’t know what he did, but he still accepted a six month, suspension which isn’t much of a suspension, but i digress. Mega man goliath to me it’s a conversation that we have all the time when we have strikers facing strikers and we have to break them down for what they’re worth and it could become a fight and a picks type of thing, but it’s technique versus those long. Looping shots and it’s one of those ones where he won kutsa laba long, looping shots power heavy, but that bar is going to try to drain or it will drain quickly. Mega man goliath he’s going to carry it he’s going to get on his bike. You know exactly what he’s going to do and if somebody sinks a nasty choke with a second left in a fight, he might just lose it but it’s one of those ones. Where yeah. I would agree with you the way that we’re trending to ankle. I have it’s weird the way that the odds are going because right now ankalive is uh. The favorite, a minus 300. kutsa laba comes in plus 240. um ankalai of open is a minus 360., so there is money coming in on kutsalaba, which might come as a bit of a surprise um, but overall yeah. I see this for ankalia um there’s, always the risk that kutsa laba gets to finish in the either like you said, the first round or early in the second.

But if it wears on any sooner or any, more ankalive should be able to get the win and even in the early bits, you saw it in the last fight, whether it was rope a dope or not whether you’re playing the uel romero game against paulo costa. All right matt, maybe it seems a little bit lazy, but i really don’t see a lot changing between the start of the month and right now in terms of our entire prediction for this one. But i have to add you’re not going to want to miss the rest of our predictions for the card, including an extended look at our main event between anthony smith and alexander rakitch. Another banger at 205.