I should have forgotten Music foreign Music uh it’s over that building. Oh that’s, the intersection man, oh yeah, aqua, museum, it’s, a church. Let me go right over there. I just like showing people the high park, so they can see around that’s the doors right there. No, those oh yeah, perfect time to ride boy. I said it’s the perfect time to ride. It was hot earlier when i was fishing Music. Okay, then court half court. No breaks, oh you ain’t got none of yours at all. Oh yeah yeah. I wait i’ll shoot. I can go eliminate stamina, how long we don’t win about a quarter about a quarter mile. I think my seat twisted though i got to fix it. No, i think it ain’t to nothing to tighten it a little off Music. Oh yeah! What happens? Oh, your watch, Music. I don’t know why it stops like that. It does a lot and then this comes up. I don’t care about that. All right, let’s see what you got just just go straight. You gon na merge a little too loud. All right, uh are you in it. Music is oh put your first one in two. You only get three choices. Put it in two: keep it in two yo yo. You can’t see what you win. This is two make that one go to the middle, though that’s. What i’m telling you i mean, what go to the middle see? I have three gears yeah.

This side, usually controls that front this side, usually controls that back. Oh, so left is in three, but this need to be in three right. No, this needs to be in the middle, but you got ta be in gear. I got you you tired. Do you it’s? Not switching gears switching gears huh switch the gears on this side on the left side, let’s not jump into the gear. I want to be in it’s only staying in one gear, so that’s why it’s cross chain, i think, but uh that should be hard. Let’S see right around real, quick, all right, let’s see if it’s cross chain rebel shield. Friction. You usually have a gear where you can see what gears you’re in on that side too, but come on let’s go which way i’m trying to see. Oh, the gears is Music here going to the football stadium. Oh oh uh! That was the last time we went syracuse. What year was that? Three years ago, huh it’s, like 34 years ago, you’re still like a cop, oh yeah, yeah, you came in uh, underwent here.