, My name is Tia Thompson and I’m. A sophomore at North Carolina State University go wolfpack, I’m majoring in finance and minoring in accounting. um. I decided to go to college because my parents never did so I’m a first generation college student.. the first to obtain a four year bachelor degree um. I just wanted to be the change in my family. I also wanted to invest in my career and the most important investment you can make towards your career goals is to get a four year degree or any degree um. So I decided on NC State because of the program 4 H. 4. H gives you a lot of exposure to NC state and North Carolina A and T, and since I got that exposure, I really loved this school and I wanted to attend. Here. hi. My name is khadijah locklear and i decided to go to college to meet new people and experience. New things going to college is a chance to figure out who you really are and just discover things about yourself that you never really considered or would not have discovered. Otherwise, i really think it’s important to imply to apply to college, even if you don’t, think you’ll get in because sometimes you’ll be surprised and honestly going to college was the best. Four years of my life i’ve met, so many new people. I had so many wonderful experiences that i probably wouldn’t have had had. I stayed home um honestly, it was.

It was an amazing experience. Hey i’m jamie. I graduated from hertford county early college last year and now i’m at nc state majoring in biology. When i was in high school, i was a part of school of healthcare and 4 h and, i think, being a part of both of those helped me to see what i was interested in. I got to figure out what i was passionate about, so i could decide what i wanted to do and then in college in general, and i think in anything that you decide to study anything you’re interested in there’s a lot more class discussions. So you get to hear what your classmates think and you get to get other people’s perspectives and i think that’s, a really cool way to learn versus just hearing a teacher like talk up at the board and give you notes, because you get to hear what other People think and learn from other people that way, so i really enjoyed it and i hope you all get the opportunity to do something like that too what’s up everybody, my name is cameron and from what i hear it is college application week, uh I’m, just here To let you all know of a few things that comes with going to college and also a couple reasons why i went to college myself um personally, i went to unc chapel hill, where i started out. I finished out my bachelor’s at unc greensboro and i just recently completed my master’s at east carolina university um and just to let you all know, man it’s, never, never, never, a problem to be a one dimensional.

When it comes to college. I went for a couple different things myself, whether it was sports or academics, but the point is is that it is so many opportunities for you for yourself that you can take advantage of just by going to all of these different places. Um me personally, i’ve been in 4 h, uh. I was in the band shout out to the falcon regiment and bertie high school um and just a few other things man, but just to let you all know it’s a lot of different opportunities that come from going to college and the best way that you can Take advantage of that um from a financial perspective and from an academic perspective is just take advantage of this week, there’s so many different options when it comes to college there’s, so many different um people, you can meet just a lot of different things that comes with Going to college so just to let you all know, it’s very important: go ahead, fill those applications out and you know just go ahead and handle your business that’s how it goes, and hopefully you know you make the best of your opportunities. So much love shout out to my falcons at bertie high school and i hope everything goes well for you all y’all, please stay safe during this pandemic. Please hello! My name is brianna howard and i’m, a junior at east carolina university, though i just completed my first year last year i came into college with sophomore credits, so when choosing a college that best fit me, i needed to make sure that my college credits transferred.

I applied to many schools and and toured many schools. However, no school felt quite right. This is why it is so important that you apply to as many schools that interest you that catch your eye, because you need to have options. You need to have choices. You need to be able to weigh them out it wasn’t until my last tour, when i toured east carolina university, so that should tell you something i knew this was the place for me and if you’re wondering how i knew it was well it’s that warm feeling You get when you walk on campus, though you’re, not at home, you feel at home and when i was in 4 h, it taught me to be myself and to be confident in my decisions. So when choosing that college, i had to make sure that i was sure in myself when i chose ecu, they took care of my academic, financial and social needs. They’Ve. Given me the chance to complete research under some amazing professors, join a number of clubs and meet a diverse group of people. That will probably be my lifelong friends. Going to college and doing well in college can change your life for the better, and if you can change your life, you can come back to your hometown and change your community’s life. Having one option is not an option: hey y’all, i’m pinkie newsome. I went to bertie high school shout out to my falcons and i just wanted to encourage each and every one of you to take advantage of college application week.

I think it was last week, but i just wanted to share a few reasons as to why i went to college coming from bird tea. It’S not easy right. My parents didn’t make a lot of money. My parents also didn’t go to college, but i knew that if i wanted to help. My family college was the way to go, and my college advisor helped me so so much to get to the best university in north carolina, hey tar, heels uh, and so i just hope that this is just a quick word of encouragement for you. While things may be scary, while things may be uncertain, it is possible for you to go my year. Seven of us went to unc and that never happened at bertie so know that college is possible for you and if there is any way that i can help, please feel free to reach out good luck. Happy college application week and early congratulations to all of the high school graduating class of 2021.. I am demetrius jenkins, hereford county high school graduating class of 2009 strongly encouraging you all to further your education by applying enrolling and getting to and through college. I cannot imagine my world without my college experiences for me attending college, for the from the royal high school north carolina gave me the opportunity to understand who i am as a person more about myself, what my true values are and where my interests lie and, most Importantly, how i can positively impact and change the world all around me also college has given me the chance to benefit from some of the most impactful, powerful friendships and professional relationships that i still value and benefit from today, i’m forever appreciative for my college advisor in College application week for encouraging me a little black boy from a high school north carolina unsure of how i would conquer the world to believe that.

I too could literally do anything that i want to do and go anywhere that i want to go without that empowerment, low expectations would not have led me to unc chapel hill ecu unc, pembroke and north carolina, a t so just as the others have done. For me, i stand here before you today to empower you to take advantage of all the opportunities ahead of you.